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WARNING: This media contains scenes of Gun violence, Mild Language, "Death". Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)
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SMG4: Mario Battle Royale is the ninth episode of Season 8 and the TBA overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on March 3, 2018.


It's an all out Battle Royale between Mario and the ENTIRE SMG4 cast! Who will be the last one standing?


We're screwed.

—, SMG4

The episode begins with almost the entire cast in an airplane where they're about to enter a new Super Smash Brothers game. Mario is excited and asks Luigi, to which the latter states that he hopes that this game will be less violent than the last one, prompting Mario to insult him by asking if "he's f*cking gay". Master Hand then shows up in a monitor screen and reveals to the participants that this Smash game is a battle royale where all of them have to kill each other and the last player standing wins, much to Luigi's dismay. After giving them all some parachutes, Master Hand orders them to jump off onto an island, which they do, starting the game. Mario activates his parachute, but due to his obesity, the parachute is ripped off and he ends up landing hard on the ground, hurting his leg in the process.

While walking around, Mario discovers Kirby chasing King Dedede with a gun, to which Master Hand reveals that there's a lot of weapons hidden around the island. After Kirby shoots down and eliminates Dedede, Mario starts panicking as he "didn't sign up for this crap". After numerous other players also get eliminated, Mario goes to a nearby house, where he finds a war helmet and a sniper rifle, only to be ambushed by SMG4. Panicking, the red plumber begs SMG4 not to kill him and offers to give him his clothes or even be his meatshield, but the youtuber states that he doesn't want that and that he only wants to win.

Unfortunately, they end up pinned down by Tom Nook. Thinking quickly, Mario takes him out with his sniper rifle. Impressed, SMG4 tells him that maybe they should team up to take out other players, but Mario obviously refuses due to his laziness, until SMG4 tells him that there is the possibility of food on the way. After walking out of the house, the duo meets Luigi, who asks to team up with them. The duo, however, shoots him down instead, eliminating him. They eventually go across a forest, where Mario tries to find loot from other players' corpses, but fails miserably, until he finds a car.

Meanwhile, SMG4 finds Toadette being threatened by Bowser, Crash Bandicoot, Ganondorf, and Dr. Eggman, and attempts to help her, only for Mario to show up in his car and run over Crash, eliminating him. Toadette thanks Mario for saving her, only for the red plumber to run her over and steal her loot crate. The others, however, shoot the car down, making Mario unable to "feel his ass". Furious, SMG4 tries to shoot Bowser, Ganondorf, and Dr. Eggman down, only for them to take shelter inside Bowser's shell.

After hiding in a bush, SMG4 scolds Mario for nearly getting themselves killed, but Mario tells him that he should have thanked him for getting them some loot. After opening the box, they discover various weapons, including a grenade, a missile launcher, and a shotgun, and use them to their advantage by blowing Ganondorf with the grenade and shooting Eggman in the crotch. However, when Mario attempts to kill Bowser with the missile launcher, the Koopa King instead breathes some fire into the air, causing the missiles to redirect towards the duo, and SMG4 realizes the missiles are heat-seeking. The missiles then explode, gravely injuring them both, but before Bowser can finish them off, an electric forcefield shows up and disintegrates him, much to Mario's and SMG4's shock.

Master Hand then shows up and tells the duo that they better get their "asses" moving if they don't want to die. As the duo run, Link and Kermit The Frog engage in a swordfight, only to be caught by the forcefield. Mario then finds Yoshi gravely injured, but instead of helping him, he steals his hammer. Yoshi angrily demands Mario to give him some water, and the plumber agrees and throws him into a lake. Unfortunately, the forcefield reaches the lake first, and Yoshi is eliminated. Meanwhile, Toadsworth is about to eat a sandwich, only to be blown up and eliminated by Shroomy. he is then attacked by Wario and Waluigi with their mech from SMG4: Doki Doki Mario Club. Before they can even attack, however, Iggy Koopa shows up with an Optimus Prime-like armor and starts taunting them. Unfortunately, Toad shows up in a gigantic mech and eliminates all of them.

Meanwhile, Mario is too tired from running but eventually, he and SMG4 find another car. However, before they can use it, Bob and Fishy Boopkins knock them down and steal the car. Angry, the duo chase after them, only to be attacked by Boopkins' former girlfriend Saiko Bichitaru, who is angry at them for what they did to her in SMG4: Doki Doki Mario Club. Fishy then tells Bob about how they might win the battle royale, but Bob says there can only be one winner and kicks Boopkins off the car into a ravine, with Boopkins holding onto a stick to survive. Bob then taunts everyone, only to run into Toad's mech, getting himself eliminated. Meanwhile, Saiko is still trying to kill SMG4 and Mario, only to discover Boopkins in danger, and attempts to save him just so she can kick his ass later. Mario however, kicks them both into the ravine, eliminating them both.

With the forcefield closing in (as well as causing the eliminations of both FightingMario54321 and X), Mario and SMG4 then find a field covered by a fence and Mario gives a boost to SMG4 so he can get in. However, he asks SMG4 how he's going to get in, only for the Youtuber to reveal he ditched him to die in the forcefield. Angry, Mario uses the hammer he stole from Yoshi earlier and destroys the fence, where he engages SMG4 in an epic fight. It ends with him shooting and eliminating SMG4 with a pistol after tricking him with a pistol firing a blank. Master Hand then declares Mario the winner and gives him some chicken dinner as a reward. He then declares the next round started, and revives everyone, all of them furious at Mario, much to his shock.

KOs and Deaths


Main Characters

Minor Characters

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Music used

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  • For some reason, Luigi's status of being killed by SMG4 and Mario does not show up in the killfeed.
  • Toad's status of being killed by the forcefield is not reflected in the killfeed.


  • After Kirby eliminated King Dedede, Mario breaks the fourth wall by being able to notice the killfeed.
  • This is the first time an SM64 model is used for Bob.
  • Despite the video's description saying that the entire SMG4 cast is here, there is an extreme lack of characters like Meggy and SMG3.
  • For some reason, Kevin Lerdwichagul managed to kill his younger self near the start of the match, which would have resulted in him dying via a time paradox. This is not reflected in the killscreen.


  • This video is based on Fortnite for the game mode and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for the chicken dinner.
  • The infamous "There can only be one" line from the 1986 film Highlander is said by Bob.

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