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Stop It. This is not Okey dokey.
Stop it! This is not okie dokie!
WARNING: This blooper contains scenes of horror violence, peril and brief nudity. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus is the thirty-second episode of Season 8 and the four hundred and twenty-fourth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

The T-Pose Zombies make their debut. It was aired on August 4, 2018.


SMG4 and his friends have been subject to a T-Pose Plague... can Mario survive in time to save his friends?


We're all going to die!


The episode begins in Peach's Castle with Mario annoying Toad as usual, with Toad even commenting that he wanted to die while Luigi was playing with his dolls by having them in an explicit position. SMG4 however, was looking out through a window. Luigi then asked what was he looking at and SMG4 replied that he noticed that Shroomy had been stuck in a T-Pose for a long time now. Luigi wondered if it was a new kind of yoga but SMG4 thought that that kind of yoga was very strange and went over to check him.

Luigi then called for Toad and Mario, who although was angry that he was being interrupted from his dinner date with spaghetti naked, agreed to come over. Luigi showed what SMG4 was doing and Mario happily reported that he "is being a bird with Shroomy!" Upon hearing that, Luigi realized with horror that SMG4 had also become just a T-Posed person.

Suddenly, both Shroomy and SMG4 turned around and started approaching the castle, freaking Luigi out and worrying Mario. As Luigi barricaded the doors, Mario reassured it was nothing when suddenly, one of the T-Posers made a hole in the door, freaking Mario too. Thinking quick, he threw Toad through the hole and reassured that Toad would solve the issue, just for him to become T-Posed too. Screaming in horror as the T-Posed characters, which now included Po, Shrek, and another character, headed their way, both Mario and Luigi headed upstairs.

In the upstairs room, Meggy, Bob, and Fishy Boopkins were playing Yu-Gi-Oh! with Meggy thinking they were either playing Go Fish or the Pokémon Trading Card Game and Bob thinking they were playing Poker. Just as Boopkins reiterated that they were playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, Mario and Luigi burst into the room panicking. Meggy thought they could play for her but instead, they ran all the way to the next room upstairs. Soon after, the T-Posers showed up through the door, with both Meggy and Bob confused as to what was going on.

Boopkins was oblivious to the danger of the T-Posers and asked if they were here to see his Yu-Gi-Oh! collection but instead, they attacked him. Meggy was worried for him while Bob recorded the whole thing. Soon after, Boopkins became a T-Poser too. Meggy asked Bob to help her defeat the T-Pose Zombies but instead, the Garo went to join the Mario brothers, forcing Meggy to deal with them on her own. Although she easily knocked them down, she realized with horror that they were unaffected as they proceeded to gang up on her as they prepared to make her one of them.

Upstairs, Luigi was panicking as to what they had to do with Mario saying they were all going to die. Bob suggested setting the castle on fire but Luigi disagreed because they were their friends. Mario suddenly remembered about Meggy and said she could handle them but when he peeked through the door, he realized with horror again that she became a T-Poser too, causing him to faint. Bob then asked if that was the time to set the castle on fire. Luigi and Mario quickly tried blocking the doors as more T-Posed characters, including one of the Koopa Bros., Toadsworth, Birdo, and Ronald McDonald struggled to get through the barricaded doors.

Bob decided to ditch the Mario brothers and headed to the roof, but not before praying for them after Mario complained of him ditching them. As Mario got distracted by Bob, the T-Posers burst through, including a Knight character. The Mario brothers then headed up the roof, being chased by the T-Posers that now included Bowser, a Tostarenan, and another character. As they tried to budge the door, they realized it was locked.

It turned out Bob had barricaded the doors with random objects. As he commented on his genius plan on how all the girls have no choice but to have babies with him due to being the last male alive, he looked from the roof to realize that several toads, Whomps, Koopa Troopas, Dr. Eggman, Shy Guys, Monty Moles, another Birdo, another character, and SMG3, who were all T-Posed, were waiting downstairs, causing him to realize that he was trapped.

