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SMG4: Mario And... The Well is the forty-eighth episode of Season 8 and the four hundred and fifty-fifth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode is the first episode of the The Rapper Bob Arc. It was aired on November 3rd, 2018.


Little Boopkins is trapped in a well! What will everyone do to get him out?


The video starts with SMG4 laying in a pile of gift cards. Mario wanted to know where he got them, and SMG4 revealed they were from the video's sponsor: App Bounty, an app where you can do missions such as downloading other apps and playing them to earn points which you can exchange for gift cards.

The actual episode starts with Bob staring down a well and fleeing in panic. Mario was strolling along humming happily when he heard a cry for help. Mario brushed it off until it went off again, causing Mario to rush over to the abandoned well. Mario thought it was Satan, but it was really just Fishy Boopkins. He and Bob were playing until Boopkins fell down the well. Mario offered help in the form of a shovel and told Boopkins to "dig up."

As the two questioned the scientific logic behind the solution, SMG4 showed up wondering what was going on. Mario explained that Boopkins fell down the well and cannot get out. SMG4 suggested he just dig his way up, while Boopkins, who was understandably frustrated, threw the shovel at Mario's face. SMG4 decided he would fish Boopkins out, and threw the line down the well. Noticing the sharp fishhook, Boopkins refused to touch it. SMG4 demanded that he took his help and chased the poor Spike with the rod for a short time until he caught Boopkins. As the dramatic reel-in ensued, it turns out SMG4 actually caught a boulder which hit him in the penis and knocked him over.

As SMG4 recoiled from the pain, Luigi ran over having heard everything and was there to help. Promising Boopkins it would not hurt, Luigi took out his Poltergust 3000 and set it to HyperDrive mode. He warned Mario and SMG4 that it would get spicy before hitting a button that says "NUT." Unfortunately, not much happened due to the distance between Luigi and Boopkins being too great. SMG4 and Mario simply watched dumbfounded as the Poltergust "warms up." Just then, Bowser appeared out of nowhere and told Luigi he needed to be closer before grabbing the green-clad plumber by the legs and dangling him in the effort to reach Boopkins, but the well was still too deep.

Mario rooted for his brother despite the efforts being in vain, when Tari walked by and noticed what was going on. SMG4 told her Boopkins got his a$$ stuck in the well, much to Tari's shock. Bowser then gave up and told Boopkins to dig up before leaving. Tari sent a care package to Boopkins to keep him alive while they figured out a plan to get him out. Despite the package hitting him as well as Tari's sudden apology, Boopkins was overjoyed at the gift, especially when he opened it to reveal a 4KHD flat-screen and enough anime to satisfy any anime fan. Tari phoned for help, which surprisingly came in the form of Jeeves and Shroomy. Tari claimed their street smarts should be enough to help them out.

Shroomy warned everyone to stand back, as it could get intense. Mario, SMG4, and Luigi stepped back as Shroomy lowered a rope down to the little green Spike. Boopkins attempted to climb the rope, but his arms were too stubby to climb it. Shroomy asked if Boopkins tried digging up but Boopkins was visually and understandably not amused at this point, causing him to reply that he had. Jeeves said he would round everyone up and they would pull him out. Bowser, Luigi, SMG4, Mario, Tari, Jeeves, and Shroomy pulled as hard as they could, and things were finally looking up for Boopkins. However, Mario noticed a shiny quarter on the ground, and he just could not resist. Unfortunately, in the two seconds he went to grab it, everyone else lost support as Boopkins fell to his doom within the well and died, or so everyone thought, as they were seen visibly upset while Toad acted as the officiant for Fishy Boopkins's "funeral", despite Boopkins' sudden claim that he was still alive.

