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SMG4: Mad Mario is the forty-ninth episode of Season 8 and the four hundred and fifty-sixth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on November 10, 2018.


In a post-apocalyptic Mushroom Kingdom, it's every man for themselves. What will Mario do to survive?


A guy needs his daily dose of boobies or else, he goes crazy!


After the usual opening, Tari is shown flexing her cyborg arm fingers. She then started playing something using a 2-segmented controller that looked similar to a PlayStation controller, though only her hands and the controller are visible. Then the screen cuts to another backdrop that says "5TH DECEMBER 2018".

The actual part of the video starts in a deserted wasteland. Mario, wearing an apocalyptic outfit, was driving his car across the desert with an internet router he stole from the Wario brothers in the seat beside him. Wario and Waluigi were driving in their truck in pursuit of Mario, where the former angrily told Mario to give back his internet, while Mario suggested to both of them to suck his ass. Waluigi threatened him to give it up "...or else", but Mario still refused, saying he had to look at spaghetti memes. Wario, frustrated that Mario was not going to give him back his router, pressed a button in his truck to activate a forward cannon which shot mortars toward Mario. Mario, unfazed, managed to "TOKYO DRIFT" his way out of the incoming bombs and deployed his gadget PINGAS: a blooper. The blooper shot ink at the Wario brothers, all the while exclaiming that it was on its period.

Wario and Waluigi started to fall back from the nonexistent traction due to the ink but did not stop moving, somehow able to not roll the truck over. Desperate to get his internet back, Wario shifted gears using a Wii remote on his center console, making the car's tires grow spikes. With the newly gained traction, they surged towards Mario's car, with Mario scared about this happening. As Wario and Waluigi drew nearer, Waluigi pulled out a spear with dynamites tied to it and waited for the proper moment to strike as Wario maneuvered closer to Mario. Then, seeing his chance, Waluigi sprung from their car while yelling "YOLO", and thrust the spear into the trunk of Mario's car. Mario, realizing he was screwed, managed to only say "Piss." before the dynamite exploded, destroying the car and knocking Mario out cold.

After a while, Mario woke up and realized he was tied up to a wooden pole attached to the front of Wario's and Waluigi's car, with the internet router he stole from them on top of his metal pot hat. As Wario and Waluigi drove through the desert, they started talking about taking the internet to their boss. As Wario said that he and Waluigi did not need to do it and started to look at Wario memes, their boss, who turned out to be SMG3, captured them with a magnet crane attached to his giant dump truck.

Wario then suddenly shifted tone, and greeted SMG3, saying that they brought him another internet router. SMG3 congratulated the duo, took the router from Mario's hat, and tossed it into the bed of the dump truck, which was filled with the hundreds of internet routers he stole from the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, realizing that it was SMG3 who started the apocalypse, angrily asked him why he did it. SMG3 revealed that he viewed the Internet as a valuable resource, and planned to use the internet routers to create "SMG3-Net", an internet where people could only watch SMG3 videos. Then, SMG3 left Mario in the desert, and drove away, with Mario coughing and spluttering from the truck's exhaust fumes.

Luckily, SMG4 noticed Mario, and drove towards him in the Death Bus (but not before accidentally ramming him with it), and urged him to get inside. Luigi, who was also in the Bus, explained to Mario that he and SMG4 were forming a resistance group to fight against SMG3. So far, they have got themselves and Toad, who was slowly going insane from the lack of internet. Suddenly, SMG4 motioned for them to be quiet, as they were passing through the territory of the "Wild Childs", who were formerly Meggy, Tari and Saiko before the internet apocalypse. Just then, Mario spotted Tari doing surveillance over the area, and loudly shouted hello to her. Naturally, Tari gasped and ducked down.

SMG4 was just starting to reprimand Mario for his foolishness when a rope spear latched onto the Death Bus, halting it. Looking up, SMG4, Mario, and Luigi saw the three forms of Meggy, Tari, and Saiko on motorcycles at the top of the rock formation beside the boys, and the girls started driving down the rock face towards them believing they were there to steal their internet (or what was left of it). Panicking, SMG4 punched the gas, trying to drive away, but the bus was unable to enough traction, and barely gained an inch. Soon, the girls surrounded the bus, with Saiko twirling a rope in her hands. Mario, unfazed, decided to go and talk to them, despite SMG4's protests that they were not the same girls Mario knew before the apocalypse. Sure enough, as Mario announced his presence, Saiko attached her rope onto his ankle and dragged him away. SMG4 and Luigi realized this, and barely had time to defend themselves before Tari and Meggy attached their ropes to them, and dragged them away.

Later, when Mario, SMG4, and Luigi came to, they saw Toad getting wrecked by a giant monster with a dome cage surrounding them. Once Toad was successfully knocked out, the monster then advanced toward Mario. As the monster went to work on Mario by knocking him on the ground like a baby rattle, SMG4 noticed Tari, Saiko, and Meggy watching them from outside. Meggy told SMG4 that he had a lot of nerve coming to their territory. Tari chimed in, saying that she needed her internet to play Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. online. As the monster advanced toward Luigi, SMG4 hurriedly told Meggy that they were not here for their internet, to which Meggy reacted with surprise.

