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SMG4: AREA 64 is the thirty-third episode of Season 7 and the TBA overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

Sarge and his Squirrel Soldiers, and BabyLuigiOnFire make their debut in this episode. It was aired on August 19, 2017.


You are about to join Mario and enter area 64. Where Nintendo's darkest secrets and mysteries are kept. Have fun..


The episode begins inside Peach's Castle, where Mario and Luigi were watching TV. After watching an idiotic movie trailer, Mario changed the channel and stopped at a commercial of Bowser advertising his upcoming birthday party.

Mario initially showed disinterest in the event, but immediately got excited when Bowser mentions that one of the attractions is a newly-installed swimming pool filled with spaghetti. After the commercial ended with Bowser saying that guests were required to bring a present, Mario quickly darted out of the castle to look for one.

Mario eventually arrived outside the Mushroom Kingdom Mall to look for a gift. However, rather than going inside, he decided to search in a nearby dumpster, where he found Bob searching for a gift as well. As the two of them searched through the piles of trash, Mario eventually spotted something shiny and uncovered an old Nintendo 64 with an attached Disk Drive. Before he could grab it, though, Bob suddenly snatched it to use as his own gift. Mario chased Bob out into the street, and the Garo eventually stopped to taunt him. This fatal mistake caused Bob to be run over by a car, knocking off the Nintendo 64 off his hands and allowing Mario to take the Disk Drive to Bowser's party.

The next day at Bowser's Fortress, everyone gathered around for the party as the Koopa King greeted them and made sure that they all brought gifts. Meanwhile, Mario was just going from guest to guest, asking if anyone knew where the spaghetti pool was. The time then came to open presents. Bowser ended up not being pleased with the first few gifts, as he got a stapler from Kamek, a book for getting rid of his princess obsession from Bowser Jr., and Mario's Disk Drive, which he mistook for a toaster.

All of a sudden, a squadron of Squirrel Soldiers barged into the castle and surrounded the guests. Their sergeant Sarge followed suit, as he confronted Bowser and demanded to know where he got the Disk Drive from. Bowser tried to point him over to Mario (who was still trying to ask where the spaghetti pool was), but Sarge did not believe him, thinking that the plumber was too stupid to be guilty. He proceeded to order Bowser to hand the console over to him, as it was a contraband item. When Bowser refused, Sarge knocked him out with a frying pan and had his soldiers carry the Koopa King to a helicopter that would transport them to Area 64. Unbeknownst to them, Mario stowed away on the back of the helicopter after he realized that Bowser was the only one who knows where the pool is.

As they landed at Area 64, Bowser asked what was he doing here, which Sarge replied that it was where all of Nintendo's secrets were kept and that since he knew, he could not leave. Mario, knowing he had to get Bowser out at all cost, quickly snuck into the base. Seeing Bowser enter through the main entrance, Mario decided to sneak via the small window but was struggling to do so. As he tried, he saw a soldier close by and quickly needed to not raise suspicion by offering himself as a gun cleaning service. The soldier fell for it and Mario quickly choked on it before spitting it back out. The soldier thanked Mario and left, allowing him to finish sneaking into the building.

Once inside, he saw Bowser being taken to the basement. Seeing that quick, he needed to find a way in there. He suddenly heard a nearby soldier and quickly hid inside the transfer bin cart. Inside it, he saw an unused Piranha Plant model which he got an idea to use. Once the soldier was done pushing the cart to another location, Mario threw the model near him, spooking him with its voice.

As he wandered through the facility seeing all the rejected Nintendo items, Mario quickly saw a soldier at the end of the area, causing him to quickly rush into a room to hide. Just then, he freaked out and saw someone chained to a wall. Realizing it was Beta Luigi but not the Luigi he knew, he asked why was he sleeping, causing Beta Luigi to wake up towards him.

