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SMG4: Mario's Hell Kitchen is the fourth episode of Season 9 and the four hundred and seventy-fifth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on February 2, 2019.


Bowser's come up with a little cooking competition for Mario and friends...


You're too dangerous! You might injure someone!


The episode begins with Bowser welcoming everyone to his cooking show. He explained the show would feature two teams trying to outdo each other in seeing who was more skilled in cooking. Bowser introduced the first team as Team Spicy, consisting of Mario, Meggy, Fishy Boopkins, Bob, and SMG4. The opposing team, Team Thicc, then entered the stage, with the teammates being Saiko Bichitaru, Tari, Luigi, Shroomy, and Toad. The two teams were then given applause from the audience.

Bowser then showed the two team the dishes they were supposed to make. Team Spicy was tasked with making the elusive baked cake, while Team Thicc must make the infamous roast chicken. The teams were sent to the two kitchens, where Bowser explained that each team would be cooking in either one and they would only have 30 minutes to do so.

At Team Spicy's kitchen, SMG4 gave his team jobs, Fishy Boopkins in charge of gathering ingredients, Bob with mixing, Meggy with frosting, and himself with oven duty. However, he did not give one to Mario (to the latter's dismay and anger), believing his stupidity would get them injured, and even slapped Mario when the latter attempted to help by pre-heating the oven.

Boopkins went to get the ingredients, but did not know where to start, and mistook the trash bin for the ingredients. After taking a can of bleach mistaking it for milk, Bowser asked if he was dumb enough that he could not tell the difference between bleach and milk, with the spike responding "Sometimes", causing the Koopa KIng to fling him away in anger. Bowser also confiscated Meggy's Splatoon equipment, not wanting her to do a repeat of what happened at Bob's Mansion, and gave her a normal frosting paste, much to her dismay so she joined Mario in the time out corner.

Boopkins did not know what to get, so he got everything, and started to look for ingredients. He pulled out Dr. Eggman and a box of Super Nut, but managed to find an anime doll. Since they only had a finite amount of time, Bob pushed him away and put the pile of trash into the bowl, and started mixing it, turning it into basically a dish from hell. A hand was starting to pop out, but Bob pushed it back in the bowl with a broom, telling the hand to tell Satan to calm his tits and gave the bowl to SMG4, only for the latter to get attacked by a tentacle popping out of the bowl. As SMG4 yelled that he needed help, Mario ignored him, saying that if he could not cook, he would not help.

Meanwhile, in the other Kitchen, Team Thicc was planning their dish, with Toad (carrying a shotgun) saying he got dibs on the chicken, only for Tari to disappoint him with a fridge full of chicken, causing him to throw away the shotgun and shoot Sans in the process. Saiko wanted to take the lazy route and just put the sauce in the chicken so they would be done quickly, only for Bowser to start reprimanding her for attempting to cheat. Luigi told Bowser to calm down while he was cooking the dish, but wanting to be done quick, Toad grabbed the Koopa King and started using his fire breath to cook the chicken, burning Luigi in the process and lighting the kitchen on fire.

Unfazed by the situation, Shroomy asked Tari to cut the carrot, but she did not have the courage to cut even a non-living thing, and threw the knife into the other kitchen, destroying Fishy Boopkin's doll. Shroomy decided to ask Saiko instead, unintentionally offending her for her fragile mental state, which in turn, caused her to taunt Shroomy by saying they could add mushroom to the dish. The still ignited Luigi went to grab ingredients and started to put them in the chicken only for Toad to interrupt him to stop moving as he was busy roasting marshmallow by using him as a fireplace. Luigi eventually could not take the pain and passed out, much to Toad's dismay, as he did not tell Luigi to stop moving completely.

5 minutes remained, and Tari went to the opponent's kitchen to ask for a fire extinguisher, only to see Mario sitting doing nothing (asking Tari if her team was copying them), Meggy trying to stop SMG4 from getting pummeled by the tentacle, Bob filming the whole thing, and Boopkins distraught over the loss of his doll. Meggy asked Mario for some help, but Mario stated he would only help if SMG4 admitted he could cook, but SMG4 refused to admit it, claiming he was horrible at it.

Meggy shouted at SMG4 to just say it already, but he still refused. However, when the tentacle flung SMG4 off and grabbed Meggy, she yelled out for help. Seeing her get attacked, SMG4 was forced to relent, saying Mario was "okay" at cooking. Happy, Mario grabbed some ketchup and sprayed Bob who was still filming the entire incident with it. He then distracted the tentacle with him, allowing Meggy to be free as it went off after him.

Back in the other kitchen, Saiko asked Shroomy to insult her as she works faster when angry. Shroomy complied and told her she would never be loved with that horrendous face, which was enough for Saiko to start working faster. Meanwhile, Mario's tactic failed, and he and Bob went bursting from the other kitchen from the wall, but the tentacle made the mistake of landing next to Saiko, who proceeded to cut it in half with a knife, killing it.

Eventually, both teams managed to create their dish just before the timer reached 0. Soon, it was time for Bowser to taste their creation. He started with Team Thicc's roasted chicken but after eating it, he vomited and said it tasted like penis, much to Team Thicc's sadness as they lost. He then tried Team Spicy's cake but after taking a few bites of it, he fell to the ground and flatlined, presumably because the dish was horrible. The episode ends with Mario concluding that Bowser died because their cake was very delicious, causing Team Spicy to get happy and celebrate their "victory".


Main Characters


Minor Character


italics denotes that the person presumably dies in this episode.


  • Sans: Got shot by Toad.
  • Octopus Food Monster: Got sliced in half by Saiko.
  • Bowser: Died after he tastes Team Spicy's cake.



Cultural references

  • Hell's Kitchen: The episode's name is an obvious parody of the actual Hell's Kitchen. Bowser even says "Where's the lamb sauce?!", one of Gordon Ramsay's most famous quotes from the show.

Music used

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