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WARNING: This blooper contains scenes of graphic violence, gun violence, bloodshed, and character death. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

SMG4: Final Hours is the twenty-first episode of Season 9 and the five hundred and second overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

The episode marks the end of the Battle of Anime Island and the Anime Crisis, where the Allied Forces (consisting of A.S.S. and SMG4's gang) claim victory over the Anime Cartel, and the likely death of the arc's main antagonist, Francis, as well as the current final appearance of Desti (though only through her corpse and flashbacks). This is also The Anime Arc's finale and the debut of Meggy Spletzer's new anime-based human form. It was aired on June 8, 2019.


The grand finale to the anime arc. What a crazy journey this has all been. We sincerely hope you all enjoyed it. Back to regular videos next week.


I don't think you quite understand. We're either leaving with Meggy... Or not leaving at all.

SMG4, to Francis

The episode continues from the previous episode. The whole SMG4 gang mourns Desti's death, with Tari pleading Desti to wake up, but to no avail. While watching from the cage, Meggy begins to cry but then redirects her rage at Francis. However, Francis, still wanting to fulfill his plans, draws 100 more False Sephiroths and orders them to attack the gang. Even with Axol's secret technique paper shurikens, it had no effect against them. As the attacks continue, Saiko tries to attack Francis with her hammer, but 1 of the Sephiroth realized the attack and threw his sword at Saiko, causing her to fall in surprise and be surrounded with her friends. SMG4 later says that he doesn't want to die since he has so many memes left to live for. Luigi then asks Mario if there are any plans, but Mario decided to cosplay as Cloud instead, to no avail. 

Francis then asks Saiko to join his island of waifus to stop the apprehension and oppression by the anime haters, but Saiko refused, saying she would rather die instead. Fishy Boopkins also rejected the offer, but he was saddened by the fact they were all about to die. Francis then ordered the Sephiroths to finish them off.

However, Bob, Chris, and Swagmaster came with a T-34 Soviet Tank and knock off Francis. Bob and Swagmaster then begin to say the Team Rocket motto, but Chris stops them halfway through and together, they attacked and killed all 100 Sephiroths with the T-34 Soviet Tank, upsetting Francis. Bob and Swag also sang the What is Love song as the attack commences. After the attack was finished, Bob and Swagmaster fist-bumped while saying "Bruh". Chris then orders them to stop making out and go after Francis, with Swagmaster replying that he is not gay. When Francis was about to draw another powerful anime character, he finds out that the orb on Ink-Weaver dulled out, implying ran out of ink, and begins to run away. Axol then chases after him, with Saiko hitting Francis with her hammer, causing him to be surrounded by the SMG4 gang. The gang then attack him, with SMG4's kick, Fishy Boopkin's Snake body pillow, Tari's rubber ducky Archibald, Mario's uppercut, with Bob, Swagmaster, and Chris finishing off the attack (although they had trouble aiming at first), in which the T-34 Soviet Tank shot a Bullet Bill at him. However, while the Bullet Bill was blocked by the pen, the impact caused Francis to be slammed against the ink tank, which causes Meggy's ink to spill out and pour on him and the Ink-Weaver.

However, the Ink-Weaver absorbs a grand majority of Meggy's ink, fully charging it to 100%. As Axol is upset by this situation with Fishy Boopkins wondering what does it mean, Francis said that they should have gone for the head and in the last resort, creates the most powerful anime character in existence, Goku, creating a shockwave that slams the SMG4 gang against the wall. SMG4 then asks Tari which Goku type is that, and Tari replied it is the Super Saiyan God form, a form only accomplished when fully charging Inkweaver. Mario then wonders what is special about Super Saiyan God Goku since he just dyed his hair blue. Before he can finish his sentence, Goku used his powers to decimate Bob, Swagmaster, and Chris's Soviet Tank, making Swagmaster upset and Bob angry, since they were planning on going go-karting with it. Francis said this is his final form and tells the gang to give up already, but SMG4 responded by saying that they either are leaving with Meggy or they are not leaving at all. Francis then orders Goku to attack them, in which he easily defeats everyone (even blocking Luigi's Green Missile Attack), with Tari being the only one left. As Francis orders Goku to finish Tari off, he suddenly realized that Axol is nowhere to been seen. Axol then yells "for justice and anime", with Francis screaming as Axol jumps on top of him. Axol then slaps Francis and takes the Ink-Weaver back. Francis then orders Goku to help him, but Axol responded by telling Tari to stall Goku.

