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Stop It. This is not Okey dokey.
Stop it! This is not okie dokie!
WARNING: This blooper contains scenes of nudity. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

SMG4: MarioTube 2 is the thirty-first episode of Season 7 and the three hundred and fifty-eighth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode is a sequel to SMG4: MarioTube. It was aired on August 6, 2017.


The SMG4 cast's channels have been banned! Now they all have to start new youtube channels... What will they do next!?


The video begins with Luke Lerdwichagul announcing that all channels except for TheAwesomeMario were made up for both SMG4: MarioTube and SMG4: MarioTube 2 and reminded the viewers that if they did see those channels, they are not run by him.

The actual video then had SMG4 doing things on his computer. Suddenly, Mario burst into the room holding a laptop and crying. SMG4 checked the laptop screen and saw Mario's channel banned for extensive swearing. He then told the plumber that YouTube has been adding more strict policies and that he must be more careful. Suddenly, Mario felt determined and would not just let a ban stop him from making another channel. SMG4 then wondered if everyone else also got their channels banned.


Luigi saw that his channel, Weegeepie, got banned because he infringed copyright. However, he was not going to let that stop him from being on YouTube. In his new channel, SUPAH WEEGEE ALERT (NEWS! OMG! :O), Luigi informed his viewers of certain news, in this case, SMG4 dealing with memes, Toad on a rampage, and Mario going on a streak.

For the first news, Luigi told his viewers on how SMG4 was recently dealing memes in the Mushroom Kingdom alleyways. While reporting at the site where SMG4 was last spotted, SMG4 suddenly appeared and offered Luigi some memes. Luigi was suddenly interested and wanted to buy them.

For the second news, Luigi reported on Toad going on a rampage in the Mushroom Kingdom because he was high on sugar. When he managed to get him on the line for an interview, Toad swore at him and said how no one wanted to hear what Luigi wanted to say. Luigi brushed it off like it was nothing and thanked him for the time.

For the third and final news, Luigi reported on how Mario went naked and caused people a kilometer of him to go blind. Suddenly, Mario popped into Luigi's news studio naked and started dancing. Luigi realized that Mario would cause his channel to get banned due to his nudity and quickly tried to get him out to no avail. Soon after, his channel got banned.


Bob was feeling angry that his channel, Super BOB glitchy 4, got banned because of terrorism implication. He suddenly felt like it was nothing as his channel was getting too popular and proceeded to make another channel that focused on his rapping career, Bob Paul (PLS LIKE AND SUB).

In his video, Bob asked the viewers if they wanted to hear the best raps in the world and began rapping. At the end of the rap, Kermit The Frog, Crash Bandicoot, and the Happy Mask Salesman all came out making loud OHH and WOAH noises. However, this led to Bob's channel getting banned for making people's ears bleed.

Fishy Boopkins

Fishy Boopkins was shocked to see that his channel, Fishy Boopkin's Toy Time :D, got banned because it was deemed too cancerous. However, he was not going to be deterred and proceeded to make a new channel which he claimed would do even better than his old channel, Fishy Boopkins Playtime weenie hut jnr fun! :O.

In the video, Boopkins introduced the audience to what he called Fishy Boopkins Play School. For the video, they were going to learn all about animals. In it, he showed the following and made a sound they would normally make:

  • A green T-Rex and a roar
  • A green Tank and the firing of the turret
  • A plutonium rod and the buzzing sound effect, although in this case it also caused Fishy Boopkins to catch fire

Boopkins then asked the audience if they noticed the actual theme and revealed that it was not about animals, but actually colors. He then proceeded to sing a song about the color green, the color for the video's theme. However, at the end of the song, Boopkins suddenly had the color green represent world domination and was happy with it, causing his channel to get banned for attempting world domination.


