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SMG4: Lost In The Woods is the eighteenth episode of Season 8 and the TBA overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on May 5, 2018.


Mario, SMG4 and Luigi are horribly lost! What terrors and mysteries await for them in the woods?


The episode begins in the middle of a forest, where Mario, Luigi, and SMG4 were wandering around aimlessly after spending three hours trying to find a way out. Luigi was worried that they might be lost with Mario reminding SMG4 that he got lost trying to find the bathrooms. SMG4 insisted that he knew how to get out. Luigi was right as all SMG4 led was back to where they were just now. Mario finally concluded that they were lost and believed that they would either die of starvation or get eaten by predators, which scared Luigi to the point of fainting

SMG4 told them not to worry because he had an answer: his cellphone. As he was checking his phone, he realized with horror that it had only 2% left for its battery. Luigi quickly pleaded with him to call for help but SMG4 said he needed his daily dose of meme first. He browsed the internet for the memes and showed Mario a good one, which caused the red plumber to laugh. Then naturally, the phone went flat, causing SMG4 to say: "Well sh*t.".

As the group went deeper into the forest, Mario realized he could help them get out of the forest. Turned out he had a compass. SMG4 asked if he knew how to use it and Mario replied he knew. However, he used it as a Magic 8-ball. He shook it and got no response, causing him to think it was broken. SMG4 then snatched the compass away and used it properly to lead the group north, although Mario claimed his idea was better. As they continued heading north, Mario complained he was bored. Luigi then suggested they could play a game to pass the time. Mario thought it would be a Nintendo Switch but Luigi was thinking more of I Spy. Mario agreed and Luigi started by saying he spotted something with the letter T in it. Mario's idiocy gave seven as an answer. When Luigi was confused by Mario's answer, he confirmed it was his final answer, causing SMG4 to have to choose a game that was very simple for Mario.

The trio then tried a rhyming game. Luigi said cat while holding a cat from the Animal Crossing series, SMG4 then said hat while holding a giant hat of Mario's, but Mario said black while covered in black paint. SMG4 said the answer was wrong. Mario contested by saying SMG4 was racist which he denied because black did not rhyme with hat. Just as the argument got heated, Luigi suddenly smelt something. SMG4 and Mario said they also did with Mario happy that it was food and proceeded to follow the scent trail, with Luigi and Mario rushing after him.

As night was approaching, Mario was still smelling the scent although SMG4 said he could be leading them to a skunk's ass. Turned out Mario was right to follow the scent as it came from an old cabin. SMG4 was relieved that they could get help while Luigi was understandably scared of the house. As Mario tried to call for the cabin's owner, Luigi quickly put him down on the ground and told him they had to be careful. Mario then suggested to Luigi that if he was really scared, he should be the one knocking on the door. Luigi did so but ran away after one knock, causing Mario to try to open the door. He appeared to begin knocking before kicking the door away. In the house, four hunting trophies, Miles "Tails" Prower, K.K. Slider, Arin Hanson as his amiibo avatar, and Heavy Weapons Guy all had their heads mounted above a machine gun and nearby some axes. Despite the decorations, SMG4 said the house was fine. Mario suddenly found a roasted chicken and ate it, much to the protest of Luigi, who said they should not just take a stranger's food, and SMG4, who merely complained of Mario not sharing. As Mario ate, suddenly, footsteps could be heard, causing the group to hide with Luigi hiding behind an armchair, SMG4 hiding in the bathroom, and Mario pretending to be one of the hunting trophies.

As the person approached, it was revealed to be Bob who brought back more firewood for his fire so that more ladies would come. He looked around and saw Mario's head, freaking him. They all came out of their hiding location and Mario asked what was Bob doing here. SMG4, confused, asked if he owned the place, which the Garo replied he did and that he brought ladies to the house. SMG4 thought of it as a relief when suddenly, the real owner of the cabin, Shrek, showed from the back door and demanded to know why they were in his cabin, freaking Luigi into exploding and Mario just saying hi. SMG4 then asked Bob if the cabin was truly his house, which he replied no because he thought Shrek was dead. He tried to make an excuse that he was just keeping the place tidy but it did not work. As Shrek got very angry, Bob tried to rally the group into fighting him but instead, SMG4, Mario, and Luigi took the chance to escape, causing Bob to realize he was done for. Shrek subsequently pinned him to the wall where he tried the Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life meme, but it obviously failed.

As nighttime arrived, the trio continued to wander through the woods. Cold and tired, SMG4 threw the compass away and decided that they should set up camp for the night. Mario tried to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together, which failed and caused him to throw the sticks in frustration. He suddenly got an idea and told SMG4 to order him "not to touch or break anything." As SMG4 did so, he then told both him and Luigi to turn. Once they turned back, they heard an explosion. They then turned back to see Mario showing several trees on fire. As they huddled near the campfire, Luigi wondered if they would ever get home. SMG4 said they had to as he had someone very important waiting for him back home, his computer, which proceeded to confuse both Mario and Luigi. Mario then said he was tired and proceeded to sleep, which SMG4 followed suit after. Luigi though, due to anxiety, stayed awake. He looked at the forest fearing for his life. He was right as he heard a rustling sound. His whining woke Mario who had to go over and reassure Luigi that there were no monsters in the forest by shouting very loudly. Suddenly, as Mario was done screaming, a tentacle dragged him away, much to Luigi's horror although SMG4 angrily told him to shut up and let him rest. Mario thought it was fun until he was abruptly dropped down. As he was worried who abducted him, it turned out to be his old friend, Slenderman. Mario did a fist bump with Slenderman and then explained the situation to him, which he then helped by showing a car. Mario then happily took SMG4 and Luigi with him onto the car and Slenderman then drove to the location.

As the car reached the destination the following day, Mario was happy they finally reached McDonald's. He thanked Slenderman and sarcastically said that would be the last time he would take directions from SMG4, much to his disgust. As they went ahead to place their orders, they were greeted by their cashier who happened to be Shrek, who was still unhappy with them regarding the previous day's incident. The trio decided to have spaghetti instead. The video then ended with Bob, who was stuck in the deep frier to comment that he smelt delicious.


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