Tari then challenges Goku to a match in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Goku then says to bring it on as they play a match together. As Tari continues to stall Goku, Axol suddenly finds out that Inkweaver, in creating Super Saiyan God Goku, drained all of its ink reserves. Meanwhile, Tari manages to win against Goku in a match. With Goku being a sore loser and saying "I ain't having this s***!", grabs Tari by the neck. Mario then throws a glass bowl at Goku, causing Goku to turn his attention toward Mario and his friends, with Mario threatening Goku, stating he will see his tunnel of doom. Saiko then thanks Tari for stalling him, in which Tari gives a thumbs up. As the fight against Goku continues, Axol begins to wonder how to refill the Ink-Weaver. Meggy, seeing the situation, tells Axol to drain the remaining ink from her body to power up his Ink-Weaver one last time. Saiko then thinks Meggy was crazy with this idea since she thinks Meggy will die as a result, as Saiko gets hit by Goku's Kamehameha. Meggy then responded, saying that if they don't do that, the entire SMG4 team will die. Despite Axol's objections, she convinces him to turn on the Ink Zuccer to drain her ink as he puts his hand on the ink cage, and Meggy touching the part where his hand is. Axol then sets up the machine and turns it on, causing him to be electrified and Meggy having the last bits of her ink drained.

Meanwhile, Francis orders Goku to destroy the ink cage with Meggy inside. Goku then attacks it with his energy blast but was deflected by Saiko's hammer. SMG4, Mario, and Fishy Boopkins then jump on him, but Goku shakes them off and attacks the ink cage the second time using his Ki Blast, in which he succeeded in doing so, and the reaction causes an explosion. As the SMG4 gang was shocked in the turn of the events, Francis thinks this is game over for them, and he has won. Mario then runs over to the rubble, trying to see if Meggy is still there. Mario then heard Meggy's voice and begins to remove the rubble to find her. Francis then mocked the gang by laughing. However, Axol managed to absorb the remaining ink into his Ink-Weaver, saying that its time to end this. Axol then said "You think Super Saiyan God is the strongest thing Inkweaver can make? Pathetic." He then begins using it to create and show Francis the character even more powerful than Super Saiyan God Goku. Francis then said that such a character does not exist and orders Goku to attack Axol, but before Goku can reach him, Axol successfully created the character that is more powerful than Goku: Ultra Instinct Shaggy Rogers, astonishing the SMG4 gang. Francis then thought it was impossible to summon him, but Axol responded that Shaggy can only be created if the holder of the Inkweaver is its true master. Axol then orders Shaggy to attack Goku. While Shaggy and Goku battled it out, Mario continues to look through the rubble from the main Ink Zuccer tank, desperately searching for Meggy.

As Goku is battling Shaggy, Francis is left defenseless and is cornered by SMG4 and his friends. Francis then tells them to not hurt him and not do anything audacious now, since he only killed Desti. Saiko, however, takes Francis by the neck, telling him that he is a pathetic waste of space and is going to make himself wish that he was never born. Saiko then throws him into a spare Zuccer tank, and turns it on to max power, leaving him to die. Suddenly, the building started to break apart, as Ultra Instinct Shaggy overpowered the Ink-Weaver Goku, causing Goku to crash into the ground. Bob and Tari then celebrate, but stopped when Goku begins to glow. Goku, realizing he's losing, begins to activate a powerful attack. SMG4 then asked what is going on, with Swagmaster saying that he thinks Goku is just taking a giant s***. Axol informs everybody that Goku is going to self-destruct, with Fishy Boopkins and Luigi panicking, since they don't think they can make it out in time. However, Shaggy manages to round up the gang, as well as Desti's corpse, and bring them back to the ship. SMG4 then realized that the Inklings and Octolings haven't been saved yet, causing Shaggy to go back and rescue them and bring them back to the ship, And as Shaggy brings the Inklings to the ship, they are all unconscious, and one of them is still in squid form. Mario then realizes Meggy wasn't saved, so Axol orders Shaggy to go back and save Meggy.

As Shaggy rushes back to save Meggy, Goku explodes, destroying all of Anime Island, and presumably killing Francis the psychopath and the Anime Cartel (Inkling Killers more like) in the process. Devastated from the apparent loss of Meggy and Shaggy, the gang begins to mourn for the losses, with Axol apologizing. However, Shaggy comes back with a person that looks like Meggy. Mario, Luigi, and Tari then wonder why the person looks like Meggy as Shaggy drops her down. Meggy then says that her head hurts and wondered what happened. The gang, however, was shocked with the appearance of Meggy, which caused Meggy to wonder what they are starring at. Mario then said that "You don't look too good, Mr. Meggy." Meggy then looks at her hand and is shocked. Because her ink was drained combined with being hit by one of Goku's Ki blasts, Meggy became an anime-like humanoid girl. Meggy then screams about her change in appearance, asking about what has happened to her and passes out.

