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SMG4: Final Fantasy Mario is a blooper uploaded on April, 7th 2018.


Mario, SMG4 and Meggy have an EPIC adventure filled with magic, action and... anime hair?


The video starts when a portal opened and launched SMG4, Mario and Meggy out of it to the forest. SMG4 and Mario briefly argued about touching Kamek's wand and Mario said that he could summon Spaghetti and called SMG4 a cranky a**. Then, Meggy asks the two where they are. Then, SMG4 saw a Cactuar and Mario asks the Cactuar where they are but it did not speak and he asks again but still not speaking. Mario examined the Cactuar and wear a disguise so he can get his attention. But all the efforts didn't work and he punched him instead and Mario ended up being pricked by the Cactuar. Then, the trio explored the place and SMG4 saw a school. SMG4 asks if this is school and Meggy warns SMG4 and she pounced on him to avoid the ice bolt but ended up Mario being zapped by the bolt.

Meggy and SMG4 angrily asks Red what was that for. Red apologize the two and he said it was an accident but interrupted by Mario by his rage in Red. Then, SMG4 replies to Mario that it was an accident and ended up Mario by getting shot by another Koopa and said if you mess with Red, you will mess us all and he challenged a fight. SMG4 argued Mario about the consequences he just made. Meggy and Mario agreed to fight and they prepare to fight. Then, they screamed and Mr. Moogle interrupts it and said shut their mouths. Then, he tells the Koopas to come back to training.

Then, Mario and SMG4 greeted Mr. Moogle and Mr. Moogle prepared a rocket launcher to command the trio to get back in training and Mario agrees. Mr. Moogle introduced the trio to Class -1 and Mario replies that he titles weirdly and Mr. Moogle replies to the trio to shut up and they are weakling for now. Meggy reacts to Mr. Moogle's judgement. Then, Mr. Moogle pounced on her and he take her down to the ground and called her a freaking Jack***. Then, he introduced the rankings of his other elite students.

Then, Mario brought his friend, Harry Potter to help about magic. Then, Mr. Moogle pounced on Harry Potter to get rid of him in the class and replies to Mario that he's a dumb s**t. Then, Mr. Moogle gave them class types to fight. Mario was a Windblade Warrior so he can control the wind by his sword blade and he tries it to the training dummy. But he instead flies to the roof and around the room. Then, Meggy was a fire gunner so she can attack far/ranged and fire bullets at enemies and she tried it to the training dummy. She threw the gun to the air and she rotates 360° and caught the gun and saying "Woomy" and fired it to the dummy without a miss.

Then, Mr. Moogle challenged Meggy to fire three moving targets without missing a bullet. Meggy perfectly shot the dummies while using her cellphone and humming without missing. Then, Mario, who was still in the air, flying replies to Meggy that was very good shooting. Meggy agrees, but Mr. Moogle didn't agree and said it was just mediocre which results in Meggy being confused and frustrated.

SMG4 was a Ice Magitek so he can control enemies in the battlefield with his ice powers and tries it to the training dummy. He charged the power of ice and fired it to the ground which summons a snowman next to the dummy. The dummy laughed at the snowman and the snowman stares at the dummy who was laughing and smacked it away. Mr. Moogle tells them to go on quests but SMG4 and Meggy say they just want a way home, and Moogle says if they complete a quest for him the headmaster will give them a portal home.

On an airship the crew is tasked with infiltrating a military base. They jump off the ship into the base to begin the quest. Meggy grabs hold of a parachute chicken while Mario flies to the ground believing he can fly and SMG4 lands face first onto the ground. Some guards appear so the gang hide. Meggy pulls her gun ready to shoot them but SMG4 tells her that she'll draw attention, so they sneak through the base silently while Meggy doesn't really get to do anything exciting.

At the door inside the base, SMG4 and Mario are arguing about breaking the door open while Meggy is still bored. Then with the power of plot convenience, she sees Bob wearing a shirt with a target that he got from... uh... Target. This causes Meggy to freak out and go trigger happy, shooting Bob and causing Wario to sound the alarm. They run through the door to meet their target, Saiko-Chan.

Saiko's plan was to rid the world of all pretty people so she could be the prettiest and since Mario and co found her out, she has to kill them. With quick thinking and team effort, the crew defeat Saiko and return to the guild to the portal home. Moogle and headmaster hope they don't come back, but in the last few seconds, we the audience see Cactuar hiding behind a pillar. MENACINGLY!



  • This is a parody of the Final Fantasy series specifically, Final Fantasy Type-0 Online/Awakening which is available for mobile devices and PC.
  • This is the first episode in which Saiko appears but Fishy Boopkins does not.
  • It is revealed that Meggy goes trigger-happy when she sees any target, even if it's on a T-shirt, painting, etc.
  • This is the first episode where Meggy swears.
    • It is also (possibly) the first time Meggy has lost her sanity. However, she calmed down after Wario sounded the alarm.
  • It can be considered ironic that Bob is a servant of Saiko in this episode, because Saiko became Bob’s second-in-command in the Rapper Bob Arc.

Music Used

  • 00:07 - My Paradise - Monstro Town; Super Mario RPG
  • 00:35 - Here’s Some Weapons; Super Mario RPG
  • 01:10 - (happy music in c major when Meggy leads way; xylophone, strings)
  • 01:41 - Koopa Village; Paper Mario
  • 02:02 - The Final Battle; Rayman 2: The Great Escape
  • 02:24 - Laboratory; Mario Party 2
  • 02:40 - (dramatic music in g minor when SMG4 et. al. suit up)
  • 03:02 - Laboratory Mario; Party 2
  • 03:31 - Bonus Game; Super Smash Bros. 64
  • 04:05 - Blitz it!; Splatoon 2
  • 04:37 - (underground motif in g minor when SMG4 is tested)
  • 05:09 - Options Mode; Mario Party 6
  • 05:28 - (song in G Major when aboard the airship)
  • 06:03 - Bom-Omb Battlefield (E3 Trailer); SilvaGunner
  • 06:23 - I Believe I Can Fly; R Kelly
  • 06:30 - (quiet music in c minor when party lands)
  • 07:22 - (shady dealings music in e minor; Mario Mafia at 05:57)
  • 08:09 - Splattack!; Splatoon
  • 08:29 - Apple Kid’s Theme; Earthbound
  • 08:36 - (background music as Meggy gets excited)
  • 08:43 - Dino Piranha; Super Mario Galaxy
  • 09:07 - (music in c minor as Saiko is revealed)
  • 09:33 - Main Theme; Hotel Mario
  • 09:39 - (rock in c minor when Saiko orders attack)
  • 11:15 - (electro song when Meggy surfs on ice)
  • 11:58 - Victory Fanfare; Final Fantasy VII
  • 12:09 - (twinkly song in C Major when party uses portal)


  • During the 9:01-9:05 mark, you can see that Meggy's headphones are missing from her head.
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