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SMG4: Luigi's Lesson is a blooper uploaded on June 30th, 2018.


Luigi notices that there’s something up with Saiko... He goes to investigate while Mario eats 500 hot dogs.


"Usually, when you get upset, you go crazy and start hurting everyone..."


Mario and Luigi are at the beach buying 500 hot dogs, so Mario can break his eating record. While his brother is eating, Luigi gets wind of Saiko (Fishy Boopkins' former girlfriend from Doki Doki Mario Club who broke up with her due to her psychotic nature) sitting next to them, and freaks out after she makes a sarcastic "Boo"(showcasing Luigi's cowardice). However, Saiko tells the green plumber she doesn't want to hurt him and orders him to leave her alone, but Luigi tries to cheer her up with one of Mario's hot dogs, only for her to refuse, causing him to throw the hot dog back to Mario.

Luigi then walks up to her and reminds her of how every time she gets upset, she goes insane and tries to kill them for no reason at all, and how she's acting different, so he offers to rehabilitate her by teaching her the meaning of good manners. Unfortunately, Saiko fails in every assignment Luigi gives her, much to her annoyance so she decides to quit, much to Luigi's depression.

Meanwhile, Mario has finished eating all 500 hot dogs without fattening up. However, the second he starts celebrating, he gets a heart attack. Luigi starts panicking, repeatedly asking for help, but no one comes. Finally, Saiko shows up to help him, so they get on a motorcycle and drive Mario to the hospital, and despite all the traffic, they manage to do so by throwing Mario's nearly dead corpse into the window. Luigi quickly thanks Saiko for saving Mario's life only for her to leave.

Afterwards, Mario comes out of the hospital completely fine after his near-death experience, and quickly gets hungry, so he decides to eat more hot dogs.


Major Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters



  • Wario And Waluigi - Blown up with a bazooka
  • Koopa Troopa - Heart attack


  • SMG4 promotes War Robots once again.
  • At the beginning of the video, the guy at the hot dog stand is Shrek, but when Mario eats all the hot dogs it’s Po.
  • The scene where everybody rejects Saiko due to being a psycho in this video is similar to the scene where everybody rejects Sunset Shimmer due to being a bully in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, also the scene from the 2012 Disney movie, Wreck-It Ralph where everyone runs away from Ralph due to him being a bad guy in his game, and the scene where everypony rejects and hating Cutie Mark Crusaders for sending an embarrassing article due to caused by Diamond Tiara in My Little Pony episode, Ponyville Confidential.
  • This time, Saiko is now a neutral or good character.
  • Is it possible how Mario ate all of the hot dogs that was already hit by sand.
  • Mario somehow manages to count to 500 even though he can't count.
  • At the 10 minute mark in the operation room, Dr. Mario is seen with a new custom SM64 model.

Music Used

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