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SMG4: Mario's Late! is the forty-sixth episode of Season 8 and the four hundred and fortieth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on October 13, 2018.


Mario and friends have to get ready for an event tonight, but some unexpected events occur...


Can you two keep it down?! I'M TRYING TO READ!


The episode begins with a Goomba throwing Mario in front of SMG4. Worried about what he did, Mario was apprehensive but turned out SMG4 just wanted him to play castle burn and explained to the viewers what was it about.

The actual episode begins in Peach's Castle near the portrait to Tick Tock Clock. SMG4 was viewing his own reflection in the mirror, commenting on how fabulous he looked. However, as he turned around to see if the others were ready to go downstairs, he saw that no one else was even close to ready, as the room was in total chaos: Toad was merely lounging on the sofa while browsing his phone; Luigi was panicking in the corner by a storage chest; and Mario and Bowser were in the middle of Tug-of-War over Bowser's tie.

Understandably frustrated, SMG4 tried to remind the rest of the group that everyone else was waiting for them. However, Toad repeatedly insisted that he did not want to go. Apparently, the reason why everyone was getting dressed up was to go the Mushroom Award Ceremony, where SMG4 had been selected as a guest speaker for one of the categories. Furious, SMG4 grabbed Toad by the neck, threatening not to let anyone ruin the night for him. Toad questions what the award was even for. As SMG4 tried to remember, he was suddenly knocked over by Mario and Bowser during their scuffle.

Mario continued to demand that Bowser hand the tie over, despite the fact that it belonged to the Koopa King in the first place. SMG4 managed to break up the fight by kicking Mario to the ground and slapping him, causing the plumber to cry. Mario reluctantly threw the tie back over to Bowser, only to immediately start fighting again; this time over Bowser's top hat.

As the fight continued, SMG4 went over to check on Luigi, who was crying in the fetal position. He explained that the reason why he was so flustered was because he could not find anything suitable to wear, as the chest next to him was filled with nothing but his usual attire: green shirts, white gloves, brown shoes, and denim overalls. Annoyed, SMG4 decided to go downstairs and asked Meggy to give them five more minutes to prepare. He warned the rest of the group that if they were not ready by the time he came back up, they would be in serious trouble. However, as soon as he was gone, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Toad simply carried on with what they were doing.

Luigi frantically started pulling clothes out of the chest for something proper to wear, leaning in further as he did so. Meanwhile, Mario and Bowser continued to fight over the top hat, bumping into Luigi and pushing him into the chest, causing the lid to snap shut and trap him inside.

Mario eventually snagged the hat for himself and put it on, though Bowser threatened to just snatch it back later. In response, the plumber decided to take extreme measures by super-gluing the hat in place atop his head. He proceeded to mock Bowser, who became furious and pulled a crossbow on him. Mario quickly ducked for cover behind a table and pulled out a crossbow of his own. Fed up with their bickering, Toad told Mario and Bowser to be quiet and pulled two more crossbows on each of them.

SMG4 returned at that moment to see if everyone was ready yet, only to find his friends in a complete standoff. However, instead of getting angry, he quietly walked out of the room and came back carrying the internet router, which had several sticks of dynamite strapped to it. SMG4 started the timer for five minutes and tossed the router up onto a high platform, threatening to blow it up and shut down the internet if everyone did not finish before time ran out. Hearing this, Mario, Bowser, and Toad all immediately went into a panicked frenzy. Bowser tried desperately to detach the top hat from Mario's head, while Toad started searching for something to prepare himself with. Amidst the newly formed chaos, SMG4 suddenly noticed Luigi's absence.

Meanwhile, Luigi found himself falling through an unknown void that was apparently inside the chest. He eventually crashed back into the same room he was in before; however, Luigi noticed that his body has turned transparent, as he has somehow fallen into an alternate reality. He saw that his brother and his friends were looking for him and tried to get their attention, but Luigi quickly realized that they could neither see nor hear him.

Toad eventually found what he was looking for and pulled out a bottle of "Ball Shiner" to polish his mushroom hat with. Luigi ran over to Toad and tried calling out to him, but he was unable to get a response. However, he was able to grab the bottle in Toad's hand, which made it appear as though it was levitating in the real world.

Everyone else in the room immediately started to panic, believing that they were being haunted by some sort of ghost. Toad pulled a Bible from out of nowhere in an attempt to exorcise the "spirit." Amused by his newfound ability, Luigi took a moment to joke around by grabbing Toad and tossing him up in the air. While Mario started laughing at the mushroom person's expense, this only horrified SMG4 and Bowser even more, thinking that Toad was possessed.

However, they were suddenly reminded of the task at hand when the bomb timer counted down to two more minutes. Luigi dropped Toad, who ran over and proceeded to pour the bottle of polish all over his head. Mario begged Bowser to get the top hat off of him, to which the Koopa King pulled out a giant sword and chased him around with it.

