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SMG4: Mario Preschool is the twenty-first episode of Season 8 and the TBA overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on May 26, 2018.


Youtube's been cracking down on the SMG4 channel and now Mario and friends have to run a KIDS EDUCATION show...


The video begins with Mario riding a giant robot. SMG4 then turned around to see him messing with it. Once he confirmed the robot was from the game War Robots, he kicked Mario out of the mech suit and explained to the viewers what the game was all about. Once he told the viewers to check the game out, the Glitchy Boy intro plays out.

However, just as the SMG4 cap from the logo shows up, SMG4 appeared and stopped the video. With that, he explained to the viewers that YouTube had been more strict with channels with crude humor and swears. He did not want his channel to be taken down because of it and as such, decided to make his channel an education kids channel to teach preschoolers. Mario suddenly appeared from behind questioning the idea, just for SMG4 to tell him to shut up.



Bob's story took so long that the babies grew "old"

Bob asked if the babies were ready for Storytime and began to read The Book Of Bob. Baby Luigi asked if they could read another book, but Bob shrugged him off and began reading the story. However, due to its length, the video was cut to the end of the story, where he ended the story with him killing SMG4 and becoming the new main character. Bob then told the babies that there would 300 more books to read. However, during the story telling, both babies became old due to the book's length.


Luigi asked the babies if they were ready to learn shapes. He started by teaching how a circle and a triangle looked like. Then, he drew a pentagram, which summoned the devil. Instead of trying to kill them all, however, he simply greeted Luigi. The green plumber greeted him back and said that he was just teaching the babies shapes. The devil then showed Luigi his shape in a hole game to help in teaching the babies shapes. However, Luigi eventually got arrested off-screen for making a demonic ritual.



Spletzer attempts to question Fishy Boopkins' logic, but fails.

Meggy asked the babies if they were ready to paint. Once the babies said yes, she took out a giant Inkbrush and leaped into the air. However, Fishy Boopkins interrupted her due to what he deemed her action dangerous. Although Meggy tried to convince Fishy Bookpins that he should not act like a child and that the babies would be fine, he countered by saying he was a child, shocking Meggy with the logic. Defeated, she had to let Fishy Boopkins do the teaching, where he convinced everyone to do finger painting, which the babies all happily agreed to.

During the finger painting session, which had Meggy understandably bored and disappointed, Fishy Boopkins showed her what he made, a painting of him shipping himself with Hatsune Miku, which terrified Meggy with the mere thought that there were people who would ship themselves with anime characters. Suddenly, a shipping policeman appeared to arrest Fishy Boopkins for committing a crime against humanity (his ship of himself and Miku in this case). Fishy Boopkins then lied about Meggy making shipping fanfictions to get away, much to her dismay as she got arrested. However, his escape was short-lived as there were more shipping policemen ready to arrest him.

Stranger Danger

Bowser tried teaching the babies on what not to do when they saw a van with "Free Candy" written on its side but it went horribly wrong which resulted in a joyride to a city street. It was already bad for Bowser who had to bring them back to preschool but it got even worse when a policeman drove up beside him at a red light. Bowser tried to pass it off as just taking the babies to school, but the policeman was not buying it, causing the Koopa King to get arrested.

Doing your Taxes

Yoshi was teaching the babies on preparing for their future, which included paying taxes. Yoshi then told the babies that actually, doing their taxes was very easy as all they had to do was to not pay and hide from the police, as he had done that very easily. Just after he said that, the police came into the building and started shooting at him. Yoshi quickly escaped from the building through the window but was apprehended off-screen.

Arts and Crafts

Steve taught the babies how to craft things and opened a portal to the Nether. Unfortunately, many of the babies were killed by various monsters and Baby Luigi fell into lava, but Steve was too busy crafting to pay attention to them.


Mario was teaching the babies all about animals and brought a box full of chickens as an example of an animal. However, he realized he forgot about breathing holes for the chickens but had a backup plan, Sebastian the cow. He asked the babies what sound a cow would make but they were all wrong. Frustrated, he tried getting Sebastian to make a "Moo" sound but caused Sebastian to fall over and cry. SMG4 then wondered how Mario got the animals which he replied that he stole them, resulting in several policemen immediately coming to arrest Mario for theft.

Cyber Safety

Tubbie Boi was teaching the babies all about cybersecurity, which included what dangerous meme dealers they must look out for and call their local police if they saw such meme dealers. Apparently, SMG4 was an example, frightening him into keeping a low profile. He tried to sneak out of the room but bumped into a Toad, who alerted the police to come and arrest him.


With everybody (except Bob and Steve) in jail, SMG4 decided to go back to crude humor and foul language.

The episode ends with Bob reading his autobiography to everyone, causing them to panic.


Main Characters

Minor Characters


Music used

  • 00:00 - (quiet music in E b Major during War Robots ad)
  • 00:49 - (sad music in c minor when SMG4 suspends usual show)
  • 00:58 - (Twinkly Music in A Major when SMG4 presents)
  • 01:12 - Stage Clear (Gold Medal) - Kirby's Epic Yarn
  • 01:16 - (twinkly story in D Major when Bob presents story)
  • 01:28 - DSi Shop Theme
  • 01:44 - The Legendary Hero, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
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  • 09:33 - Inside The Castle, Mario Party 3
  • 10:01 - Rococo Rondo, Spongebob
  • 10:21 - Local Forecast – Elevator, Kevin MacLeod


  • This is the first blooper to feature a new SMG4 logo.
  • This is the second video where SMG4 has promoted War Robots.
  • The premise of YouTube cracking down on raunchy channels is probably a parody of the SML incidents and other channel's videos being taken down.
  • Yoshi teaching about paying taxes (during which he encourages the babies to commit tax fraud) is a reference to the meme where Yoshi commits Tax Fraud.
  • Meggy getting weirded out at Boopkins' ship painting could be a gag on the infamous Mario x Meggy ship.
  • It is unknown why Steve didn’t get arrested after he got so many kids killed. However, it is possible that the cops couldn’t find him in the Nether.
  • During the "Stranger Danger" segment, Bowser's subtitles are in the normal Super Mario 256 font instead of the font (Mostly) used for this video, which is the Casual font.
  • According to Bob, his "book series" has about 301 books, which is impossible, as the only types of books that can reach 300 are comics.
  • The crimes that Luigi, Fishy Boopkins, and SMG4 committed as well as the crime Meggy was accused of (demonic rituals, fanfiction, ships, and dangerous memes) are not actually crimes in real life. This was probably to add comedic effect.
  • Ironically, Mario would go to school himself in the next episode despite being an adult.
  • Fishy Boopkins was the only member of the main cast who was a student instead of a teacher.
  • Bowser and Meggy were the only characters that were sent to jail that were innocent of the crimes that they were accused of.
  • Luigi was the only character to be arrested offscreen.
  • Footage from SMG4 PLAYS Merio Nerntendoes 4 is seen.
  • This is the final time The Police appear in their original model. From SMG4: The Mario Café onward, they use a new, updated model.

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