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SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer is the thirty-fifth episode of Season 8 and the four hundred and twenty-eighth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

Tari makes her debut in this episode. It was aired on August 25, 2018.


Mario has had enough of being beaten by SMG4 at video games and embarks on a journey to become... the Ultimate Gamer.


The episode starts with Mario and SMG4 standing outside the castle War of the Fat Italians style before charging at each other and switching to the Garry's Mod 2D ragdoll modeled combat. Turned out both of them were playing Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. where eventually, SMG4 defeated Mario. It also turned out that Mario lost to SMG4 for the 20th time with SMG4 mocking Mario just sucked at gaming. Mario had enough of losing and said he was going to train to become better than SMG4 before leaving the game room, although the latter was laughing as he brag that Mario would not keep to his words.

Turned out SMG4 was right as Mario could later be seen eating ice cream at the mall which he treated as hard training. He then heard some commotion and headed to the source of it to find a huge crowd at a game store surrounding Bob and Tari as they were about to begin playing Super Smash each other in the ass Bros.. When Mario asked Fishy Boopkins who was also part of the crowd, the spike responded saying that Bob challenged Tari to a game of Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. and that she was also one of the best players of the game in the world. Bob proceeded to taunt Tari saying that girls were bad gamers. When the round sounded, Bob, who chose Dr. Eggman as his character said she, as a Yoshi in the game, would never defeat him but was proven wrong when she easily knocked out Dr. Eggman, causing the crowd to cheer for her. Tari then smugly left, with Bob saying that he only lost because he went easy on her and wanted a rematch. Impressed with her easy sweep over Bob, Mario wanted her to teach him how to be good at the game and went after her. After getting her attention albeit spooking her a brunch, especially when his head just appeared out of the drink vending machine, causing her to be blasted onto a snack vending machine which gave her a free bag of chips, she introduced herself as Tari as a way of thanking the plumber for letting her have the free chip. Mario wanted her to teach him how to not suck at video gaming and at first, she declined due to claiming she only played for a living. Mario insisted, reminding her of her total victory over Bob, who came over to tell Tari to "Suck a dick." before leaving. Once he begged her, she relented, saying that she will try to help train Mario. When she said that, he went super ecstatic, to the point he was dancing naked. A Goomba walked by but was shocked to see him naked. Tari then told him that she did not know Mario, which was true since she only just met him.

As they were walking down a hallway, Mario asked what secret techniques would she teach but Tari said she needed to know how good Mario's skill was. with that said, they headed to the arcade to test Mario's capability. In it, she and Mario began a game of Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. where Mario just mashed buttons. Tari, as Yoshi in-game, timed when to hit Mario and proceeded to instantly knock him out. Mario reacted to the lost badly but Tari said that she had an idea and headed to it, although Mario proceeded to flip her off behind her back. They went to a Whack-A-Mole game called Whack A Luigi that had the Luigi Dolls as the moles.

Mario did not know why she suggested that game but Tari responded saying that he needed more than just button mashing skills and that she needed Mario to focus. Mario hated being told to focus because he was always focused, although, in his mind, he was focused on Baldi doing the Fortnite Dance on a spaghetti background. Tari decided to believe him and started the machine for Mario to play. Mario, determined to win, proceeded to repeatedly hammer the machine in the bid to hit the Luigi Dolls. However, he was too focused on the game to take notice Tari telling him to stop, forcing her to find a quick solution: In this case, Popo's "ice cream", which was actually a Freezie, and throwing it at him, causing Mario to be encased in ice. Not only was Mario now frozen, but he also scored 0 points. Tari then reminded Mario to focus, which he finally did by clearing his mind of Baldi dancing and spaghetti. When he did that, he managed to hit the Luigi Doll a few times consecutively. Tari was happy that Mario got the idea of focusing and told him that they could move onto another game but as she was on the panel, Mario accidentally smashed her face.

The next game was a crane game. Tari said it was her favorite game and explained that it would help train hand-eye coordination, accuracy, agility, and a chronic gambling addiction for kids. Mario, uninterested at first suddenly wanted to play the game badly due to seeing a partly eaten pizza in the crane game, although Tari suspected that someone might have dropped it in the box. He tried grabbing the pizza a few times but gotten a Thomas the Tank Transformer, Shy Guy, and Pengaz. Unhappy with what he got, Tari encouraged him to focus. He did that and the crane smashed through its box to grab Toad. Toad was suddenly shocked to find he was grabbed by a crane and proceeded to hold onto a nearby arcade machine to not be dragged any further. Tari, realizing the situation, used another crane to help Mario grab Toad.