Not wanting to let his friends down, Luigi tried to come up with a way to tell them where he was. He called out to them to open the chest, but it still fell on deaf ears. When Luigi attempted to open the lid himself, he was propelled away by some unknown force. He finally resorted to throwing the chest at SMG4 to get him to notice it, but this somehow led to him guessing that Luigi was downstairs.

Luigi panicked as SMG4 prepared to leave the room and turned back to everyone else. Bowser was still trying to get the hat off of Mario, this time with a lawnmower, while Toad finished polishing his head. Noticing the overly bright glare that it was giving off, Luigi got another idea and picked the Mushroom person up once more. He walked over to SMG4 and used the light from Toad's head to cast Luigi's own shadow on the wall. SMG4 finally realized that it was Luigi and asked where the green plumber was, to which Luigi threw Toad over to the chest.

SMG4 took a moment to inspect the chest, along with Bowser, who finally managed to get his hat back, and Mario, whose head was now almost completely bald. As they opened the lid, a portal suddenly appeared in the alternate plane, and Luigi jumped in. He reemerged from the chest in the real world and everyone took a moment to rejoice.

Unfortunately, their celebration was short-lived, as Toad reminded everyone about the bomb. He pushed Luigi out of the way and grabbed a pair of denim overalls from the chest, which Toad proceeded to paint black to give Luigi something "formal" to wear. However, SMG4 confessed that he was bluffing about blowing up the router, as even he would not want the internet destroyed, and pulled out a remote to shut the bomb off. To his surprise, though, the remote itself blew up, and the bomb continued to count down to one more minute.

Horrified, SMG4 begged the others to help him reach the platform, and everyone proceeded to stack on top of each other (including Luigi, who had not finished getting dressed). SMG4 managed to pull the bomb off the router, and Toad instructed him to throw it outside. Luckily, he tossed it out the castle window just as it was about to go off; though the bomb still managed to blow up Parakarry, who was outside delivering the mail. SMG4 was relieved that everything worked out and asked if everyone was ready to leave, only to see them all in shock, with Mario still mostly bald, and Luigi still naked.

Shortly after, the group finally arrived outside the theater for the awards ceremony, where Meggy, Tari, and Saiko were all waiting for them. Meggy teased the boys for taking too long, prompting SMG4 to list down all of the evening's events, which he summed up as "the usual." They suddenly heard applauding from inside the theater and headed in just as the ceremony was about to start.

Inside the theater, Jeeves walked onstage and introduced SMG4 to the audience as the guest speaker for the "Most Outstanding Civilian." Baldi commented "That's me!". SMG4 happily opened up the card to announce the winner, but was completely flabbergasted when he found out that it was SMG3 who won the award for "saving the world from Waluigi" through his therapy treatment. SMG3 ran onto the stage and proceeded to taunt his rival. Baldi raged at the fact, and so did SMG4. Furious, he tackled him and they got into a fistfight. Jeeves reluctantly put up a sign on the wall, asking the audiences to bet on who would come out on top. Ecstatic, Toad pulled out a large sum of money, finally happy that he decided to come.


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  • The Waluigi Arc & SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018: Two things are continued:
    • Wario caring for his brother as he promised towards the end of War Of The Fat Italians 2018.
    • SMG3 winning the award for helping to save the world from Waluigi towards the end of War Of The Fat Italians 2018 as a therapist.

Music used

  • 00:10 - Wii Shop Bling V2, Toonlink
  • 01:16 - Megalovania, Undertale
  • 01:49 - File Select, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
  • 04:14 - Time Travel to the Past, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
  • 04:25 - Gallery Theme, Luigi’s Mansion
  • 05:10 - Track 5, Alien Arena 2011
  • 05:23 - Thwomp’s Backroom Ball, Mario Party 4
  • 07:40 - Athletic, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s World
  • 08:42 - Trainer Victory, Pokemon RBY
  • 08:51 - Another Story, Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • 10:10 - Main Theme, The Price Is Right

NB: 11 out of 27 songs identified; needs review


  • Mario at 1:25 has the T-Pose, which is a reference to SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus.
  • Peach's castle has a Wi-Fi router (That was obvious since SMG4 can't live without Internet) and an emergency super glue.
  • Apparently, Luigi has only 1 type of clothes: The green overalls. However, that may be false, since Luigi had been shown to wear other clothes. Examples include in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: SwagQuest, R64: Boo Busters (tan overalls) and even a "Finn" overalls in SMG4: The Mario Convention!. He had even worn Princess Peach's dress on a number of occasions like in R64: A Theatre Mario. and Retarded64: Princess Capturing Simulator, and near the end of the episode, Toad dyed one his overalls black, something he has worn numerous times like in SMG4: The Mario Café.
  • Toad apparently has a phone.
  • Luigi's chest may be a wardrobe but also a machine since he became invisible.
  • If you get into Luigi's wardrobe and become invisible, you can't get out from it, someone else has to open it for you.
  • This is the first time Baldi appears as a minor character, more than just being a cameo.
  • This is the third time Bob wears his Boy Scout suit, the first is SMG4: Mario The Boy Scout and the second in SMG4: Mario waits for pizza.

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