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SMG4: If Mario Was In... Kirby Star Allies is the seventeenth episode of Season 8 and the four hundred and ninth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode is also the tenth episode of the If Mario was in... (Series) and in it, Whispy Woods and Magolor makes their debuts. It was aired on April 28, 2018.


Mario is sent to Kirby's Dreamland and joins his pink friend on a mission to save Popstar!


The episode begins at a movie theater, where Mario and Luigi were watching a movie about the Teletubbies. During the movie, the brothers were suddenly abducted by a U.F.O and were transported to Planet Popstar.

There Mario was dropped off by the U.F.O and met Kirby who needed his help saying that all the food on Popstar was gone. Mario was enraged by this, but Kirby said he knew who did it by saying it was King Dedede. Mario pondered what kind of monster would do this, so he agreed to help defeat the king, causing Kirby and Mario go into the forest.

In the forest, they encountered some Waddle Dees, so to defeat them Kirby sucked up a Waddle Dee with a sword gaining the sword ability. Mario saw that and tried to imitate this by trying to swallow a Poppy Bros. Jr., somehow gaining the bomb ability. Thinking he was a wizard he spawned a bomb and accidentally blew himself up. Kirby started to go ahead but was stopped by an ambush attack by Magolor and other enemies. Mario thought that they were screwed but Kirby reassured Mario that they could win.

Kirby first stabbed Super Waddle Dee in the eye with his sword. Mario tried fighting the ninja Waddle Dee who started throwing shurikens towards Mario. He tried to dodge but got multiple shurikens hitting his face. Ninja Waddle Dee brought out its katana and ran towards Mario, so Mario put on a Naruto headband and started yelling. Just as it appeared that he got hit in the head by the katana, it was revealed that Mario managed to make a clone using a bomb for the head, resulting in the ninja Waddle Dee being blown up.

After Kirby defeated Sir Kibble, Magolor gloated about how they were able to take out the other enemies, so he stated he could summon the devil himself, He started summoning and the devil appeared towering above the trees. Kirby apologized to Mario as he did not know they added Dark Soul bosses to his game. Mario then asked if he had seen the latest SMG4 video that came out, causing the devil to leave saying that he needed to watch the video. Magolor, realizing that the devil left, fell into distraught and subsequently, Kirby and Mario threw him in a trash can and advanced ahead.

They then encounter Whispy Woods. Kirby started over-exaggerating saying that Whispy could kill anyone with his apples, but Mario then started talking to Whispy where he was joyed because this was the first time someone wanted to talk to him. When Mario asked where King Dedede's castle was, Whispy pointed them the direction. As a gift, Mario gave Whispy a fire flower who returned a thank you. Mario then jumped ahead with Kirby following behind confused. After they left Whispy, he started asking if the fire flower wanted to play, but accidentally set both himself and the whole forest on fire.

Afterward, Kirby and Mario were out of the woods along with the forest catching fire behind them. As they approached the castle's entrance they noticed Bonkers standing guard, Kirby asked Mario to stay low but he started yelling at Bonkers by calling him Donkey Kong. Bonkers noticed that and decided to go check out the noise. In another bush, Mario jumped up yelling  "Donkey Kong is gay" before Kirby pulled him back down. Upon hearing that Bonkers went to peek his head into the bush, but when he pulled his head out Mario was trying to swallow him up, causing him to gain the hammer ability, yet was disappointed as he wanted to throw bananas. As the duo ventured deeper into the castle, they found a large pile of food that Dedede stole.

From a balcony above, King Dedede quickly rushed to get his minions and Kirby noticed this. The king returned with a box full of his minions and started dumping them onto the floor. Now on the floor, all the minions were ready to fight. Mario who was taunting got slammed by Moundo; Kirby inhaled a Waddle Doo and gained the beam ability and then started shooting lasers which hit a Parasol Waddle Dee and a Bronto Burt. Mario was getting cornered but fought back. Hitting a Gordo with his hammer; kicking and hammering a Knuckle Joe; shooting Ribbon with a gun; and catching a Scarfy by its mouth with his hammer and knocking it repeatedly onto a column. With one Walky standing remaining, Kirby scared it off leaving Dedede with no minions.

Dedede jumped in front of the food pile saying that it was his food. Kirby disagreed saying that it was the people of Dreamlands' food, Mario backed Kirby up saying that he would shove his hammer up his a**. Dedede then said that the food pile was his because all the food was disappearing, but Mario jumped up to beat the king up. Kirby shouted at Mario to stop which he did in mid-air, falling to the ground. Dedede said that he thought Kirby and Mario were the ones stealing the food. Kirby and Dedede then wondered who could have stolen all the food when suddenly the halberd broke the castle roof and started vacuuming Dedede's food pile (and Mario) and after doing so, retracted the vacuum and flew away. Dedede quickly looked through his minion boxes throwing some into the air until he found the Halcandran Bronto Burts which would give both Kirby and King Dedede the wing copy ability. They both started flying up to find the halberd.

Meanwhile, Mario woke up to find himself in an intermodal container that was filled with food. Mario initially thought this was heaven and started going crazy. Kirby and Dedede who were looking for Mario found him in the container naked and riding a hot dog. When he saw both of them he was embarrassed and tried to pass it off. On the airship's deck, Kirby concluded that Meta Knight was behind it all, but Mario noticed another hostage who was Meta Knight, who claimed that he was not the one who was stealing the food due to being on a diet. Kirby who was extremely confused about who stole the food was then approached by Darth Vader. Mario saw Darth Vader and wanted his ability to use the force, causing him to jump up and start swallowing Darth Vader until his mask came off revealing that it was SMG3.

SMG3 revealed that it was him who stole all the food. Dedede questioned why he would do this, which SMG3 responded back saying it was because not only was he evil, but also because he was poor and could not afford any food. As SMG3 laid on the floor crying, Mario went over telling him that they would help him. SMG3 started feeling optimistic that he would get help, but Mario instead tricked him and kicked him off the airship. Watching SMG3 plummeted to his apparent death, Mario asked if anyone was hungry.

On the ground they all started eating, Mario started wishing Luigi could have seen all the food they were eating. Turned out he was instead stuck inside the U.F.O yelling for help.


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  • In actual fact, the title should be, SMG4: If Mario Was In... Kirby. SMG4 explained in the video description that the title would have sounded weird (and possibly sexual) had he used that title.
  • This is the first “If Mario Was In” series of 2018.
  • Mario breaks the fourth wall by asking the demon if he's seen the new SMG4 video, which was this one.
  • In this blooper, Kirby talks, despite not being able to in past bloopers.
  • The line "Donkey Kong is gay" comes from the YTPMV (YouTube Poop Music Video) named: "The Decayer App", a parody of "The DK Rap".

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