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Stop it! This is not okie dokie!
WARNING: This blooper contains scenes of gun violence and body burning. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

SMG4: Doki Doki Mario Club is the sixth episode of Season 8 and the TBA overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

Saiko Bichitaru makes her debut appearance. It was aired on February 10, 2018.


It's Valentines! And everyone has a valentines date... even... Fishy Boopkins? ... Wait a minute... that's not a person. OH GOD RUN


Anime has come to life! We're DOOMED!


The episode begins on Valentines Day, where several couples are spending time together at a park, including Yoshi and Birdo, Mario and a plate of Spaghetti, and Toadette and Toad (reluctantly). Sitting on a park bench, Fishy Boopkins chats on his laptop, apparently talking to someone named "Saiko-chan." It's revealed that he is playing a Dating Simulator and that the person he is talking to is his virtual partner, Saiko BichitaruBob suddenly walks up to him and questions if he's alone on Valentines Day. Boopkins introduces him to Saiko, only for Bob to mock him for being so pathetic. Offended, Boopkins tries to defend Saiko, claiming that he chose her because of her special faults, despite how unpopular she is with other players. When Bob continues to insult him, Boopkins takes the laptop and runs off, crying. Unaffected, Bob hypocritically walks off with his own Valentines date, a dressed-up garbage bag that he calls "Bobella-chan."

Heeeeeey that's pretty gooooood

heeeeeey that's pretty gooooood!

Fed up with people not taking him (and his date) seriously, Boopkins asks Saiko what he should do about the problem. She gives him the idea of bringing her to life to prove everyone wrong. What transpires are a series of attempts to make Saiko a real woman. Boopkins first tries to protest outside of an anime game studio, along with a few other fans. However, this only annoys the producer, who closely resembles Walter White, who orders the company to fire at them with machine gun turrets. Next, Boopkins goes to Peach's Castle and asks Mario for help. After some thinking, the plumber decides to improvise by grabbing Luigi and dressing him up in pigtails. Unsatisfied, Boopkins eventually goes down to the castle basement, where he places his laptop, several lit candles, and a few pieces of anime merchandise around a fiery altar to perform a summoning ritual for the "Anime Gods." SMG4 spots him and quickly backs away, disturbed by what he just witnessed.

When none of the aforementioned plans work, Fishy Boopkins returns to the park, apologising to Saiko for letting her down. Just then, Kamek starts walking down the street and suddenly gets run over by a taxi. Boopkins hears the crash and quickly runs over to the incident. However, rather than checking to see if Kamek is okay, his attention is instead drawn to the wizard's sceptre, which Kamek dropped on the sidewalk during the crash. Getting an idea, Boopkins picks up the sceptre and tries to cast a spell on his laptop to bring Saiko to life. To his surprise, the spell actually works, and Saiko appears in the real world with a three-dimensional form. Ecstatic, she thanks Boopkins and hugs him tightly. He suggests that they go on a Valentines date to celebrate. Saiko agrees, happy that Boopkins is going on a date with just her.

They go to a movie theatre in town, where they spot Bob again with his "date." Shocked to see that Boopkins has an actual girlfriend, he is relieved to know that his friend is no longer a loser, offending Boopkins. Even so, Bob insists that Saiko is nowhere near as pretty as "Bobella." Insulted, something snaps inside of Saiko, who quickly kicks the trash bag through the theater walls. This angers Bob, who claims that the bag was expensive; though Saiko pretends that it was an accident. As she and Boopkins walk away, Bob looks on in their direction, exclaiming his distaste for Saiko.

After the movie, Boopkins and Saiko run into Lemmy Koopa, who invites Boopkins over to his house to binge-watch anime. Over at Lemmy's house, Saiko becomes visibly uncomfortable as she realises that Boopkins and Lemmy are watching anime about other girls. While the boys aren't looking, she steals the TV remote and switches the program over to a Teletubbies anime. Boopkins and Lemmy start frantically looking for the remote, which Saiko tosses before peacefully lounging on the sofa, surrounded by the increasing chaos in the room.

