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SMG4: Boys vs Girls is the forty-second episode of Season 9 and the five hundred and fortieth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on November 16, 2019.


The SMG4 Crew are at war... Who's side are you on?


The SMG4 Crew visit a bootcamp run by Shroomy. Apparently, the crew were forced there by Peach Toadstool for being too obsessive over video games, but to Shroomy's understanding, she wants them to connect with nature.

Axol and Meggy feel excited, Mario, Bowser, and Saiko feel irritated, while Tari was nervous (like usual).

After Shroomy finished a tour around the camp, the boys stole the camp house that was first chosen by the girls, presumably because it had better beds and was bigger. Later that night, the girls discuss competition tactics while the boys discuss whether masturbation was a sport or not.

In the morning, Shroomy introduced the gang to abseiling. Despite the fact that he said that it was no competition, the others didn't listen. When it was Bowser vs Saiko, the latter won while Bowser crashed onto a ledge. When it was Axol vs Tari, the former won while Tari remained frightened. When it was Mario vs Meggy, the former tried cheating by attempting to fool her using a phone call. It appeared to have worked with Meggy wondering who was supposedly her mother while Mario dashed down to the floor. Just as he celebrated his "victory", he saw Meggy staring at him waiting, causing him to realise that the boys lost.

Being sore losers, the boys trashed the girls' camp house that night. The girls then dumped them on their mattresses onto a river. They wake up, only to be teased by the girls (except Tari). Provoked, Mario suddenly transformed into Jotaro Kujo, and declared war on the girls, only for the boys to get eaten by a Cheep Chomp off-guard.

Throughout the days, the two groups fight each other in various ways: Mario ran over Meggy in a yacht, Tari used the Inkweaver to create a seductive Carl Wheezer to prank Axol, Saiko made Bowser catch a spiked ball while playing volleyball, Mario and Axol taunt Tari through "spooky" messages, Meggy spicing up Mario's spaghetti, and Bowser trying to scare Saiko (only to get kicked in the face).

One morning, the boys set up a bear attack on the girls. When the bear beat Tari, she ended up bursting into tears. The girls were angry against the boys, claiming that they took it too far. Eventually, the boys apologized for taking it too far. However, they had to play one more game.

The boys have to run around the field searching for a flag while being hunted down by the girls with paint guns. All the boys lost and the girls officially forgive them although Mario showed he was not letting this off by flipping Meggy off.


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The episode was controversial upon release and was considered to be among the worst episodes on the channel. Fans criticized the girls for appearing to be rather hypocritical towards the boys, in particular when Meggy called the boys out for taking things too far when they have a bear beat Tari to the ground. However, the girls didn't care what the boys are going to do to them in the first place and their actions towards the boys were perceived as far worse than any of the boys', as they had a Cheep Chomp eat the boys, had Bowser catch a spiked ball, caused Axol to be presumably sexually assaulted by Carl Wheezer, and caused Mario's spaghetti to light him on fire.

Fans were also upset that the boys were the ones to apologize, given that the girls' actions were seen as far worse. Some even went as far as to call SMG4 a feminist, though others argue that this is not the case due to the unlikelihood that SMG4 would include political subjects in his videos.

Additionally, Axol is out of character in this episode, having him act as mischievous as Mario and Bowser rather than the generous, sympathetic character he usually is.


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