As Mario continued to struggle opening the door, Luigi quickly looked around to find a fire extinguisher. He tried to throw it at the head of one of the T-Posers, that included Donkey Kong, but it did nothing to halt the horde. Luigi cried thinking they were goners but Mario told him to stop crying and help him open the door. As they tried, Bob said they should not bother as he claimed they were too many T-Pose zombies on the roof.

Luigi cried that they were going to die with more T-Posers including a Kamek, Kratos, Zangief, Link, Colonel Sanders, Mega Man X, and Hagrid were fast approaching them. Bob, however, wanted them to stop complaining so he could read in peace. Angry, Mario activated his "Fat Powers" to break through the door. it worked but while Mario and Luigi celebrated, the T-Pose zombies, which included Heavy Weapons Guy, grabbed Luigi and slowly turned him into one of them, much to the horror of Mario as he could not do anything.

Bob complained that now, the T-Posers were able to get onto the roof and asked how could the world survive if he died. Mario though, furious for Bob's negligence resulting in his brother killed, pushed Bob to the edge. Bob said it was a prank and that he still had a lot of girls to love and money to make but Mario was not buying any of that and kicked him down to the ground where all the T-Pose zombies, including another character, were waiting, where Bob's last words were: "Bury me in women." After dealing with Bob, Mario turned to realize with horror that the T-Pose zombies were upon him, which now included Funky Kong, Kermit The Frog, and Rayman. He tried to go back but when he saw below several more T-Pose zombies, which now included Falco Lombardi, Slenderman, a cat-like humanoid, Sans, an anime schoolgirl, Mr. Bob, another character, a bird-like character, a video game character, a character covered in blood, another Heavy as an investor, Santa Claus, Godzilla, Master Hand, a Shy Gal, and a character in a blue jacket, Mario realized he was done for and that he never got to eat the golden spaghetti.

Unexpectedly but fortunately, Princess Toadstool arrived in a helicopter armed with a machine gun, who then fired away 1-Up Mushrooms at the T-Pose zombies, saving Mario. She then fired another burst at another group, although had to repeat due to Yoda not being fully knocked down. Any T-Pose zombie who got hit returned to normal with Bowser wondering what was going on. Peach than told the Koopa Troopa pilot to drop the 1-Up Mushroom bombs. The outcome slowly returned all T-Pose zombies back to normal with Masterhand and SMG4 confused as well, Luigi being happy, and Meggy seemingly injured.

Once all the T-Pose zombies were back to normal, the helicopter landed on the roof and Mario was confused as to how she knew what to do. She replied that being the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, she had to know what caused the T-Pose outbreak and showed a T-Pose Shroom, the source of it. She then furiously asked who idiotically ate it, causing everyone to look at Shroomy, who recounted how he became a T-Pose zombie.

In a flashback, Shroomy was having his stroll in a forest when suddenly, he came across Waluigi armed with his staff of rejection which he mistook for a wand. Waluigi then used his rejection powers to make the T-Pose Shroom and ordered Shroomy to eat. Shroomy thought of it and decided to obey the command, causing Waluigi to laugh evilly.

The flashback ended with Shroomy apologizing for the entire ordeal. Luigi wondered what was Waluigi's motive for the T-Pose Shroom, Bowser and Meggy suggested finding and beating up Waluigi, and Mario was glad that everyone was ok. Boopkins though suggested that they should look at his card collection, causing Mario to ask who wanted to do anything but Boopkins' suggestion, causing everyone else to cheer for Mario's decision. They quickly boarded the helicopter and left Fishy Boopkins, who then dejectedly looked down.


Major Characters

Supporting Characters


  • Luigi Dolls (played with by Luigi and as the first barricade)
  • Thwomp (used as part of the first barricade)
  • Po (appears as himself and as a Nintendo employee as T-Pose zombies)
  • Shrek (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Toadsworth (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Koopa Bros. member (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Birdo (two appears as T-Pose zombies)
  • Ronald McDonald (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Unknown Knight Character (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Tostarenan (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Shy Guy (species) (appears as T-Pose zombies)
  • Monty Moles (appears as T-Pose zombies)
  • Whomps (appears as T-Pose zombies)
  • Dr. Eggman (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • SuperMarioGlitchy3 (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Toad (species) (appears as T-Pose zombies)
  • Donkey Kong (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Colonel Sanders (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Kamek (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Snoop Dogg (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Hagrid (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Zangief (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Kratos (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Link (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Mega Man X (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Heavy Weapons Guy (two appears both as T-Pose zombies, one in his regular outfit and another in his business suit)
  • Kermit The Frog (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Funky Kong (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Rayman (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Master Hand (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Falco Lombardi (appears as a T-Pose zombie)
  • Sans (appears as a T-Pose zombie)