At a nearby beach, a navy-style funeral for Desti can be seen being held, and the Mushroom Kingdom and Inkopolis citizens arrived to pay respects. Meggy then arrives with Desti's signature Blaster. Before Meggy can place it on the coffin boat, she thinks about the great moments she had with Desti. After she put down the Blaster, Meggy begins to cry. Tari then asks Meggy what is wrong, with Meggy saying that she didn't know what to do. Bob makes a point saying that he thinks the boat is intended to be pushed by her, only to get elbowed in the face by Saiko, due to him missing the point and being insensitive to Meggy. Meggy then says that she blamed herself for the death of Desti, saying had she been a bit faster or better, it would have never happened. Meggy then breaks into tears and cries on the coffin. However, Axol then quotes Desti's advice to him: "No matter how many times life knocks you down, you always have to get back up." and said Meggy should do the same and that he and Desti learned it from her. The rest of the SMG4 gang cheered her up and encouraged her to get back up when she is down; and even if she's not ready now, they will always be there to pick her up. Inspired by these words, Meggy thanks for the encouragement and pushes Desti's coffin to the sea. Swagmaster, Chris, and the Octoposse perform the 21-gun salute with M16 Assault Rifle (15 in this case) as Meggy and everyone else salute their fallen comrade. Meggy then promises Desti that she will win the Splatfest for everyone. The camera pans to see a satisfied Shaggy bidding everyone farewell as he flies away to the skies, ending The Anime Arc for good.


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Music used

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  • 0:00 - Wendel Scherer, Sad Acceptance
  • 1:40 - TBA
  • 2:12 - Pokémon Anime Sound Collection, Team Rocket Motto (Kanto Version)
  • 2:53 - Paper Mario, Gates of Goomba Castle
  • 3:18 - Paper Mario, Tubba Blubba Chase Theme
  • 3:36 - Super Smash Bros. Melee, Break the Targets
  • 5:25 - Mario and Luigi: Super Star Saga, Popple and Rookie Boss Theme (Remix)
  • 6:31 - Super Mario RPG, Still, the Road is Full of Dangers
  • 6:43 - Undertale, Start Menu
  • 6:48 - Paper Mario, Kammy Koopa's Theme
  • 7:12 - Super Mario RPG, Fight Against Bowser
  • 13:26 - Indigo Days - Hope
  • 15:54 - Metal Gear Solid 3, Metal Gear Solid Theme
  • 16:50 - Birabuto Kingdom (cover), Ace Waters


  • The channel banner has been updated with only Mario and SMG4 after the episode.
  • This is the fourth time Meggy cried. The first instance was SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon, the second was SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse (while as a T-Pose Zombie, shedding a tear) and the third was SMG4: Meggy's Bootcamp
  • This is the third 2019 episode where the usual credits music does not play. Instead, the music is replaced with a sad-inducing piano cover of "Birabuto Kingdom", from Super Mario Land.
  • This is one of the few times a swear word has been censored in the subtitles (5:37 F*CK HIM UP!).
  • This is the third appearance of Shaggy Rogers.
  • This is Bowser's only appearance in The Anime Arc.
  • When Axol triggers the zuccer, Meggy’s face begins to crack.
  • It is unknown why characters like Bowser, Bowser Jr., and DJ Octavio are attending Desti's funeral, not just because they play a laughably small role in the Anime Arc, but also because they presumably didn't know of Desti before her funeral.
    • It is plausible that Bowser and his son attended the funeral because Desti was one of Mario and Meggy's friends. As for Octavio, he and Desti are both octarians.


  • Pokémon: When Chris, Bob, and Swagmaster69696969696 crash into the fight between the SMG4 heroes and Francis, the latter two recited the Team Rocket trio intro from the long-running TV series before Chris stopped them.
  • Haddaway: The song that Bob and Swagmaster69696969696 sung is a reference to 1993 hit single What Is Love.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Meggy's new design bears a close resemblance to Asuka Langley Soryu, who pilots the EVA-02 in the Evangelion series.
  • Avengers: Infinity War: The quote that Francis said "You Should Have Gone For The Head." after he charged the Inkweaver to 100% is a reference to Thanos succeeding with his plan to wipe out half of the universe. Mario also recites Spider-Man's famous line to describe Meggy.
  • Avengers: Endgame: The ending is a reference to the ending of the movie, where the characters participate in Tony Stark's funeral.
  • Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone: The audio of SMG4's response to Super Saiyan God Goku is Hermione Granger asking Ron Weasley when she first meets him and Harry Potter, "And... you are?"

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