Tari had one more lesson for Mario. Mario thought it would be a super secret technique but Tari said it was even better. They could later be seen at a park with Tari feeding some (Duck Hunt) ducks. Mario was confused as to how this would help him be a better gamer but Tari replied saying that it was important to stay calm before a match. When she turned to ask if the ducks agreed, one of them, which crept up to eat the bread Tari was offering had now bitten into her arm, causing her to flail in pain.

Mario did what she said and found that her wailing in pain was actually pretty relaxing. With that, Tari concluded the training and Mario felt ready to fight. He asked her to come with him to defeat SMG4 but she declined, saying she had to feed the ducks. He thanked her for the help and went off to face SMG4. She then felt relieved as she did not want to meet new people, recalling the earlier incident at the mall and that she was happier where she was. While she said that, both of her hands were bitten by the ducks, causing her to be in shock.

Back in the castle, both Mario and SMG4 had a rematch. Mario did better than last time but SMG4 still had the upper hand. Mario then remembered Tari's words on focusing, just to really hear those words. He turned around to see Tari telling him to focus and that she came to cheer for Mario, just to fall down an unstable, collapsing support platform.

With that, Mario suddenly improved drastically, shocking SMG4 into doing even harder. However, at the last few seconds of the match, Mario delivered a finishing blow to SMG4, winning him the game. SMG4 became morbid that he lost while Mario was super ecstatic that he won. SMG4, crying to the door knowing that Mario would not let this go, suddenly saw Tari at the door, who quickly left. Mario however, dragged her back into the room to comment on how he won thanks to her training. Tari then saw SMG4 sad because of his recent loss and asked him if he wanted to play for fun, which he agreed to. The video ends with SMG4 and Tari playing Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. and Mario flaunting his victory over SMG4 at him and even going naked.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor characters


  • Koopa Troopas (part of the huge crowd)
  • Goomba(s) (part of the huge crowd, as a witness to Mario's nudity, and as a stack playing some arcade games together)
  • Monty Mole (part of the huge crowd)
  • Dr. Eggman (appears as Bob's choice of character)
  • Yoshi (as Tari's character in Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. and as a doll SMG4 was holding)
  • Donkey Kong (appears at 5:09 in a Donkey Kong poster)
  • Pauline (appears at 5:09 in a Donkey Kong poster as her 1980s version)
  • Baldi (appears as what Mario is actually focused on)
  • Ice Climbers (appears at 5:56)
  • Freezie (appears at 5:56 as the Ice Climbers' ice cream)
  • Boo (appears at 6:42 in the background)
  • Birdo (appears at 6:42 in the background)
  • Bowser (appears at 6:46 as a bootleg prize)
  • Pikachu (appears at 6:46 as a bootleg prize behind a Luigi Doll prize)
  • Chicken (appears at 6:49 as a bootleg prize)
  • Waluigi (appears at 7:00 as a background shadow)
  • Thomas the Tank Transformer (appears at 7:13)
  • Shy Guy (appears at 7:15)
  • Pengaz (appears at 7:19)
  • Snowmen (appears at 7:47 in the background)
  • Lakitu (appears at 8:03 in the background)


  • SMG4: Stupid Paper Mario: SMG4 can also be seen playing a crane game trying to get Thomas the Tank Transformer, although in that game he failed badly while Mario did get it his first try.
  • SMG4: Mario SAW: Mario mentions the game "Super Smash each other in the ass Bros." when the person wearing Majora's Mask (Waluigi in disguise) asked if the duo wanted to play a game.

Music used

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  • 00:19 - (8-bit version of Guile’s Theme)
  • 00:37 - Goomba Village, Paper Mario
  • 01:15 - Break The Targets , Super Smash Bros Melee
  • 01:37 - Bonus Stage, Super Smash Bros 64
  • 02:01 - (funk in e minor when Tari fights Bob)
  • 02:38 - Potion Shop (parody), SilvaGunner
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  • 11:07 - (happy fiesta when Mario parties)
  • 11:19 - (peaceful song when Tari and SMG4 play for fun)


  • At 9:48, Mario's health bar was near empty but at 10:13, it was back to nearly full health. Then at 10:16, it suddenly drained to half his health bar.


  • The game SMG4 and Mario is playing is a parody of Super Smash Bros. (Super Smash each other in the ass Bros).
Mario The Ultimate Gamer 098

Waluigi's shadow seen spying on Mario and Tari

  • At 7:00, a shadow of Waluigi can be seen spying on Mario and Tari.
  • The sound Mario makes in the scene where he puts his eyes near the screen in order to concentrate while fighting SMG4 in the game is taken from the Academy Award-nominated short film Rejected.
  • This is Shy Guy's first speaking appearance since The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE nearly a year prior.

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