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SMG4: Mario The Boy Scout is a blooper made by SMG4.


Mario wants to become a Boy Scout and collect all the badges. With the help of Shroomy, Bob, Fishy Boopkins and Toad, he might get all of them?


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The episode begins with Mario walking around naked in the forest while filming the second episode to his wilderness survival series, apparently as a tactic to scare off bears. He is suddenly interrupted when he hears a rustling sound from nearby. Thinking that it's a small animal, Mario pulls out a sniper rifle and perches himself on a ledge to scope out the source of the noise. However, he is disappointed to find that it is actually Bob and Fishy Boopkins, who are trying to start a fire.

Boopkins spots Mario, who covers up his actions with the gun by saying that he was looking for Luigi. Fishy Boopkins said to Mario that there doing boy Scouts Mario was not interested, until he seen a badge, Mario said that he can start a fire too. He grabbed a flamethrower and putting the trees on fire.

Shroomy tells Mario that he did a good job and he will tell Viktor to give him a badge. The next scene begins in the camp with Viktor Smokavič introducing himself and telling the scouts that they did a good job on the first day of scouting. He also tells them if they hurt forest with fire, he will have to hurt them with fire. After that Mario gets scared.

He gives Boopkins and Bob a badge for safely starting a fire. He gives Toad a special badge for trying to escape twelve times. Toad tells him that he just came to use bathroom. Viktor tells Mario he was told that he started a good fire and gives him a badge. He tells the scouts that maybe, one day they can be as good as Shroomy. HE tells Viktor that he has only 300,679 badges. Viktor tells the scouts that if they want more badges they should take the BadgeDex.

The 4th badge is to pitch a tent.

Only Shroomy actually did it, others were just doing random retarded stuff. Viktor says that it is beautiful in his ears as he watches them.



  • The Mario Channel: Mario Vs Wild- Mario calls back to this episode in the beginning, as he initially tries to create a second entry to "Mario's Guide to Surviving in the Wild."
  • The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE- "Mario the Boy Scout" serves as a somewhat sequel to this episode, as it aired one week later and provides a proper introduction to the character of Shroomy.
  • High School Mario- The infamous school bell from this episode makes a return.


  • In this episode, we discover that Shroomy has over 300,000 badges.
  • The Bob in this episode uses the Hoshigakure forehead protector, an unknown village of the anime Naruto.
    • The model used is from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
  • This is Fishy Boopkins's 20th appearance, Bob's 19th appearance, And Shroomy's 2nd appearance.
    • At 1:04-1:09, You can see Bob in the background (between Mario and Fishy Boopkins) getting caught on fire.

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