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SMG4: Mario Saves Anime is the fifteenth episode of Season 9 and the four hundred and ninety-fifth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is the seventh and final episode of the first half of the The Anime Arc. It was aired on April 27, 2019.


It's time... time to unban anime.


"Anime is dangerous and the kingdom is better off without it!"

—Peach Toadstool

The episode begins at Mario's House, where Saiko Bichitaru can be seen with her hammer, Tari playing a game while her rubber duck can be seen peeking over her shoulder, Meggy polishing her Spattershot just as Luigi brings cookies, Fishy Boopkins reading an anime magazine while Bob is sniffing the magazine for the "anime tiddies", and Mario sleeping in his bed while Axol and SMG4 are going over their plan to unban anime. Axol states that the plan was complete and asks who's ready to unban anime. Saiko rushes up with her hammer and states that she's ready while knocking Bob over in the process. However, Axol doesn't approve of Saiko's hammer, saying that it was violence that got anime banned in the first place and says that he has a different plan. Handed some paper, Axol taps it twice with his Inkweaver and soon, his plan is shown.

He says that all they have to do is to get him in front of Peach Toadstool, the leader of the A.S.S., so he can convince her to unban anime. SMG4 then states that it's not possible, saying that there were many A.S.S agents protecting her, using Swagmaster69696969696 and Chris as examples and says that Axol can never get inside with his "1 IQ" anime characters. Axol then says that SMG4 underestimated his potential and says that Inkweaver is capable of any anime character he draws, drawing and summoning Monkey D. Luffy from the One Piece series. Axol says that the anime characters' intelligence and lifespan depend on the quality of the ink he uses, as Monkey D. Luffy screams, saying that he has cancer before falling and disintegrating with Mario saying that it was perfect. Axol states that if his plan is going to succeed, he needs better quality ink, like from his hometown, Inkopolis, surprising Meggy as she didn't know that Inkopolis was his home. He then started a dramatic backstory as all the lights except one on Axol dim, where Mario says, "Ooooohhh... Very scary." while holding some popcorn. Axol once again taps the floor with his Inkweaver twice and a flashback begins.

In Inkopolis, young Axol can be seen drawing some anime characters. The present Axol stated that Inkopolis was a harsh place for anime lovers as two inklings can be seen laughing at young Axol for drawing anime as for the fact that they and all inklings hated anime. He then tells them not to f**k with him as he says that he has the power of God and anime on his side, but gets shot by ink soon after. Tari and Boopkins then stared at Meggy who was also an inkling and hated anime. She then shrugs and assumes it's in the inkling species' DNA to hate anime. In the flashback, young Axol then created Inkweaver so that he didn't need friends because he had anime. Boopkins then states that he also knows that feeling.

Axol says that with his current, low-quality ink, he's only using 5% off the Inkweaver's power, so he needs some of Meggy's ink in order to use 50% of the pen's power. Meggy refuses at first, but remembering that Saiko couldn't stay because of the ban, she was forced to comply. She transformed herself into a squid and produced a puddle of orange ink on the floor. This amazed Luigi, Tari and her duck, and Axol, but angered Mario as that they got "paint in the goddamn house". Meggy returns back to humanoid form, slightly dizzy, holding a container of orange ink. When Tari asked if she was okay, Meggy responded saying that she hates doing this.

After being handed the container of ink, Axol states that inkling ink was so hard to come by in Japan before putting it in Inkweaver. He then proceeds to draw Monkey D. Luffy again who this time, was in the mood of killing (the Ho). Axol states that it's near perfection while Mario states that this is boring. Boopkins and Bob instantly start asking Axol to draw them some anime waifus before Saiko kicks the two, saying that Axol needs the ink and that if he draws Boopkins' and Bob's waifus, he'll waste some. Luigi asks Axol what's the first step and Axol says that they'll need some extra hands while drawing a mustache and beard on a picture of Peach. Axol asks Saiko if she's mentioned the Anime Cartel and Saiko proceeds to whistle for them as they and Francis bash through the door.