In the confession chamber, Sarge was trying to get Bowser to confess where did he get the Disc Drive Nintendo 64 from or suffer a slapping with the Nintendo Power Glove slapping which Bowser replied that his minions would save him. However, it turned out that the minions found Bowsur. Thinking he was the real Bowser, they all celebrated. Bowser realized that would not work and tried to distract Sarge by saying that was an alien in the room. It also failed and as a result, he got slapped with the Power Glove.

Suddenly, a soldier reported to Sarge there was something strange in the surveillance footages. Turned out it was Mario talking to Beta Luigi, who was going crazy. Mario asked if he dreamed of floating Asian heads again which Luigi replied he was the Luigi that got cut from a game before he could be implemented. As Mario asked him if he had seen Bowser, suddenly, the alarms went off. Beta Luigi asked Mario to help escape. As he did so and were ready to move, Mario spotted three armed soldiers coming their way, causing them to hide in another room called "Egg storage".

In the egg storage, Mario and Beta Luigi came across several eggs, which Beta Luigi indicated they were the fabled Stop N' Swop eggs. As he explained how he overheard the soldiers telling that the eggs held powerful secrets and they could use them to escape, provided they were careful not to break them, Mario's idiocy thought of them as actual eggs and broke one of them to eat it. That created a powerful vortex which pulled the soldiers who burst in. As Mario held onto both a nearby pipe and Beta Luigi, he replied he could not do so easily and let go of Mario's hand, despite him wanting to show him to Luigi. Although he was now able to leave the room, Mario swore revenge.

Back in the confession chamber, Sarge slapped Bowser with the Power Glove a few more times demanding to know where did he get the Disc Drive, which Bowser kept replying he did not know. One last slap and he started crying. Sarge was disappointed, saying that he had seen babies hold it together better than he did.

Just then, he heard the door opened. Sarge expected it to be his soldiers reporting back that they killed the intruder. However, it turned out that Mario managed to overpower all of them. Sarge realized he had no choice but to use the most powerful weapon Nintendo was developed for years, the Nintendoom, which was a suit made up of multiple Nintendo consoles. He proceeded to fire a laser at Mario, who dodged out of the way and then threw a Gameboy Color grenade at Mario, who barely dodged the explosion. Mario quickly retaliated by firing at Sarge, which did nothing. Sarge then leaped at him, knocking him into a waste barrel before charging up an energy orb.

Realizing he needed to do something, Mario dug through the barrel to find the Super Mario Bros. Movie. He quickly inserted the disc into the Disc Drive before attaching it onto the Nintendoom. Sarge immediately started freaking out due to how bad the movie was and then died.

Bowser was grateful for Mario saving him, only to be punched and asked where the spaghetti pool was. Bowser then gave it to be the second floor of the castle and third room to the left. Just as Mario was about to leave, Bowser asked if he was going to save him, causing to realize that he should do that.

Back at the castle, as Mario swam in the pool, Luigi mentioned how great it was, just for Mario to respond by saying that if Beta Luigi was here, it would be much better, much to Luigi's sadness.

Speaking of Beta Luigi, as he and all the other items got spat out of the vortex, he realized he was in a Super Mario game. He was super happy until he realized something didn’t feel right. Turned out he got sent to a crane game that was being played by SMG4, who selected him as his prize joyfully.

Deleted Scenes

Please see Mario's EXTRAS: AREA 64#Plot for all the deleted scenes.


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  • Bob got ran over by car. (joke only, since he later appears in Bowser's castle)
  • Sarge dies of radiation from the Super Mario Bros. Movie.


  • Marioception: Mario references this blooper when he asked Beta Luigi if his panicking is due to dreaming about "floating Asian heads," which he initially discovered from looking into normal Luigi's dreams.
  • SMG4: Stupid Paper Mario: SMG4's crane game addiction is brought up again, as the episode ends with him playing a crane-themed video game. Fortunately, he doesn't lose all his money this time and he successfully obtains a prize.

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  • This episode is an obvious reference to Area 51.
  • At 8:29, one of the upcoming games is Super Mario Odyssey.

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