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SMG4: If Mario Was in... Minecraft is the twenty-nineth episode of Season 9 and the five hundred and fifteenth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is also the fifteenth episode of the If Mario was in... series. It was aired on August 3, 2019.


Mario goes to Minecraft BOIS


To keep Mario from annoying him (as well as finding out he is watching Winnie the Pooh's th*ck *ss on his computer), SMG4 has Mario digging outside the castle for diamonds. When Mario questions the existence of diamonds, the YouTuber tells him to just keep digging. As Mario digs further, he hits something hard, which causes the dirt he is standing in to crumble and him to fall. SMG4 hears the noise, but being the butthole he is, he ignores it.

Mario then falls into the world of Minecraft, but still confused (despite the huge Minecraft sign up above) goes to a nearby village to ask for help. However, he only sees the villagers doing stupid activities, such as chasing a chicken, giving a gift to a Creeper only to be blown up, seeing two Golems fighting to the death, and finally two other villagers making love. When Steve appears, Mario panics and believes he is in Roblox (he apparently hates the game) only for Steve to hold up a knife up his throat and threaten to kill him if he ever said "Roblox" again. When Mario asks for help, Steve, being the "genius" he is, proceeds to grab a chicken and hoping it will fly away, only to fail. Annoyed, Mario decides to find a way back to the hole himself.

Upon seeing a villager build a "girlfriend", Mario decides to build his way out, so he proceeds to blow up a nearby house with TNT and gather its remains to build a tower made of wood and a giant roller coaster that would make him fly back to the hole. Unfortunately, both these plans fail due to Steve being distracted by a chicken for the first plan (he chased after it and since Mario was riding him, he also fell off) and SMG4 throwing away some garbage into the hole at the last second, causing Mario to fall and accidentally crash into the coaster. Now mad, Mario builds a portal to the Nether and attempts to grab a Ghast, only for it to throw itself into lava, killing itself and Mario in the process and forcing Mario to respawn. When Steve offers to help him with building a shelter, the plumber stubbornly refuses and makes his own shelter, only it looks like a piece of crap and offers no protection, resulting in a Creeper sleeping with him and blowing up in his face. Annoyed, Mario agrees to stay at Steve's house. While touring with him, he finds food, and feeling excited out, proceeds to eat it all. Mario then proceeds to bake his own cake, but due to the ingredients he used (a fish, a LEGO brick and a copy of Shrek Super Slam), he passes out, while Steve also turns in for the night.

While they are asleep, however, a witch breaks into the house and attempts to set Mario on fire with a potion. However, Mario starts shaking due to dreaming about a "Sexy Luigi", accidentally knocking the potion back into the witch and setting her on fire. During the chaos, Steve wakes up and noticing the witch proceeds to throw a sword for Mario to catch, only to accidentally stab his hand. Laughing, the witch proceeds to spawn several zombies to attack the duo, but thanks to Mario making a bazooka made of a stick, a Fire Flower, and a piece of spaghetti, the zombies are quickly dealt with (though Steve is also blown up by accident). Desperate, the witch hacks the game with a laptop, changing the game mode to creative and gaining the ability to fly. Mario, seeing the laptop as his only chance of escaping the Minecraft world, proceeds to grab her as she is about to leave into a portal, which takes them to a beach area.

After the witch escapes, Mario sees a nearby villager, but before he could ask him for his help, an Enderman appeared and upon the villager looking at it, attacked the man. As Mario didn't want to end up dead like the villager, he kept looking away from the Enderman the moment he showed up next to him. Eventually, the Enderman had the idea of teleporting to his house (where Luigi and Mario's new alien friend Greg were talking), taking a plate of spaghetti, and warping back with it. It then held it such that Mario would definitely be looking at it when he saw the spaghetti.

It worked and soon, the Enderman, attacked him. Mario attempted to escape, but the monster kept teleporting to prevent him from doing so. Mario then kicked the Enderman in the crotch and quickly built a shelter to hold it off, only to realize way too late that the Endermen can pick up blocks. Thanks to Steve's intervention, he kills the Enderman with a spade and he and Mario continue going after the witch by using a portal to the Nether. After a lengthy battle that takes them across The End, Jeff's Room (from the famous video), the Minecraft main menu and finally a Minecraft version of a Garry's Mod map, they succeed in destroying the laptop. However, the witch reveals her trump card: she has seventy alternate accounts and she proceeds to spawn thousands of blocks and enemies to overpower the duo.

However, Kid Witch appears and angrily tells his sibling that his mother says it's his turn to play on the laptop. As the two fight, Steve grabs one of the laptops and hacks the game again to gain super strength, allowing him to kick the witch and Kid Witch all the way into space. As the duo celebrate, Mario uses the laptop to switch the game mode to creative, allowing him to fly back into the hole he fell in and back home, where SMG4 is waiting for him. SMG4 then states that he was wondering if Mario wanted to play Minecraft with him. However, Mario instead punched SMG4 into the hole, and back into the Minecraft world, where he reluctantly greets Steve.


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Music used

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  • 0:34 - Super Mario Bros. Theme Song
  • 1:22 - Minecraft Theme Song
  • 1:48 - Pokemon Trainer Battle


  • Villagers got killed by Mario after he spawns TNT.
  • Villager got killed by Enderman.
  • Mario got killed by a skeleton archer army. (joke only)


  • This episode came in after both creator and director Kevin and Luke Lerdwichagul were playing Minecraft on their gaming channel Hobo Bros.
    • The episode also rooted from the resurgence of popularity with Minecraft in 2019 which, fittingly enough, was also the year of its 10th anniversary.


  • Dragon Ball Z - The amount of strength that Steve gained was a reference to the Over 9000 Meme.

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