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SMG4: Freddy's Ultimate Custom Spaghetteria is a blooper released in July 14th, 2018. It is the first episode in the Freddy's Spaghetteria series in over three years, despite SMG4 stating that R64: Revenge of Freddy's Spaghettria was meant to be the last episode.


Yeah. They're back. FNAF's UCN was an interesting enough of a concept to spark our interest in this franchise again. Hope you all enjoy.


"I am curious as to what events would lead a person to spend their nights in a place like this. Maybe curiosity? Maybe Ignorance."

-Circus Baby's taunting speech to Mario 

After the release of Ultimate Custom Night, SMG4 starts receiving a barrage of viewers' comments from his last FNAF video, requesting him to make another. He eventually snaps from the sheer pressure and leaves to make the set for the video. He snatches Mario from his home while in the middle of eating spaghetti, buys the animatronics from William Afton, and dumps them into a pizzeria. SMG4 asks the audience if they're happy now and the video starts.

12 AM: Mario wakes up and cowers in fear upon finding himself inside the security room of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. The first hour consists of him desperately trying to leave the restaurant and having humorous encounters with the animatronics before escaping through an air vent.

1 AM: As Mario exits the vent, he sees Balloon Boy playing Minecraft. Toy Freddy hears the ensuing commotion and finds Mario wearing BB's body. Falling for the disguise, Toy Freddy leaves and Mario goes through a vent and sees the animatronics having a singing contest. The first contestant is Withered Chica, who gives off a painfully subpar performance that earns a lukewarm reception from the crowd. The second contestant is Mangle, who lets out a piercing screech that literally sets the entire crowd on fire. However, Mangle angrily demands they change their reaction into something positive. When he asks for Mario's critique, he tells him to "get some help". Angered, Mangle attacks Mario and chases him into a dead end.

2 AM: Mario regains consciousness and sees himself as an animatronic and freaks out. As Mario explores the area, he bumps into Phantom Freddy and scream at each other before Phantom Freddy explodes. Springtrap appears to investigate the noise and becomes infatuated upon seeing Mario in his animatronic form. He proposes to him, and smacks him through a wall unconscious when he rejects his proposal.

3 AM: Mario wakes up in a bed confused. As soon as he's thinking, Nightmare Bonnie appears and Mario shuts the door. Mario hears some laughter and sees 3 Freddles and Mario turns around again to see Nightmare Chica and Nightmare Foxy laughing. Mario closes his eyes to think that they might go away. As soon as Mario opens his eyes, he sees nightmares based on his own personal fears. (Such as Luigi eating his spaghetti, Fishy Boopkins watching an anime and calls Mario to check out the "brand new" bear anime, Bowser ended his friendship with Mario and Toad is now his best friend, Meggy replaces Mario with Baldi who dressed as Mario for his team, SMG4 asking if he's exercised yet, and Bob suddenly pops up of norwere to disturbs Mario.) Mario snaps out of his dream and walks into the elevator from Sister Location.

4 AM: HandUnit appears and introduces himself, asking Mario to choose some elevator music. When Mario asks what is going on, HandUnit chooses "Casual Bongos" as the elevator music. (Which leads to Donkey Kong appearing in the elevator playing his bongos) HandUnit then asks Mario to type in his name. When Mario tries to type in his name, HandUnit malfunctions and calls him "ThiccBoi". HandUnit then shoves Mario into the workroom and shows Mario around. When HandUnit starts explaining how the job works, Mario goes to a nearby vent, removes the grate, throws it at him, and goes into the vent; flipping him off as he leaves.

5 AM: Mario exits the vent and realizes the room is pitch black, except for a lit door. Mario gets excited after spotting it, which turns to complete fear when he hears Ballora's theme playing. Mario decides to use his "Super Sneaking Technique" by disguising himself as a trash bag. Mario sneaks through the darkness but unfortunately runs straight into Ballora. Mario then gives up his technique and runs for the door. Before he could reach the door, the light goes off for a second, before turning back on to reveal Circus Baby. Baby then asks Mario why he is here and ponders the reasons why. Mario tells her to shut up, prompting her to protrude a metallic claw from her chest and pull Mario in. Despite all hope seeming lost for Mario, he is saved by a group of sentient garbage called Trash and the Gang; thinking he's one of them due to his disguise. Mario ends up barging into a room where the animatronics are having a break and ruining a band performance they're having. The infuriated animatronics lunge towards Mario, but before they can touch him, they freeze upon the last second of the final hour.

6 AM: SMG4 appears and tells the spectator that the night was over. SMG4 then asks Mario how he’s feeling, with a traumatized Mario crying in response. SMG4 takes that as a yes and says he hopes the viewers are finally satisfied as he states he will no longer do anymore FNaF videos. But then Lakitu comes and whispers something in his ear. SMG4 then says he takes back what he said, as he was informed Scott Cawthon has announced seven more FNaF games (however it not exist in reality); much to Mario's horror.