Sometime later, inside Peach's Castle, Mario is walking down a hallway when he opens the door to the foyer and finds Saiko, who greets him. Mario calmly closes the door on her and immediately panics. He runs off, screaming, in the opposite direction, horrified that "anime has come to life." In the foyer, Saiko is irritated about Mario ignoring her. Luigi walks up to her and happily introduces himself. The two of them try to strike up a conversation so they can get to know each other. However, they are suddenly interrupted when Luigi's cell phone starts to ring. He politely asks Saiko to wait while he takes the call, which causes her to snap once again. Saiko snatches Luigi's phone away from him and quickly destroys it with a rocket launcher. Afterwords, she asks if he wants to play a game with her. Realising how dangerous Saiko is, Luigi tries to back away from her, but she gets him to chase after her by stealing his hat.

Having just witnessed the scene, Toad tells Fishy Boopkins that he needs to break up with Saiko, claiming that she is a "red flag." Boopkins is hesitant about the idea, but Toad reminds him that he's been in the Spike's position before, and that it is too late for him now. To prove his point, Toadette suddenly barges into the castle, furious that her boyfriend only spent 20 hours with her that day, grabbing and dragging him away. Even so, Boopkins is still unsure about breaking up with Saiko, as he doesn't want to hurt her feelings.

Eventually, Boopkins brings Saiko to his "house," which is really just the shore of a beach that is littered with furniture. Excited to have a guest over for a long time, he decides to show her all of his toys; although Saiko is clearly uninterested in. However, Boopkins then decides to show her his entire collection of waifu body pillows (5,372,227 to be exact). Saiko becomes increasingly unhinged after hearing about his collection of anime girl merchandise, but she suddenly snaps out of it and seems to be impressed. Boopkins leaves for a moment to make some lunch for them and comes back with a tray of rocks. However, when he returns, he is shocked to find that Saiko gathered all of his pillows into a pile and set them on fire. Finally fed up, Boopkins breaks up with Saiko, leaving her angry and heartbroken. She first accuses him of betraying her after all the love she has given him, but she also starts to have some self-doubt, worrying that she isn't good enough. Clearly conflicted, Saiko runs off, crying.

Meanwhile, at a seaside town, Wario and Waluigi are trying to scam the local residents with fake Valentines Day fortunes. A pink Shy Guy suddenly approaches them, asking if something that his wife said to him was true. Wario "predicts" that the outcome isn't good for him. Revealing the issue was his wife supposedly cheating on him, the heartbroken Shy Guy runs off before the Wario Bros. can collect his fee. Looking around, they suddenly spot Saiko walking solemnly down the street. Wario approaches her and offers her a vase of flowers. Saiko is touched by the gesture, only for Wario to retract the offer and charge her 1,500 coins for the gift. Annoyed, she decides to take the flowers anyway, as she apparently has no money. The Wario Bros. try to snatch them back, but Saiko manages to break the flowers free from their grip and accused them of being mean. Unsettled by her strength and tone, Wario and Waluigi try to run away, only for Saiko to suddenly appear on the other side. She threatens them into helping her get revenge on Boopkins, to which the horrified brothers agree.

Back at the castle, Luigi and SMG4 try to comfort Fishy Boopkins over his break-up, telling him that Saiko will eventually move on, while Mario tries to tell him that dating spaghetti is a better option, as it's not sentient. All of a sudden, a large robot mech breaks through the castle door, with Saiko riding on top of it. Claiming that she came to "visit," the group realizes that she's going to kill them and tries to escape However, it's revealed that Saiko had Wario and Waluigi lock the doors and board up the windows in the castle ahead of time to prevent them from doing so. Boopkins begs her to stop, claiming that they don't want to hurt her. However, Saiko retracts this by exclaiming how he already broke her heart.

Saiko fires a laser at him, while Mario, Luigi, and SMG4 suddenly reappear with an "Anime Patrol" truck. Mario tries to aim at the mech's legs with a stick, while SMG4 attacks Saiko with "Anti-Anime Spray." However, they both get blasted back, and all Luigi can do is cower in fear. Worried, Boopkins quickly comes up with a plan and starts to serenade to Saiko, singing "Don't Go Breaking My Heart." Touched by the song, she can't resist joining in and eventually gets distracted long enough for Mario to tackle her and pin her down. Saiko orders Wario and Waluigi to help her, but instead they seize the opportunity and escape, taking the mech with them.