Just then, a horn blared as a fire truck arrived at the scene, with none other than Saiko Bichitaru and Meggy aboard. Meggy declared the Woomy Brigade was here, and Mario was impressed at the fact Meggy was a firefighter and asked where she got the truck. Meggy was initially hesitant to answer, so Saiko bluntly admitted they stole it despite Meggy insisting they "borrowed" it. Meggy then hopped down and grabbed the hose, claiming they would be forgiven as they helped for the greater good, to which Saiko unenthusiastically cheered. SMG4 was unsure of how the hose would help Boopkins, but Meggy explained her plan: fill the well with water and Boopkins would float right up. Luigi was impressed and called Meggy a genius. Saiko suddenly announced that Boopkins died, much to Meggy's shock. Turned out Meggy was not counting on Boopkins eating a lot of rocks before falling in the well, though at least Boopkins was still alive.

Mario has lost hope, but SMG4 had a last resort. He quickly scribbled a wanted poster with a cash reward to anyone who helped Boopkins. Luigi was doubtful, but as soon as SMG4 put up the poster, help came rushing in from all sides; turns out a lot of people wanted the money (even though it was only 2 coins). FightingMario54321 was there with the police squad, as well as X. Yoshi, Wario, and Waluigi, who all wanted the money as well. People were stampeding to help Boopkins, and chaos ensued.

FightingMario54321 had set up a barricade so the police could do their job, but most of them have drowned, being unable to dive so deep. Donkey Kong ran over him, and offered Boopkins a banana chain, but Toadsworth crotch kicked him and brought out a ladder. He was then knocked out by Po's crowbar, but before he could do anything else, Professor E. Gadd flew in on his jetpack and knocked him out while doing a double middle finger. Yoshi then ate him and prepared a shovel for Boopkins to dig up before an FBI agent tackled Yoshi. Everything was out of control while SMG3 simply read the paper by a cement mixer when he was grabbed by a crane operated by the Wario Bros., who cackled at his misfortune, but comeuppance was quick in the form of Steve, who destroyed their crane and proceeded with his own plan: drink up the water. X decided he had seen enough and left.

Jeeves remarked that it was quite a pickle when suddenly Bob returned in a helicopter despite not knowing how to fully operate it. Boopkins was surprised to hear Bob's voice, as he was not expecting Bob to return. Bob knocked Old Man Hobo, Shy Guy, and FightingMario54321 away with the ladder and lowered it into the well, allowing Boopkins to climb out at last. Boopkins was grateful for Bob's help, who replied: "aNytHinG foR mOneY." But then he sheepishly admitted this was his way of returning the favor of saving him from getting purged. Everyone cheered for Bob and his selfless deed, and Bob finally TRULY knew what it felt liked to be liked. Bob advertised his new mixtape on SoundCloud to the viewers before taking Fishy Boopkins home.

As everyone watched the duo fly off into the sunset, Chris and Swagmaster69696969696 popped out of the bushes where Swagmaster noticed the fire truck he stole from the government (which Meggy and Saiko stole from him). He asked Chris if he should tell them he replaced the water with vodka, but Chris said not to and let everyone be happy.


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  • This episode has many characters who make cameos in the final few minutes, some having not shown up in months.
  • This episode is the first episode since WOTFI 2018 not to even mention the Waluigi Arc.
  • This episode marks the return of FightingMario54321 and Nintendofan997. Swagmaster and Chris also returned since Guards N' Retards: The Vacation.
  • The hose Meggy used appears to be exactly like the L-3 Nozzlenose.
  • The actual reason Boopkins did not float to the top of the well when Meggy filled it with "water" was that said "water" was actually vodka (as a result of Swagmaster replacing the water with said liquid in the stolen fire truck), which has a lower density than Boopkin's body, making it so that he sunk in the vodka filled well. This may also be the reason the guards "drowned" as they were in fact intoxicated from the large amount of vodka.
  • It is unknown how Meggy can use a fire hose, considering the same scenario in Mario Waits For Pizza.


  • Holes - The thumbnail for the video with Mario, SMG4 and Meggy looking down a well bears a striking resemblance to the theatrical poster for Holes, a 2003 live-action film created by Walt Disney which is based on the 1998 novel of the same name.

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