  • This is the second chapter of the Waluigi Rejection Arc.
  • The episode is probably set after the blooper SMG4: Waluigi’s Time since at the end of the episode Waluigi gets angry for being rejected again. It can be inferred that Waluigi decided to take revenge to everyone with the T-Pose Virus.
  • Toad mentions about what Waluigi did to everyone in this episode in SMG4: The Mario Café.
  • The T-Pose Shroom and virus were later present in SMG4: The Mario Convention when Waluigi disguised himself as Hideo Kojima. However, in that video, the 1-UP Mushrooms could not be used to cure the infected, as Waluigi gained more power and made the virus incurable (the only way to undo it was to give the infected a 1-UP Mushroom). At the end of the episode, Waluigi uses the T-Posers as his army, with his goal being to make the Mushroom Kingdom feel the misery he felt his whole life. The only way to undo the virus in that state was to destroy Waluigi's scepter, as shown in War of the Fat Italians 2018.

Music used

  • 00:07 - Super Pipe House, Super Mario RPG
  • 00:27 - Element Palace, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
  • 00:46 - So, What’s The Plan?, A Hat In Time
  • 01:41 - Game Won, Dr Luigi
  • 01:57 - Goomba Village, Paper Mario
  • 04:25 - Splattack!, Splatoon
  • 06:22 - Main Theme, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
  • 08:29 - Ending Theme, Super Mario World
  • 08:58 - Super Mario 3D Land Snow Overworld 8 Bit (Snowball Park), Bulby
  • 09:43 - Good Luck!, Mario Party 3

NB: most of the unidentified tracks are probably indie action/rock tracks


  • This episode was inspired by the SMG4 tour's crowd, where a number of fans T-posed in the crowd. Working on the plot of the episode, Luke and Kevin came up with idea as 'what if it was a zombie apocalypse?'
  • This is the third SMG4 video to place a greater emphasis on horror rather than comedy, the first being SM64 Bloopers: Can the Villager come out to play? and the second being SMG4: Doki Doki Mario Club.
  • This is the first time Waluigi is shown taking an actively villainous role.
  • Master Hand is technically responsible for the events that happened in this episode due to rejecting Waluigi as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which causes him to take a villainous role. However, Fishy Boopkins was also responsible as he was the one who suggested Waluigi trying to persuade Master Hand to make him a playable character in Ultimate in the first place.
  • The T-Pose virus is a reference to two Zombie franchises.
    • The name is based off the T-Virus from the video game series, Resident Evil.
    • The way the virus is spread is based off the Solanum, a virus from the World War Z novel.
  • This is the fourth time that Luigi Dolls were placed in a sexually explicit position.
  • Mario cares for Luigi in this episode, which is a rare instance as they have a competitive relationship that gets in the way of their emotions.
  • The Yu-Gi-Oh game is possibly a Yu-Gi-Oh Top Trumps as at one point Fishy Boopkins says “Trump Card” about the card game. He also mentions "Exodia, The Forbidden One", a rare card puzzle that when completed, grants the player infinite power and they defeat his/her opponent by saying "Exodia, Obliterate!".
  • Fishy was trying to seal Exodia, which is impossible to do, as when players get Exodia, they randomly win the game.
  • Despite being in the thumbnail, Wario does not appear anywhere in the episode.
  • According to Luke and Kevin in The Waluigi Arc Explained, in the original ending of the episode, Shroomy just finds the T-Pose Mushroom in the forest; Waluigi was never intended to show up in the first place. Ultimately, they decided to "play on it" and bring him in to start the apocalypse.
  • The beginning of the video is very similar to R64: Mario's Spageti Delivary.

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