Saiko says that they are going to help Axol get anime unbanned. Upon hearing the name "Axol", the Anime Cartel then freezes in shock. It revealed that they also knew Axol as for the fact that they surrounded him and started asking/telling him personal questions/comments. In an effort to stop the cartel from swarming Axol, Mario jumps into his furnace, which is apparently his "Weeaboo Protection Chamber", which in turn, caused SMG4 to get angry at him. In order to get the cartel away from him, Axol then draws Krillin on a piece of pinned paper. He then charges up a shot and blasts most members of the cartel away, reducing Parakarry to something like roast chicken. Francis, a Goomba, a Boo, and a Koopa Troopa were the only ones who survived, but they wanted to know how he brought Krillin to life. Boopkins then says that Axol can bring anime to life, causing the four to bow to Axol, saying that they weren't worthy (how ironic). The Anime Cartel were soon under the obedience of Axol.

The scene cuts to a heavily protected Peach's Castle. Mario, Boopkins, and Axol can be seen spying on them on a hill via a binoculars and Mario states how small the guards looked a distance away, SMG4 then goes to the castle with an A.S.S insurgent truck, and is interrogated by an A.S.S officer to see if he was SMG4 (since he's wanted for smuggling anime (Saiko) to Japan). Seeing that he was, SMG4 quickly got the entire cartel out of the van, causing the entire A.S.S. forces to deal with them, allowing the others to sneak past them.

Mario, Fishy Boopkins, and Axol attempt to sneak their way into the castle via Tari's instructions. However, Mario attempts to leak into the fountain, and an agent catches him. Fortunately, Meggy has a sniper on her side, in this case, the agent was soon knocked out. Even so, Mario quickly dashed with the others into the castle. Once in, Tari radioed Luigi that it was time for his part.

Responding to the call, Luigi acknowledged her. Accompanied by Bob (they swam through the water which Bob found disgusting in order to enter the underwater door of the castle), they both got ready to place some TNT.

Meanwhile, as Mario, Boopkins, and Axol were sneaking in the main hall of the castle while it was guarded by Swagmaster, who was singing Baby Shark. Unfortunately for them, the guard suddenly saw them and attempted to kick their anus. Boopkins hoped that Luigi and Bob were ready to blow up the floor which after a delay due to Bob, whom had misplaced the detonator and couldn't find it, Axol used his pen to knock off Swagmaster and when he got up to try to kick their a**es again, Mario knocked him down again. Fortunately, Bob found the detonator and both he and Luigi retreated, causing Swagmaster to fall into the new hole. With all agents taken down, Mario, Bob, and Boopkins headed to Peach's room.

As Peach realized that it was Mario who was behind the entire operation and declared that the Mushroom Kingdom was better off without the anime which she deemed was dangerous. Axol then had Boopkins to show her that anime isn't dangerous and can be for good as well in the form of a song.

Eventually, Peach sees the truth in that anime can actually be nice to have and said to have lived her whole life without anime, even feeling the need to learn Japanese. She then proceeds to thank Axol for opening her eyes, and with a snap, unbans anime and disbands the A.S.S.. Naturally, Chris finds Swagmaster who said he wasn't feeling good and subsequently "died" when the badge on him disappears. Of course, after Chris comments that they no longer have a job, Swagmaster jokes on how Chris could go back to doing inappropriate activity for another old job just to be punched by Chris. With anime unbanned in the kingdom , Axol declared that he had to leave now that he had accomplished his goal. Despite his departure, Meggy loved how this had a happy ending and that they should focus on the Splatfest, completely unaware of the events that are to follow...


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  • In the video, Tari mentioned that she spent 10000 hours playing Metal Gear Solid. This is mostly unlikely because Tari would have been too young to play the series, as most games of the series have a minimum age of 17 in order to play. Although her age is yet to be confirmed, in a very recent video, called Tari’s Live Stream - Animated Short - META RUNNER, she does mention the number 18, meaning that she could possibly, at this this time be 18 years old. And considering that 10000 hours equals at least one and a half years, she probably started playing the series at the age of 17 years.


  • Aladdin: The song used is A Whole New World, albeit slightly modified to fit the context of the episode. This is also a possible reference to the remake that to the film that came out 27 years later on May 2019.
  • Avengers: Infinity War: Not only does the episode show Peach using the snap to disband the A.S.S, making it a homage to the ending of said movie but the line Swagmaster said to Chris: "Mr. Chris, I don't feel so good..." before having his A.S.S badge disappear is also a homage to the line Peter Parker said to Tony Stark: "Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good...".

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