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This is the transcript for SMG4: BENDY and the SPAGHETTI MACHINE by SMG4.


(Glitchy Boy intro.)

Mario: Oh boy! I'mma hungry! Let's a go! SPAGHETTI! Here's MARIO! WAAAAAA! Oh no! WE'RE OUT OF SPAGHETTI!??


Swagmaster: OH SH*T.(x4) Chris!!! There's no spaghetti coming out of the production line!

Chris: Are you serious? Did you shove your head in there again!?

Swagmaster: No piss off! The spaghetti machine must be broken...

Chris: Well look like we have to go down and fix it or else the boss will chop our balls off.

Swagmaster: ...You know what, I'm okay with losing my balls.

Chris: WTF?

Swagmaster: I've heard sh*t move down there! And there's rumors of mutated spaghetti sh*t. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Chris: Then who the hell is dumb enough to go down there?...

Mario: Where's my burrito? (x2) Wow! You want my help!? :D

Swagmaster: That's right, you little sh*t. All you have to do is jump in that hole over there.

Chris: Yeah, And just fix the spaghetti machine that's down there. Just don't eat the machine or any of the spagh-

Mario: Weehee!

Swagmaster: God damn it you fat little piece of poo you better not screw up...

(Below Fresh Spaghetti Tubbie)

Mario: YAHAHO! OOOOW! Mama mia... Hmm... Oh man, this place reminds me of my house. Very crappy. Don't shoot please? Hello? What in the f*ck is that? Mickey Mouse? HELLOOOOOO? Hmmmmmm? Yeah... that's a cardboard cutout alright. Dafuq? Woah!

Bendy (On flim): Why are you crying?

Heavy (On flim): I fell over and broke my hand. SUGOIIII!

Mario: I didn't know Mickey Mouse was an old spaghetti mascot. Mama-mia, where did it go? YOLOOOOOOOO! Mama f*cker! Hmmmmm... Red light! Green light! Red light! Green light! Red light! Green light! Red light! Green light!

Bendy Cutout: OH COME! F*ck this sh*t, I quit!

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