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SMG4: Mario's Big Chungus Hunt is the second episode of Season 9 and the four hundred and seventy-third overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

The Big Chungus species make their debut in this episode. It was aired on January 26, 2019.


Mario encounters the Big Chungus boi himself. Things get really weird.


Put your hands in the air and step to the rear of the Chungus.

—Chungus Tribe

The episode begins with Mario outside in a forest, apparently because SMG4 saw him just dancing naked on spaghetti in Peach's Castle and hence got him to go outside. Once he set up his picnic, he resumed his naked dancing on spaghetti.

However, as he did so, an unknown creature sensed the spaghetti and was approaching him. When it got near it, Mario heard it and turned to its direction. It revealed itself to Mario that it was Big Chungus and when Mario checked to see what it wanted, it indicated it wanted spaghetti. Not letting it happen, Mario told it to go away, just for Big Chungus to come, knock him away, and eat all the spaghetti. Feeling angry over what it did, Mario proceeded to chase after Big Chungus with a gun.

Mario tried shooting at it but missed. Despite it tripping, thus making it easier to shoot it down, Mario still missed. Having enough of it evading his bullets, Mario proceeded to fire off Bullet Bills at it but due to its thick fat, the bullets were easily absorbed by Big Chungus, who went on its way, much to Mario's confusion.

As it went on, Big Chungus came across Mario (who was disguised) selling free candy and took the bait. However, it also turned Mario into a skeleton and the van was taken, meaning the bomb that would have blown up Big Chungus failed as well. Feeling very angry again, Mario unleashed a cage of Chain Chomps at it. Instead of attacking, however, one of the Chain Chomps started to talk about how the Big Chungus had a THICC butt, getting the fat excuse for a bunny offended, and resulting in the Chain Chomps running away screaming, not wanting to get their asses whipped and another victory for the Big Chungus.

Fed up, Mario tried a new strategy and just waited until the Chungus went to sleep, grabbed it and started roasting it, but before the roasting part happened, a tribe of Big Chungus appeared with one wearing a policeman cap threatening to call the military if Mario did not let the Chungus go. Mario simply flipped it off and told it to suck his PINGAS, prompting the police to call the military in the form of a giant tank which shot Mario down when he attempted to escape. Waking up, Mario discovered a Chungus offering him some drugs. Panicking, he ran, with two Chungus following him. Suddenly, another Chungus ambushed him. Luckily, Mario threw his cap and mustache at the Chungus, tricking the other two into blowing it up with a bazooka. Once they realized their mistake, Mario, disguised as one of them, asked them if they should give up, but they did not fall for the disguise and roasted the plumber alive before he passed out.

Mario then woke up in a court, where Judge Chungus found him guilty of harming the Chungus species. Although Mario tried to explain what they did to him (as well as acknowledging his spaghetti addiction), the judge still did not listen and sentenced Mario to be executed by the largest of all the Chungus, Grand Chungus. Not wanting that to happen, Mario asked for his lawyer, which came in the form of Meggy Spletzer. After a heated argument, Meggy decided the only way that Mario could make up for them was introducing them into the Video-Game industry after seeing the fat plumber playing on the Nintendo 3DS, to much Mario plainly replied: "Pen*ss."

Outside of Nintendo's headquarters, Judge Chungus asked Mario what to do, with the latter responding that he must destroy his competition literally. He started by throwing Shigeru Miyamoto to the sky (and shooting Master Hand dead while he was reprimanding the plumber for his actions), destroying the Microsoft HQ with some well-aimed bullets, and bi*ch-slapping all of Sony's employees plus their security guards. This caused Mario to level up Mafia Style, from level 1 as a Crook to level 100 as a King.

With their competition gone, the Chungus species started to make their own game exclusively for the PlayStation 4, which sold pretty well up to 90,000 copies. The Judge Chungus thanked Mario for the help but unfortunately had to fire him despite his efforts, saying it was better than being killed. This caused Mario's level to be reverted back to 1 and he got thrown out. The episode ends with Mario flipping Meggy off after she asked for a "thank you".


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  • At 0:26, when Mario dances with his plates of spaghetti, there were 16 plates, but at 0:52, there were 8 plates all of a sudden. At 1:14, there were 11 plates of spaghetti.
    • At 1:13 the picnic basket disappeared.
  • When Military Chungus is about to launch the tank, his helmet can be seen sliding off.
  • At 5:22 just before the camera swaps over to Judge Chungus, Mario disappears.
  • At 9:02, a magic gun that is used to animate the models in Gmod can be seen on the right just before the item is it controlling, Toadsworth, is run over by Mario and his truck.


  • This is Tari's first non-speaking appearance outside of voice clips.
    • This is also her first Season 9 appearance.
  • The Big Chungus game is apparently rated A for Adults Only, even though it has memes in it.
  • It is unknown why the Big Chungus game was released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 since Mario destroyed Sony, which was the company which made the console, but this can be explained as an image from the internet which Luke Lerdwichagul could have possibly used.
  • This is the second time Meggy Spletzer can be seen in her lawyer outfit.
  • This is the first 2019 episode where Mario is seen naked.
  • This is the second episode to only focus about Mario, SMG4 and the modern characters but not the classic characters. The first being SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon 2.


  • Looney Tunes: The first part of the episode is similar to Elmer Fudd hunting Bugs Bunny.
  • PewDiePie: The Big Chungus mating call Pewdiepie uses can be heard as a voice clip as Big Chungus's catchphrase.
  • Mafia City: When Mario wields a bat while saying "first you get the competition.", a text above Mario things such as "Lv. 1 Crook" and "Lv. 35 Boss", a clear reference to the Mafia City ads and app.
  • The Simpsons: The scene where Mario rolls on his spaghetti plates is a reference to Homer Simpsons chicken sound and does what Homer Simpson exactly did. The chicken sound is heard too.
  • Asdfmovie: When the Bullet Bill gets sucked up by Big Chungus' stomach, the Asdfmovie sound bit where the cake gets stabbed by the human can be heard as a sound bit.

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