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SMG4: Detective Mario & Pikachu is the twelfth episode of Season 8 and the four hundred and fourth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode is based on the Nintendo 3DS game, Detective Pikachu. It was aired on March 24, 2018.


Mario & Detective Pikachu team up to solve a crime and in the process they uncover something shocking...


The video begins with Luke Lerdwichagul and Kevin advertising a mobile game, Lords Mobile due to the company that made the game is the sponsor for the video. Once they were done, the SMG4 cap logo appears right away, without the Glitchy Boy intro.

The actual video starts at Mario's house, where Mario finished digging through his house's basement doing something and to also find a very old plate of spaghetti. Just as he was about to eat it, he was suddenly interrupted by a very loud cry. Irritated, he went to the source of the crying.

The crying was soon to be revealed to be coming from Bowser's castle, where Bowser was crying autotuned over something missing in his castle: his statue of himself. Kamek was also in the room trying to comfort Bowser to no avail. Mario asked if it was because Bowser had another child but Kamek corrected him saying his statue was missing.

Mario then told Bowser to shut up, which only resulted in the giant turtle slamming himself onto the plumber still crying. Just as Mario was about to get very angry, the doors were slammed open. Everyone in the room turned to see who entered, which was revealed to be Detective Pikachu, who was called from Pokemon Land by Kamek to investigate the missing statue. Mario however, saw it as an opportunity to fight Detective Pikachu and a battle initiated. He sent out Pengaz but both got fried by Detective Pikachu's Thunderbolt.

After the very quick battle, Bowser was amazed by Detective Pikachu's appearance and the electric mouse wasted no time looking for clues with his magnifying glass, starting at the statue's base. Mario then interrupted him saying that he was a better detective. In the flashback where he needed to identify the murderer in a murder case, the camera briefly showed Jeff the Killer as Mario's choice before moving over to SMG4 and Mario saying it was him who murdered the victim.

SMG4 denied murdering the victim, but Mario insisted it was true because not only did he hate him, SMG4 had also beaten him in Super Smash Bros. the day before. SMG4 tried to question his logic, only for Mario to tell him to not question it. After that, Mario started looking at the statue's base with his eyes popped out for clues but turned up nothing.

However, Detective Pikachu immediately noticed a leaf on Mario's head and took it to see what tree it came from. It turned out to be a maple leaf, which Detective Pikachu then knew where to look for, as there was only one place in the Mushroom Kingdom maple trees grew. He quickly rushed off there, soon to be followed by Mario being angry because he claimed that it was he who found the evidence first. Once both Detective Pikachu and Mario left the castle, Kamek returned dressed as Peach Toadstool in an effort to cheer Bowser up and to get him to notice him, just for Bowser to slowly creep backward away from Kamek.

At the junkyard, Wario and Waluigi were dumping garbage bags onto the pile of rubbish. Suddenly, Detective Pikachu arrived, scaring the two characters. When they saw what made that sound, Waluigi thought Detective Pikachu was a dog while Wario correctly thought of him as a yellow rat wearing a detective cap and kicked Detective Pikachu away. Soon after, Detective Pikachu retaliated with a thunderbolt on both of them to get them to co-operate.

Mario finally arrived to see them fried, and thought of them as crispy. He then told Detective Pikachu that he came here to help him search for clues because he found one at Bowser's castle, which Detective Pikachu agreed to, provided he did not mess up. Mario immediately went to "Detective Mode" and started sniffing the entire garbage pile and a garbage bag, commenting that it smelled like sh*t. Both Wario and Waluigi protested to what Mario was doing, but Detective Pikachu told them to let Mario be and interrogated them on whether they wanted to say what they did that morning.

Both Wario and Waluigi said they were getting flowers, but argued over what kind of flower they were getting. It then escalated to a fight which caused both of them to be attacked by Detective Pikachu's thunderbolt again. Mario then found a clue: a stone arm. He suspected it was the arm of the missing statue and Detective Pikachu confirmed it. Wario and Waluigi realized they had to run or they would have to pay for the crime, which they did.

Mario and Detective Pikachu quickly pursued them afterward. While chasing them, Detective Pikachu exclaimed that they were too fast and they would not be able to catch up with them, but Mario said they did not know how to cross the street. A while later, as Wario and Waluigi were running across a street, a car came by and knocked them down, allowing Mario and Detective Pikachu to catch up with them.

With nowhere to escape, Detective Pikachu demanded that they tell the truth or risk being zapped again. Wario then decided to give the answers. In a flashback, Wario and Waluigi received a box from an ice cream truck. They looked at the content to see the arm. Back in the present, Wario showed the box and the name on the box: Luigi's Ice Cream. Detective Pikachu asked if it was Luigi who was behind it and asked it was he who delivered the box to the brothers. Wario confirmed this and Pikachu warned that they would suffer if the information was false. With that, he quickly took Mario with him to find the ice cream truck, although Mario was sad that he could not arrest anyone.