  • Ultimate Custom Night OST - Eisoptrophobia
  • FNAF 2 Trailer Music
  • Super Mario World (SNES) Music - Ending Cast Roll
  • Undertale - Danger Mystery
  • Price is Right theme


  • This video was uploaded at 12:00 P.M instead of 9:00 A.M. He still has continued to upload his videos at 12:00 P.M. (all in Eastern Time [5:00 pm UTC])
  • At the beginning of the video, you'll see Retarded64: Return to Freddy's Spaghetteria, his second video with Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • Also at the beginning, there is a completely new model for the inside of Peach’s Castle.
  • This is the third time Animatronic Mario is in a video, First being R64: Revenge of Freddy's Spaghettria, and second being SMG4: The Grand Mario Hotel.
  • The nightmare segment when Bowser "breaks up" with Mario might imply that Mario thinks of Bowser as his best friend.
  • Mario shows that he might enjoy his time with Meggy on her team.
  • This is the second time SMG4 comes at the end of the video to ask Mario how he was feeling, with Mario traumatized from the previous events, The first being Smg4: If Mario was in... Baldi's Basics
  • All of the main characters make a cameo in this episode in the nightmare segment
  • This is the fourth installment of the series of Freddy's Spaghettiria despite there are no videos based on FNAF 4, 5, & 6.
  • Handunit has the same exact voice as Swagmaster696969696
  • At 2:22 Bonnie's voice sounds like Boopkins' voice
  • Unlike "Mario's Train Trip", this video appears in the "Retarded64" playlist, implying that's a Retarded64 video. Although it's likely because the previous FNAF videos SMG4 made were Retarded64 videos.
  • This is the first video of SMG4 to upload 2 hours later than the older videos.
  • In the nightmare segment, Bowser's paper that shows Mario's head at the bottom left are likely an (unknown) bootleg source.
  • In the nightmare segment with Fishy Boopkins shows that like Bob and Meggy, Mario also doesn't want to hear Boopkins talk about anime.
  • In the nightmare segment, it is possible that one of Mario's fears are Bob attached to him.
  • FNAF 6(Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria Simulator) is the only FNAF location that never appeared.
  • This video is not based on Mario facing all animatronic in one place.It's based on Mario went to different FNAF location facing all animatronic in those location.
  • At 1:13 his name mistakes for Mario instead of SMG4.
  • This episode is located in the R64 playlist, despite the R64 series being discontinued a number of months earlier.


  • R64: Freddy's Spaghettria - The song Foxy the Pirate Fox sang while playing the piano is the same song he sang in this video.
  • Chica saying "Pizza" referencing every other Freddy's Spaghettiria video and Garrett Williamson's "Fnaf not scary videos"
  • Ultimate Custom Night - The "Bear anime" Fishy Boopkins is watching on his computer is the anime-inspired cutscenes that play when the player gets 700 points as their high score in Ultimate Custom Night.

Music Used

  • 00:06 - (twinkly music when SMG4 is pressured)
  • 00:29 - (rock music in e minor when SMG4 rages)
  • 00:39 - Menu Theme, Mario Teaches Typing 2
  • 01:18 - (creepy song when Mario arrives)
  • 01:48 - Track 5, Alien Arena 2011
  • 02:29 - Bed Intruder Song, Evan, posted by Donovan Burke
  • 02:45 - Ending Cast Roll, Super Mario World
  • 03:03 - (mysterious music when Toy Freddy is suspicious)
  • 03:12 - Rococo Rondo, Spongebob
  • 03:25 - Menu Theme, Mario Teaches Typing 2
  • 03:34 - Mario be playin’ T-Dub, Adamspeople13
  • 04:00 - Fireworks, Katy Perry
  • 04:37 - (rock in e flat minor when Mangle is angry)
  • 04:52 - (creepy music when Mario is a robot)
  • 05:43 - (music when Springtrap meets Mario)
  • 05:53 - (romantic guitar when Springtrap proposes)
  • 06:16 - (more eerie music when Mario is in bedroom)
  • 06:23 - Booty Man, Tim Wilson
  • 06:46 - Music Box House, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
  • 07:33 - Pokey’s House, Earthbound
  • 08:05 - On The Mend, Theme Hospital
  • 08:18 - Ending Cast Roll, Super Mario World
  • 08:24 - Damage Mystery, Undertale
  • 08:35 - Crumbling Dreams, FNaF Sister Location
  • 09:00 - Combat Theme (Overlord DLC), Mass Effect 2
  • 09:10 - (creepy music when Circus Baby speaks)
  • 09:40 - Motley Bossblob, Super Mario 3D World (same boss music from Super Dudes at 08:19)
  • 09:51 - Green Greens, Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • 10:38 - Damage Mystery, Undertale
  • 10:54 - Main Theme, The Price Is Right

NB: Knowledge of FNAF music may be useful for this list

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