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SMG4: Mario Goes to the Fridge to Get a Glass Of Milk is the first episode of Season 9 and the four hundred and seventy-second overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is also the first video of 2019. It was aired on January 19, 2019.


When Mario wants to drink milk, he realizes that there is no more in the refrigerator, so he goes to the market to buy more, but things don't go as usual.


Toadette will kill me if I don't return home with some milk.


The episode starts with Mario eating his plate of spaghetti. Then feeling thirsty, he proceeded to get some milk. However, he discovered that he had no milk in the fridge, causing him to head to the grocery store.

At the store, Toadsworth was pushing his cart around when he got run over by Mario with his kart. Feeling happy, he looked around and saw a ladder. With his stupidity, he kicked it, even though he saw Shroomy at the top of it. Unfazed, Shroomy asked Mario what he needed with Mario replying he needed some milk. Shroomy pointed to him the direction to the milk section which so happened to have one last carton, much to Mario's excitement. However, just as he was about to take it, another hand also grabbed it, which was revealed to be Toad. They naturally fought over for the carton when it flew from their grasp and hit Shroomy. As he was telling them to pick it up, it blew up, changing his mind. They (of course) cried and were about to shoot at each other, but security showed up to kick them out.

Outside, they lamented for no milk as Mario would have nothing to drink while Toad worried how Toadette would kill him if he did not return home with some milk. Suddenly, a milk truck driven by Luigi passed by the grocery store, causing them to get excited. As Luigi was driving by, he suddenly saw them mad for the milk so he quickly accelerated away from them. They quickly got some rope and Mario told Toad to stay still and hold on tight while he would lasso Toad onto the truck. That opportunity came in the form of red light, causing Luigi to be worried.

Suddenly, the light became green, allowing Luigi to speed away even though Toad was already on the truck by then. Just then, Mario managed to get himself on the windscreen, freaking Luigi out. This caused the truck to spill its entire content. Now worried about his milk, Luigi wondered what to do, knowing that he would be fired from his job for screwing up on his first day. Mario, who did not listen, suggested heading to the Moo Moo Milk factory Luigi got his job from and taking the milk there, much to Luigi's shock. However, Toad was supportive of the idea.

Later at the factory, Mario, wearing a milkman cap, was supposed to go into the factory as the new milkman although he remarked it was supposed to be a robbery. In it, he was amazed by the factory and was about to take a bottle for himself when the alarm triggered. Several employees came out to suppress Mario for attempted stealing. As the factory boss wondered what was going on, went downstairs. Mario was surprised to see the boss be Jeeves and said he was getting some milk to deliver. Jeeves believed him and handed him a crate for delivery. Just then, Toad and Luigi were thrown in by an employee for espionage. Realizing what was happening, Jeeves wanted them dead for attempting to steal from his factory. As they made their escape, Mario pushed Luigi to stop an employee from stopping them, just for him to become a box when he bounced off the employee.

As Toad was surrounded, he tried to threaten them with a milk bottle, but it naturally failed. As Mario was running away (although in place due to being on a conveyor belt), an employee came up to intercept him. Just then, he freaked out and somehow, his cage ended up landing on a button, causing the belts to speed up. He then was launched onto a tank, knocking it down. Enraged, Jeeves sent all three into a truck before driving them to another location.

At the said location, revealed to be a cow farm managed by Steve, Jeeves said that they had until nightfall to make back all the milk they destroyed or else before driving away. As Toad was about to take some milk from Steve, the latter aimed a shotgun at the mushroom and silently threatened to shoot him if he took the milk. Once Toad moved away, Steve went back to playing his banjo, although Toad was now traumatized. Luigi then decided to get milk the normal way.

He went to one of the cows named Bessie and charmed her into letting him milk her. Mario found another cow and tried to order a glass of milk from it, which of course failed. He then slapped it, only for it to give out spaghetti. Surprised, he gave it his cap and worshipped it. As Toad was about to use a plunger (in order to "milk" it so hard), he heard a Policeman cow nearby, forcing him to give up this idea and make a run for it as several more policemen cows came by to pursue him. Luigi was having a nice chat with the cow he charmed early, telling her to take her time.

At nighttime, Luigi was having dinner with Bessie, though he realized he was not getting much milk. He hoped that Mario and Toad had him covered, just to realize that Mario was busy praising the cow he came by while Toad was now in a cage for being a pervert. As Luigi reeled in horror over having no milk, Jeeves returned hoping to see a tank full of milk. Not having any of Jeeves' punishment, Luigi ran but was easily caught up by Jeeves who proceeded to spank him. However, before that could happen, Bessie angrily transformed into a cow demon and declared that she hated Jeeves for always milking them to death and then hurting people who showed them some love. She then declared an uprising where all the cows revolted. Knowing he could not win, Jeeves got his employees to help him and soon, with some metal music played by Steve, a short war commences.

As they were about to make their escape, Toad went past the van to get some milk, as he had no intention of leaving the farm without getting any. Suddenly, Jeeves showed up behind him angered and was about to attack. Fortunately, the demon cow showed up and kicked him away, allowing Toad to escape with the crate he wanted. As Luigi was worried for Bessie, she temporarily changed back to her regular form before waving goodbye to him. Just then, Steve rose and declared that war "never changes", implying he was going to come back for revenge.

The trio then finally arrived at the Mario Bros. residence, where they carried the case of milk to the couch as the three sat down. The episode ends with Mario asks if they wanted some yummy milk, but in light of everything they had gone through and experienced, all Luigi and Toad could do was inconsolably moan.


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  • At 5:07, the milk guards change their color from white to blue until Jeeves gives the order to chase after Mario, Luigi, and Toad.


  • This is the second video to take a basic concept and turn it into chaos, the first being SMG4: Mario waits for pizza.
  • This is the first season premiere to not include Fishy Boopkins after his debut.
  • The Moo Moo Milk truck driven by Luigi is actually a reskin of an existing Gmod truck, which all was needed was to replace the Stancenation skin from the vehicle and replace "Stancenation" with "Moo Moo Milk" and "Form > Function, lowered and have "Fresh As F*ck" replaced with "Salmonella Guaranteed". The original truck can be seen here.
  • This is the second episode, to include the Mr. Game and Watch censor. Except this time it is only heard partially and censors the words "F#ck" and "Bitch."
  • In Toad's refrigerator when he mentions "Toadette is gonna kill me if I dont return home with some milk.", there is a bottle of bleach on the bottom shelf referencing Toad being a selfish, suicidal man as he likes to call himself.

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