Luigi was doing his rounds in his ice cream truck when suddenly, Mario appeared on his windscreen, scaring him into stopping the vehicle on the roadside. He greeted his brother and wondered why he was there. Mario's response was to ask if Luigi was a dirty thief. Luigi questioned his brother's words and reiterated that he worked as an ice cream man to pay off his damages. Detective Pikachu then told Mario that he would handle it himself and after apologizing for Mario's behavior due to being new to the job, asked if it was okay to ask a few questions, which Luigi happily agreed to and provided them with ice cream.

While having the ice cream, Detective Pikachu asked Luigi where he was 8 am that morning, which Luigi replied that he was doing his job: In a flashback, he was giving an ice cream to Frankie. Mario then thought of whether to decide it was the truth, a lie or to doubt it. He chose to doubt it, saying that he knew Luigi was hiding something. Despite Luigi claiming it was the truth, Mario attacked him in the bid to get the information out of him.

Detective Pikachu then ordered Mario to stop attacking his brother. He also said they did not have much time, and asked Luigi if he delivered anything to Wario and Waluigi. Luigi confirmed it as he delivered things to them often, and suddenly remembered a parcel that was very heavy. While he said that, Mario sneaked onto the truck to eat all the ice cream. Detective Pikachu knew it sounded like the arm and asked if he could drive them to where he got the arm, which Luigi gladly agreed to. Suddenly, Mario had a stomachache, which alerted Luigi to what Mario did. Mario tried to pass it off saying that Detective Pikachu told him to eat the ice cream just to get hit by a thunderbolt. Detective Pikachu then had Luigi quickly head to the location.

As they were on the road, they were rammed. Mario, who was in the back of the car to find more ice cream, saw it was a car that did so, prompting Detective Pikachu to tell Luigi to speed up the truck to get away from the perpetrator. He then had Mario slow down the car, but that completely failed, causing Detective Pikachu to rely on Luigi to shake the car off their trail. Luigi was determined and drove faster, just to stop at a traffic light.

Detective Pikachu wanted Luigi to go, but the plumber responded that it was the red light. He then asked if he played GTA and the like, which Luigi responded saying he also stopped at the red lights on those games. Frustrated, he took control of the truck and ran over Frankie who was crossing the road.

After a while, he drove the truck onto the pavement and ran over Peach Toadstool and Donkey Kong, causing Luigi to use the windscreen wiper to remove them. They continued to run from the car, but somehow it appeared from a bush, forcing Detective Pikachu to do a sharp turn and overturn the ice cream truck. Dazzled, Luigi got out but Detective Pikachu hurried Luigi into a nearby house where Mario was also able to meet up with them nearby.

Just as Detective Pikachu thought they had lost the car, it turned up at a nearby window. Luigi tried the stairs but the car reached there. Detective Pikachu tried the toilet but the car was also there. Mario even tried a nearby room but somehow the car was in there too. Frustrated that the car was always on their trail, he proceeded to use Thunder on the car, which worked and wrecked it completely although it also fried the Mario Brothers.

The driver then came out, revealed to be Toad. Detective Pikachu then questioned if Toad was the perpetrator or he was just following orders from the perpetrator. Toad hesitated but after an angry burst from Detective Pikachu, he said he was told to look for an ice cream truck a while ago but gave the reason that he just wanted ice cream. That just led Toad to be tied to the ice cream truck as it was driven to the box's original location.

Once they got to the location, which was revealed to be Mario's house, Luigi stated that he saw the box first thing when he woke up and they went in to search for clues. Mario suddenly said there were no clues in the house. Luigi mentioned the basement but Mario silenced him. Detective Pikachu, now intrigued by the basement, asked to check but Mario kept blocking him from checking it, forcing the Pokemon to kick him out of the way.

Once he went inside, he saw the missing statue and Mario, the true mastermind behind the statue's theft, knew he had to get away. He called Toad to prepare the getaway car but as Toad was still tied to the ice cream truck, he realized he was done for and was subsequently apprehended by Detective Pikachu.

Back in Bowser's castle, Bowser was happy with the return of his statue and thanked Detective Pikachu for his work. Detective Pikachu thanked him back but had one mystery left to solve. He wondered why Mario would steal Bowser's statue in which the plumber replied that Bowser beat him in Super Smash Bros. Realizing how dumb that answer was, Detective Pikachu pushed Mario into lava before saying that the answer was a load of sh*t.

The episode ends with Mario commenting on how spicy he was.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters

  • SMG4 flashback (Was pointed to be the murderer by Mario due to beating him in Smash)
  • Frankie
  • Toad



Music used

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  • Pengaz makes its first appearance since 2015 in this video.
  • Strangely, in this episode, Luigi wears black overalls, as opposed to his normal blue overalls. It's possible that this was his work uniform.
  • This is one of the few episodes in which Mario is the villain. Toad was also a villain as well. Wario, Waluigi, and even Luigi were accused of being the culprit, but it turned out Mario was framing them the entire time.
  • Mario being the culprit was foreshadowed throughout the episode. For example, he attempted to frame Wario and Waluigi and later Luigi for the crime, as they both had motives for doing so. Wario and Waluigi were greedy and Luigi needed money to pay for Mario's damages.
  • Mario is smarter in this episode than he is in most episodes, attempting to frame Wario, Waluigi, and Luigi for the theft. However, he is still as immature, as his motive was to get revenge on Bowser for beating him in Smash Brothers.

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