Wario, in his alleyway house, was mad at YouTube for having his channel, WARIO Invasion, banned for misleading content, as he was using his channel to advertise instead of what the video claimed it was. Wario then made a new channel, Wario Dares - CHECK OUT WARIO'S EMPORIUM WE ... which focused more on Wario doing dares.

Wario welcomed his viewers to his video and announced that he would no longer do any more pranks, but instead, their dares. Wario also declared there would be no more advertisements although one popped up as he said so. He then read some suggestions from the viewers.

The first dare challenged Wario to sing I Will Always Love You while eating the world's hottest chili sauce. He ate the chili sauce and then sang the song albeit with trouble due to how spicy the chili was. The dare eventually ended with him exploding while on a dock and then falling into the water.

The second dare challenged Wario to do cool tricks while riding a shopping cart. He did the dare though failed every real trick. However, he did some fake tricks to make up for that which included: The Cholesterol, The Head Coma, 4 Flying Fat Mans, and The Garlic Breath.

The third and final dare was to have a stable life and source of income, two things which Wario found super hard to do. After reading the dare, he proceeded to break down to the point of collapsing on the floor crying. Wario's channel then got banned because it was too depressing.


Bowser, standing in front of a castle, was shocked to see that his channel, Chef Bowser, got banned because his recipes did not work. Like the others, he was not going to let that stop him from being on YouTube and made a new channel, Bowser Tech reviews.

In the video, Bowser reviewed the iShroom 600. He started off by introducing the product and showing its specifications. He next criticized the number pad, saying that he was not able to use the phone with his large turtle hands. Then, he demonstrated how the phone could be used to make mad beats with the sounds that the phone made when the buttons were pressed and proved it by making Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Bowser then went on to say that the main issue with the phone was the lack of a touchscreen, which meant the user could not play mobile games or see what they were doing. Finally, Bowser said that the phone could also be a good snack due to the design resembling a mushroom and ate the phone. He mentioned how nice the circuits were before realizing that it made his mouth bleed, causing him to resume the video later on.

Bowser then declared that he had enough of reviewing "shitty a**" technology and made the channel a tech destruction channel. At night, he snuck into a tech store and proceeded to trash the place. This led to his channel getting banned for property destruction. The message shown says "Screw you Bowser, why you gotta be destroying s#!t, don't you have anything better to do. You know you're better than this, why you gotta do this? Also why do you have to steal the princess? I mean she's not even that hot like a 1/10 now have you seen Birdo that's some t**** dino @$$ righht there. Uh what was I typing about? I forgot lol. Anyway, my wife left me so I'm stuck here typ".

Peach and Waluigi

Peach Toadstool and Waluigi were sad their channel, PEACHY MAKEUP CRAP, got banned for animal cruelty. Peach then declared that next time, it's hers.

In their new channel, WAAAHTCH-MOjo with peach too i guess, Waluigi introduced the audience to the Top 10 anime fights of all time, with Peach occasionally letting the audience know of her presence.

For number 10 to number 7, they both go through the list normally but at number 5, Peach said that "Guy Vs. Door" sucked and that Barney Vs. Cookie Monster was much better with Waluigi declaring that she sucked at judging. At number 4, as Waluigi was going through that position, Peach wanted to fight Waluigi. Waluigi accepted and they soon fought, skipping number 3 and number 2 to number 1, Peach Vs. Waluigi. This caused their channel to get banned for domestic violence.


Mario seemed to have created a new channel, Mario Vlogs B). In his new channel, Mario showed what his life was and how amazing it was. He started by welcoming his audiences and showing off his dancing skills until the police arrived and started shooting at him, which prompted Mario to retaliate by killing them with an RPG.

As Mario walked away from the murder scene unharmed, he suddenly felt that the new channel was not doing good and that he needed his old one back. Deciding that he must get it unbanned at any cost, he headed to the YouTube headquarters.

