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SMG4: A Day In The Life Of Everyone is the twenty-sixth episode of Season 9 and the five hundred and nineth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on July 13, 2019.


We take a peak (peek) into the lives of SMG4 and friends as they go about their days.



The blooper starts with Kevin kissing a horse mask before realizing that he's late and rushing into the main room where Luke is lounging on the couch. Luke then advertises the all-new Tari shirt and poster featuring both SMG4 Tari and Meta Runner Tari before going onto the main video.

The actual blooper starts with the Narrator narrating a typical day in the Mushroom Kingdom, beginning with the Sun Baby rising above Peach's Castle. Steve and Dr. Eggman, among other denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom, wake up to start their day. The Narrator then shows the viewer what each of the SMG4 cast does in their daily lives.

Mario and Luigi

The Mario Bros. wake up after a night's sleep. Initially, Mario doesn't want to get up, but he ends up doing so after Luigi reminds him of the spaghetti that he'll eat today. Mario proceeds to take all the spaghetti from the fridge while Luigi chows down on cereal. Mario then wants Luigi to play a game with him but Luigi says he has to do the laundry; this however prompts Mario to burn the laundry to force Luigi to play videogames with him. They then proceed to get on the couch and play Dark Souls.

Meggy Spletzer, Tari, and Saiko Bichitaru

In Meggy Spletzer's apartment, the female cast pretend to be a police squad (although Saiko wasn't too willing to play), using Splatoon weapons as well, however when Saiko realizes she has a weapon in her hand, she loses control of herself (due to her psychopathic-like nature) and shoots endlessly at the dummies the girls were playing with. Right after, Tari attempts to ask Saiko desperately to stop but still continues to keep shooting.


It just has SMG4 watching some meme involving SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star. While the video plays, the theme song of SpongeBob is heard, albeit sung in Russian.

SMG3 and Bowser

SMG3 introduces audiences to another episode of his show, having revealed to have kidnapped Bowser to be a guest on it. During this episode, he discusses with his guest about the latter's issues with Bowser Junior. It has been revealed that Bowser wasn't getting a present for his son, simply because he wanted to teach him about the importance of being responsible and saving money. Disappointed about their lack of love towards each other, SMG3 wants Bowser and Bowser Junior to remember the fun times they had together. However, it only causes Junior to think of the time when his father wanted a 110% from his soccer practice, even as he's getting ground-pounded by a Thwomp in American football gear. Eventually, Bowser Junior takes out a flamethrower to burn his dad, as revenge for not loving him at all. While Bowser is suffering from the fire, an advisor comes in to inform SMG3 that his show has been canceled due to poor ratings, causing him to go back to his villainous activities.

Bob and Fishy Boopkins

Bob and Fishy Boopkins are shown playing Monopoly, where everything goes normal until the former realizes that he'll go bankrupt after ceding more money to the latter. Not wanting Boopkins to know that he's poor, Bob pulls out a Bank Robber card to steal money from Boopkins. In retaliation, Boopkins summons a queen (Elsa from "Frozen") to beat up Bob's bank robber. This causes Bob to spin a Twister wheel, which returns "right foot on red." Following the rules of the wheel, the Garo then steps on the red portion of the Monopoly board, crushing Elsa in the process. Amazed at what Bob has done, Boopkins congratulates him for being good at the game.

Wario and Waluigi

Near the dump where Boopkins and Bob are playing, Wario and Waluigi are partaking in their latest money-making scheme: In this case, making their extremely popular taco super spicy and offering expensive milk to anyone who dares to eat it. Waluigi expands his head to attract customers to their taco stand. Once there are plenty of people surrounding them, the brothers demonstrate their prank when the unlucky Koopa Troopa goes up from the crowd to eat their super-spicy taco. Naturally, he cannot tolerate the spiciness of the taco and immediately rushes to Wario's milk stand for a drink, only for the milk to be offered at an insane price. After a while, he gives in to the offer and agrees to pay all his money for the milk, although he had already burnt to become a Dry Bones in the process. Impressed by the success of their business, Wario and Waluigi dance as the crowd continue to cheer for them.


It appears that Axol is trying to find a place for himself to stay in. After showing interest to the seller, Heavy Weapons Guy, Axol shows him his roommates, who happen to his Inkweaver creations (including SpongeBob, now with Steve Harvey's face, where the theme song is played again, but this time in Japanese). Horrified about the unintelligent beings' presence, Heavy gets Axol kicked out of the house, now on fire. It appears that Axol has already done this same thing to the entire neighborhood. Still, not wanting to give up, Axol finds another house and repeats the process.


The narrator then summaries what happens in the episode before the camera zooms out to reveal that he is an old man.


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Music used

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  • 5:19 - EarthBound: Apple Kid’s Theme
  • 8:35 - Bomberman 64: Green Garden
  • 8:47 - Wii Shop Channel Theme
  • 9:57 - Super Mario 64: Ending Theme



  • We're The Millers - The thumbnail on the video may possibly be based on the 2013 American comedy film "We're The Millers".
  • Dr. Phil - The Dr. SMG3 show is most likely based of the American talk show Dr. Phil, hosted by the titular Phil McGraw.

President Toad has ordered to replace the castle with a grand casino with "dancing old people???" is what he said "President Toad has ordered to replace the castle with a grand casino with "dancing old people???" is what he said"
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