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SMG4: Mario's Valentine Advice is the sixth episode of Season 9 and the four hundred and seventy-seventh overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on Feburary 9, 2019.


Shroomy needs love advice! Mario and the gang come to the... rescue?


So, who's the lucky girl?


The video begins with both Luke Lerdwichagul and Kevin Lerdwichagul announcing that they came back from the SMG4 Tour Ultimate and that they were aware that there were many fans who were unable to make it due to either their time, their geological location, or both, which was why they were selling 200 of the tour merchandise in their website.

The actual episode begins with the Mario Bros. walking around a park, with Mario asking to have a sexy date with a body pillow of a man with a spaghetti for a head, much to the disgust of Luigi. Suddenly, they heard crying, and the two Mushroom Superstars discovered it was Shroomy. Mario believed he was trying to get a "mental breakdown badge" before the latter reassured it was about him being too shy to ask out his date, Po wearing an anime-styled wig. The two then decided to help him out.

Mario's and Luigi's attempts

Mario's attempt was to show Shroomy some cards to guide him while talking with Po, but gave too many puns about spaghetti, leaving Po confused. Luigi then kicked Mario aside and had the two go to a tender tunnel, where he told Shroomy to hold her hand. However, the Mushroom started freaking out and ended up ripping her entire arm off, though she didn't seem to mind. Seeing how much Shroomy was failing, Luigi called for backup.

Fishy Boopkins' attempt

Fishy Boopkins' attempt was to make a movie for Shroomy and Po to watch. While Po liked it, Shroomy ran away in disgust, leaving a hole in the theater hall.

Tari's attempt

Tari suggested giving Po a plushie, and thanks to convenience, they found a can smash tent. Shroomy only had enough money for one attempt. Despite Shroomy strategizing where to throw the ball, he ended up throwing it right into Duke Nukem, the guy in charge of the tent. As a result, he gave his corpse to Po, which she liked.

Bob's attempt

In a slushie mart, Bob's idea was showing off how much money Shroomy had (not his badge collection), causing the latter to go up to Po and show off his savings, only to have three dimes. Annoyed, Bob suggested showing off his bedroom, only for it be a pretty bland room with few posters of cats and other miscellaneous items, causing the embarrassed Garo to fling himself out of the window.

Saiko's attempt

Saiko Bichitaru suggested showing how tough Shroomy is, who tried to unleash it on a troll flirting with his date. However, the troll was not really on the talkative side, causing Shroomy to kick the troll in the butt. However, all it did was to get him decapitated.

Meggy's attempt

Meggy suggested to Shroomy to just tell her how he felt about her, but he just could not, so he and his date decided to just be friends instead, much to the dismay of Meggy and the Mario Bros. The episode ends with Luigi and Mario saying that love was both complicated and dumb, with Meggy agreeing.


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  • The Rapper Bob Arc: Shroomy mentions how he used to be a robot when he confronted the troll.


  • Similar to SMG4: MarioTube and SMG4: MarioTube 2, each character has their own segment, with the exception of Shroomy who is the title character as well as the Teletubby who he is in love with. However, it also features characters that weren't present in those videos, namely Saiko, Tari, and Meggy.
  • This is one of the couple episodes from 2019 in SMG4 where the word "f*ck" wasnt said.

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