Once he got to the YouTube headquarter, he quickly snuck in. He got past the receptionists who were too oblivious and busy in their work to notice Mario. Then, he lowered himself onto the floor but did it badly. As Mario was headed towards the central YouTube channel sector, he noticed two YouTube employees talking to each other, prompting Mario to activate his "Cloak Ability". Although the two employees did see Mario, they did not do anything about it.

As Mario saw the sign heading to the Central Mainframe Servers room and headed to the door, he was interrupted by a YouTube worker, who wondered who was the guy in the building. Mario responded with "I am depressed", which made the worker believe it was true and headed the other way.

Once Mario was inside the main server room, he proceeded to hack it and managed to get his old account unbanned. Feeling proud of what he did, Mario knew the next thing was to eliminate all traces of him ever being there. He took a bottle of water out and washed the server to remove all evidence. However, this caused the server machines to malfunction and then blow up. The video then ended with a message saying that the video 'MarioTube 2' could not be loaded from YouTube's servers.

Deleted Scenes

Please see Mario's EXTRAS: MarioTube 2#Plot for all deleted scenes.


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Music used

  • 00:10 - Petalburg, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
  • 00:17 – Here Comes The Money, Naughty By Nature
  • 00:24 – Monstro Town (My Paradise), Super Mario RPG
  • 00:50 – Angry Bowser, Super Mario RPG
  • 01:00 – Sign Attack, Mario Party 5
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  • 09:00 – Spy Grooves 4, Rannar Sillard


  • As mentioned at the beginning of the video, all channels are fake except for TheAwesomeMario.
  • This is the first video in 2017 to be a sequel of another video.
  • This episode reveals that SMG4 is a meme dealer.
  • This is one of the few episodes in which Mario is smart, though he chooses to dance naked in Luigi's news studio which results in his channel being banned.
  • Fishy Boopkins' song regarding the color green uses the beat from the original Parappa The Rapper's car song, which explains it being credited in the outro.
  • Just like the previous video in the series, this video parodies more viral youtubers:
    • Keemstar's Drama Alert (SUPAH WEEGEE ALERT (NEWS! OMG! :O))
    • Jake Paul (Bob Paul (PLS LIKE AND SUB))
    • WatchMojo (WAAAHTCH-MOjo with peach too i guess)
  • Luigi was the only character whose second channel was not banned because of his own actions. Instead, it was banned because of Mario’s actions.
  • The main cast's old channels getting banned is a reference to MarioTube where they made some mistake:
    • TheAwesomeMario - Extensive swearing, as the content Mario reacted to had extensive swearing too.
    • Weegeepie - Copyright infringement, as his intro was a rip-off of both Jacksepticeye and PewDiePie.
    • Super BOB glitchy 4 - Implications of terrorism, as the movie showed a possible terrorist scenario.
    • Fishy Boopkins Toy Time - Too cancerous, although exaggerated, the content choice was oversaturated on YouTube.
    • WARIO Invasion - Misleading content, as almost the entire video was just Wario self-advertising.
    • Chef Bowser - Your recipes didnt work, as SMG4 had tried to replicate the video but got a burning mess.
    • PEACHY MAKEUP CRAP - Animal cruelty, as Waluigi was shown to have committed suicide, meaning her makeup tutorial would cause other users of the tutorial to also commit suicide.
  • After the rest of the main cast creating their new channels, they got banned later for a reason:
    • Bob Paul - Making people's ears bleed
    • Fishy Boopkins Weenie hut jnr fun - Attempted world domination
    • Wario Dares - Too depressing
    • Bowser Tech reviews - Screw you bowser, why you gotta be destroying shit, dont you have anything better to do. you know you're better than this, why you gotta do this? also why do you have to steal the princess? I mean shes not even that hot shes like a 1/10 now have you seen birdo thats some thicc dino ass righht there. uh what was I typing about? I forgot lol. anyway, my wife left me so Im stuck here typ
    • WAAAAAAHtchmojo with peach I guess - Domestic violence
      • Mario Vlogs B) wasn't the one who got terminated for a reason.

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