As Saiko begs Fishy Boopkins to release her, he confronts her about what she's done, saying that he never wanted to hurt her. Saiko eventually breaks down in tears, letting out all her frustrations about being ignored and unloved inside her video for so many years, and how her unhinged jealousy is out of fear of being alone again. Feeling sorry for her, Boopkins orders Mario to let her go. The plumber does so reluctantly, and Saiko continues to sob as she runs out of the castle. As the group looks on in her direction, Boopkins promises Saiko that he'll always be her friend. However, Mario ruins the moment by once again saying that spaghetti is a better choice for a partner, as it can't kill you, and the episode ends with SMG4 punching the plumber to shut him up.


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Music used

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  • 00:06 Ohayou Sayori!; Doki Doki Literature Club
  • 00:44 Ending Theme; Super Mario World
  • 01:05 (twinkly sounding song when Fishy Boopkins is sad)
  • 01:17 (funky ‘make my waifu real’ song)
  • 01:53 Mumbo’s Magic; Banjo Kazooie
  • 01:58 Okay Everyone!; Doki Doki Literature Club
  • 02:28 Play With Me; (faint hint of Just Monika) Doki Doki Literature Club
  • 02:55 Pokey’s House; Earthbound
  • 02:59 Silver Sparkle; Spongebob
  • 03:08 Pokey’s House, (faint hint of Sayo Nara); Earthbound, Doki Doki Literature Club
  • 03:30 Pinna Park; Super Mario Sunshine
  • 03:44 Bon Appétit S; Blend S
  • 03:59 A Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Opening); Evangelion
  • 04:16 Super Pipe House; Super Mario RPG
  • 04:24 Effing Spiders (It’s War!); Conker’s Bad Fur Day
  • 04:30 Luigi’s Story; Paper Mario TTYD
  • 05:07 The Room Underground; Mario Party (1)
  • 05:18 Tubba Blubba’s Castle; Super Paper Mario
  • 05:34 Koopa Troopa Beach; Mario Kart 64
  • 06:02 Damage Mystery; Undertale
  • 06:24 Goldenrod City; Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver
  • 06:34 (eerie music)
  • 06:47 Distrust (-1-10); Danganronpa
  • 07:00 (violin and piano part when Saiko is upset)
  • 07:18 Eterna City (Daytime); Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
  • 07:36 (vocal parts)
  • 07:41 Sad Girl; Super Mario Galaxy
  • 07:55 Out Of The Loop; Katawa Shoujo
  • 08:24 Damage Mystery; Undertale
  • 08:47 Apple Kid’s Theme; Earthbound
  • 09:10 Tubba Blubba’s Castle; Super Paper Mario
  • 09:39 Bowser Battle; Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time
  • 10:06 (dramatic music when anime patrol is here)
  • 10:32 Don’t Go Breaking My Heart; Elton John
  • 11:17 Claire De Lune; Claude Debussy


  • In the movie theater, posters for Rocky, My Neighbor Totoro, The Dark knight Rises, and Where is my family can be seen.
  • This episode reveals that Mario married a Spaghetti, ruining the Mario x Meggy ship.
  • This is the first time an SM64 model was used for Fishy Boopkins.
  • This uses the 3D model of Francis from Super Paper Mario.
  • The Effin Spider music plays when Mario panics upon seeing Saiko.
  • The name of the episode itself is a reference to the game "Doki Doki Literature Club" by Dan Salvato, despite having absolutely nothing to do with it.
  • A few anime series are referenced in this episode:
    • At Lemmy's house, he and Boopkins watch footage of Kill Me Baby and Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (with the characters having beards and mustaches); meanwhile, the song in the background is the Opening Theme for Blend S.
    • The anime Saiko switches to plays the Neon Genesis Evangelion opening with images of Teletubbies in place of the actual visuals, which is a reference to a popular meme.

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