Meanwhile, as the monster advanced toward Luigi, Luigi asked who would go so insane they would kill people to get their internet back. The monster stopped momentarily and revealed itself to be Bob, who said that a guy needed his daily dose of boobies. He then knocked Luigi out, and started to approach SMG4, who panicked, and told the girls that it was SMG3 who started the entire apocalypse in the first place. The girls considered this, realized it made sense and conferred among themselves on what they should do. Suddenly, SMG4 found Bob right behind him and rattled the chain fence in fear. After a while, the girls agreed to help, but not before Bob managed to knock SMG4 out by throwing him into the top boundaries of the arena, making it crash into the ground.

Later, SMG3 was doing surveillance over the area while simultaneously driving his dump truck, and was momentarily distracted by Wario showing him memes. As he was distracted, he did not notice Tari shooting a spear at the vehicle until it latched onto the back of the dump truck's bed. When SMG3 looked behind him, he saw the Wild Childs in pursuit of his truck, with the Death Bus close behind them. Tari then passed the spear gun to Luigi, who tied the rope securely to the Death Bus. Angry, SMG3 commanded Wario and Waluigi to stop them, who started to lob bombs at the group.

As they avoided the bombs, Meggy and Saiko threw their own spears, but SMG3 managed to avoid the projectiles, and in their shock, Meggy and Saiko were struck by the bombs. SMG3 initially gloated, but SMG4 then happily revealed that it was just a distraction. SMG3, slightly confused, saw Mario crossing the rope towards him singing "when the moon meets your eye, like a big pitza pie, that's amore". Mario then pulled out a completely-insane Toad, who attacked SMG3, making the truck crash and flip over.

With SMG3 and his lackeys defeated, the gang was able to get their internet back. Happily, Meggy exclaimed that she could watch Splatfests again, Tari celebrated that she could play Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. online again, and Saiko announced that she could post pictures of herself again. Meggy then asked the rest of the gang what they were going to do, only to find the entire male cast sitting down and watching memes.


Main Characters

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Music used

  • 01:46 - And My Name’s Booster, Super Mario RPG
  • 02:07 - Menu Theme, BattleBlock Theater
  • 06:03 - Smashing Punks 17 (needs verification), Stefan Netsman
  • 04:20 - Main Theme, The Price is Right
  • 09:38 - Super Mario World Ending Theme Remix

NB: 5 out of 10 identified; needs review


  • The Waluigi Arc: When Mario yelled at SMG3 for being responsible for the internet apocalypse, SMG3 justifies it by reasoning Waluigi, who is now working for him, had done the exact same thing not a month earlier, something Waluigi is obviously ashamed about.
  • SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse: SMG4's Deathbus reappears.
  • SMG4: Doki Doki Mario Club: Wario and Waluigi are once again lackeys via being threatened, this time for SMG3.


  • The car of Wario and Waluigi and the dump truck that SMG3 drives are taken out from the Mad Max 2015 video game, named Hardball and Land Mover, respectively.
  • Before the start of the blooper, another teaser for the upcoming Tari project, Meta Runner, is shown, along with a release date for December 5th, 2018. Additionally, the banner was changed after the blooper to reflect this until the release date passed.
  • During the scene where Mario and Luigi are being attacked by Monster Bob in the background, a voice clip from Ed, Edd, n Eddy is used by SMG4; specifically Eddy's fake panicked screams from The Day the Ed Stood Still.
    • Additionally, some sound effects (Especially the horn sound) from said TV series were also used in this blooper.
  • It seems that the leader of the "Wild Child" gang is Meggy, which would make sense since she was the first of the three to be introduced into SMG4.
  • In this blooper, the words "Γ***" and "Sh*t" were censored. Instead of the normal censor sound when the f word is said, the words for replaced with sound effects made by Mr. Game and Watch. The real reason for this is unknown, but it might be that SMG4 is either experimenting or is sticking to the YouTube ToS more often.
  • The plot of this episode is similar to The Amazing World of Gumball episode, "The Intelligence" where the internet in the fictional city of Elmore fails, thus causing everyone to go crazy.
  • This episode reveals that Bob turns into a monster when he does not have internet.
    • The transformation he undergoes makes him lose his blade-hands, replacing them with huge, bulky, Buff Dedede-esque hands.
  • Meggy is the only member of the Wild Childs who didn't make her debut in 2018 (Saiko - SMG4: Doki Doki Mario Club, Tari - SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer, Meggy - SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon ).
  • Much like SMG4: Stupid Mario Paint within the Waluigi Arc and SMG4: 3 MILLION SUB FAN COLLABORATION! within the Anime Arc, this is the only episode within the Rapper Bob Arc not to be canonical to or reference its events.

Cultural References

  • This blooper is based on the Mad Max franchise.

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