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Stop It. This is not Okey dokey.
Stop it! This is not okie dokie!
WARNING: This blooper contains scenes of mild language and graphic violence. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

SMG4: Mario's Train Trip is the forty-seventh episode of Season 7 and the three hundred and eighty-first overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on November 25, 2017.

This is the third of the three videos under the Mario's Trip miniseries.


Mario, SMG4 and Toad are back for another action-packed adventure! This time around, they're on a train to Uniderpal studios, but someone on the train doesn't want them to go...


I'm not crazy... I'm just lonely.


The blooper begins with Mario, SMG4, and Toad trying to catch up to the train they missed. Toad was the first to jump onto the train, SMG4 then jumped on, while Mario just barely grabbed on the caboose. The conductor, Dr. Eggman, mistook Mario as a Gremlin and attempted to shake Mario off. After a brief struggle, Mario managed to throw Eggman overboard.

Mario entered the train and expressed his delight that he could get some peace and quiet while on the way to Uniderpal Studios. However, one of the boxes started to shake. Bob then jumped out where he asked if he could join the three, then jumped on Mario and repeatedly said "plz", much to Mario's horror.

The video then cut to SMG4 washing an old man. However, Bob and Mario suddenly crashed into the room through a window. SMG4 got a fire extinguisher and tried to whack Bob off, but Bob leaped off at the last second, causing SMG4 to accidentally hit Mario. Bob then asked SMG4 to let him join them and repeatedly said "plz" again. Having enough, SMG4 punched Bob out the window a few seconds later before joining Mario to look for Toad.

They soon entered a room, but Toad was not there. SMG4 saw a shadow resembling Toad coming from a bedroom, but only found a man with a Chain Chomp for a head when he opened the door. SMG4 opened another door, but Toad was not there either. Meanwhile, Mario was holding up a lost dog poster and asking around if Toad was recently in the area. He then found Toad wearing sunglasses and reading a newspaper. He believed the one reading the newspaper kidnapped Toad and stole his hat. When SMG4 entered the room, he found Mario holding Toad's head out the window still asking where the real Toad was. SMG4 then kicked Mario out the window. After Mario somehow re-entered the room, the three prepared to relax, but the train suddenly changed speed. They then heard Bob's voice coming from the front of the train.

The trio reached Bob and found that the real conductor had been tied up. Toad lunged at Bob but missed. Bob pulled a lever detaching some of the boxcars, causing the train to speed up and the conductor to fall off. Bob then prepared to run off. Toad picked up a nearby shovel and chased after Bob while Mario and SMG4 tried to figure out a way to stop the train. SMG4 saw that there were two conductors, causing him to say that they could talk to the second conductor. Remembering that the second conductor was Dr. Eggman and what happened to him, Mario explained that they cannot do that.

Back to Toad and Bob, as the former was chasing after the latter, Bob began to outrun Toad, causing Toad to throw his shovel which hit Bob in the head and knocked him down. Toad then caught up to Bob and picked his shovel back up. Bob unsheathed his claws and Toad readied his shovel.

Meanwhile, SMG4 and Mario were still trying to stop the train. SMG4 pressed a random button which caused some boxcars to explode. SMG4 pressed another button which caused some dialing. Hopeful, he assumed that the training was calling for help After he hears dialing, he assumed the train is calling for help, but instead, it called McDonald's. Mario pushed SMG4 aside (and actually knocked him unconscious) and started ordering.

As Bob and Toad fought, Bob lunged at Toad with a spin attack with his claws, which Toad blocked with his shovel. Toad threatened to wreck Bob's a**, which Bob reflected by saying he told that to his mother last night. Toad then kicked Bob backward and slammed Bob's head thrice with the shovel until it was very flat. Bob claimed that babies could hit him harder, but Toad interrupted him by swinging his shovel him knocking Bob off the train. Toad turned and headed back to the front of the train, but Bob suddenly flew up and taunted Toad. He explained that the rapid winds were inflating his robes essentially making him a paraglider. Bob then swooped down in a few failed attempts to hit Toad.

As Mario continued ordering, SMG4 regained consciousnesses and pushed Mario away. The two then fought over the controls. In the struggle, they accidentally pressed a button prompting the train to release smoke.

As Bob continued to chase after Toad, the smoke forced him to fly down. Toad came up behind Bob to finish him off, but Mario and SMG4 accidentally pushed another button in their struggle causing the train to speed up some more, causing Toad to lose his balance and fall off the train. Toad hung on to the edge as Bob came over to gloat more. Bob said that he just wanted to be Toad's friend which replied by calling him crazy. Bob explained that he was not crazy, just lonely. With Imperial March in the background, Bob laughed maniacally, but then an overpass hit him causing him to fall off the train and onto the ground. As Toad looked at Bob rolling on the ground, he said that Bob made Toadette look sane in comparison.

Back to Mario and SMG4, they were running out of breath but still continued fighting. Mario decided to try his own idea which was ripping the control panel off and throwing it out the window. The train did not stop and Mario realized his mistake.

SMG4 entered a room full of passengers and attempted to lightly inform them of the situation, but Mario then entered and told them that "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!" As fear spread throughout the entire room, Toad entered the room. A random guy, an engineer, appeared who claimed he knew how to stop a train: by jamming the wheels with something sturdy. Mario picked up the engineer and threw him in front of the wheels. Surprisingly, it worked and he lived albeit with a ruined face.

As they all got out of the train, Mario thanked the engineer (who simply reacted with "fok u") while SMG4 wondered how they would get to Uniderpal Studios without the train. Thomas the Dank Engine suddenly appeared and called in his cousin, Thomas the Tank Engine. Mario then cheered as the trio rode the tank engine (albeit in a rather childish way) all the way to Uniderpal Studios.

As Bob laid down on the train tracks in pain, he vowed that one day, he would join the trio in their adventures. Bob then laughed maniacally once again. Surprisingly, a train did not run him over. Bob instead realized he has no way to get home, and the video ends.


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  • Toadette (Mentioned by Toad after he compared Bob to her)

Music used

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  • This is the first time Bob is seen as a main antagonist of the blooper series.
  • The Uniderpal Studios is a clear parody of the Universal Studios, like Didney Worl is a parody of the Disney World.
  • A fan video of the same name was produced prior to this video.
  • This episode is located in the R64 playlist, despite the R64 series being discontinued a few months earlier.

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