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Stop It. This is not Okey dokey.
Stop it! This is not okie dokie!
WARNING: This blooper contains scenes of disgusting content. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

SMG4: Mario's Lemonade Stand is the eleventh episode of Season 9 and the four hundred and eighty-eighth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is the third episode of the The Anime Arc. It was aired on March 30, 2019.


Mario opens up a lemonade stand to make some money... only things don't go as planned.


Don't listen to that bad woman, we're cool people!

—Jeeves and Francis at the end of the episode.

The video begins with an advertisement for Oblivion of Rangers although somehow, Luke gets abducted into the sky by a dragon and gets transformed into his author avatar. From there, Luke/SMG4 realized it was Mario controlling the dragon. Just as he and Mario jumped into the battle, the latter asked how they were supposed to land, freaking Luke/SMG4 as he expected Mario to know. Naturally, it doesn't end well.

The actual video starts with Meggy chasing after Mario for her Splatfest training. Since Mario is in debt to the Anime Cartel (and they threatened to break his kneecaps), he decides to open up a lemonade stand to make back the money he owes them.

Mario makes lemonade, but when Donkey Kong drinks it all, he ends up making himself feel sick to his stomach. Tari meets up with Mario, who as it turns out is feeling rather lonely, as Meggy is training for Splatfest (also currently hunting for Mario for her Splatfest training) and Fishy Boopkins, Bob, SMG4, and Saiko Bichitaru have gone off to visit Japan. She decides to help him in his efforts to make money for the Anime Cartel, though she notes just how bad they are. Mario then prepares to make more lemonade, which turns out to be his own urine, explaining DK's reaction.

Tari decides that she'll make the lemonade instead, as Mario does not know that lemonade originates from lemons. However, she has difficulty reaching the nearby lemon tree, causing her to persuade Villager to do it by saying the tree had money in them. Villager then proceeds to shake the lemon tree like crazy, causing the said fruit to fall out of the said plant.

However, their efforts are complicated by Jeeves (who's still angry at Mario for destroying his milk factory). As it turns out, Mario had decided to open his lemonade stand close to Jeeves' milk cafe. He has his employees tear down his lemonade stand (which suddenly turned into MARIO AIDS) in revenge.

Mario calls up Francis and company to help him since Jeeves is impeding his efforts to make money to pay him off. To his pleasure, they are more than willing to comply. Mario and Francis's team bites back at Jeeves' by using tactics to either make Jeeves' company look bad or make Mario look better. Eventually, this accumulates in the companies getting in a war with each other, with Waluigi suddenly joining in (with his taco stand) and winning it.

While this is happening, Meggy finally finds Mario as she wants him to join her in the Splatfest, only for Mario to tell her that he's in the middle of a gang war. Witnessing the ridiculousness in front of her, Meggy puts an end to the gang war by calling both parties out for their childish attitude, causing the leaders to cry. Meggy then brings Mario and Tari with her to Inkopolis. As the two leaders embrace each other still, Shroomy reflects on how this all came about over his simple request for something to drink.

The video ends with an extension of the advertisement segment. Turns out Kevin Lerdwichagul was playing the game just for Luke (now as his real-life self again) to crash through the roof. He also played it for a while before reminding the viewers to go and play the game.


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  • Baldi (Mentioned by Jeeves as being his mentor in spanking)

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