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SMG4: Mario University is the forty-ninth episode of Season 7 and the TBA overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is the sequel to SMG4: High School Mario. It was aired on December 9, 2017.


Mario and friends are inspired by SMG4's majestic speech at college and they decide they all want to give college life a try!



The video begins with SMG4 giving a graduation speech about him getting the degree of memeology. He recommends everyone to go to college but everyone is disinterested about going to college. SMG4 then said that one can get money from going to college.

This caused everyone to get interested, so they all went to college. Meggy is the last one out and is the only one who decides to apply with the actual interest of pursuing her dream career.

Computer Science

This class consist of Luigi, a Lakitu, a Blooper, a Boo, a Bob-omb, a Mr. Blizzard, and a Mechakoopa. In it, the lecturer Kamek tells the students to begin by opening the computer up. Luigi freaks out and over complicated this course as fixing a dangerous launcher. He then presses a button and it turns on. He then got very arrogant and kept saying "I'm the Best" all over the class.


In this class consisting of Mario, Meggy, Waluigi, and Steve as the students and Kermit The Frog as both the Judge and the lecturer, it begins with Kermit accusing Mario of raiding the school cafeteria fridge. Mario said it isn't him but Waluigi said that he is lying. Meggy then came saying that there is no proof of that happening. Waluigi quickly responds back by showing a tape of evidence at the court. The tape showed a clip of a silhouette that looks like Mario knocking over the Cafeteria fridge and raiding it. Kermit then tells the students that clear evidence has been made, causing some discussion and for Kermit to order silence in the court. Mario mistakes the meaning of this order and thinks he is ordering food, causing Kermit to tell him to shut up.

Then, Waluigi tells Kermit that Mario is obviously the culprit. Meggy then steps in saying there are clear flaws. She re-shows the clip and notices that the Mario silhouette threw away a plate of spaghetti, Mario's favorite food. She then explains that Mario wouldn't throw away a plate of his beloved spaghetti, clearing his innocence. She remembers that there was one other Mario-shaped person at the university during the raid. The culprit turns out to be SMG4 and he is shown eating the cafeteria food. SMG4 then fled the scene. Kermit tells Meggy that she had passed this practical exam (where she thanks Kermit in return) and then asks if anyone would get SMG4.


This class, consisting of Mario, a Goomba, a Koopa Troopa, and a Monty Mole, has them going on a field trip to a hospital. In one room, Po is giving birth to Baby Mario. In another room, another doctor tells Soldier that he has terminal seven brain cancer, and although he states that he doesn't know what terminal seven brain cancer is, he knows that it is bad. Soldier then makes a weird face while sad music plays in the background, only for him to state that he has no permission to die and starts dancing to Demi Lovato's I Will Survive. Suddenly, his head falls off, causing him to says "Aw shit".

While giving a speech to the students, Medic suddenly gets a stroke (although it appears to be a heart attack) and needs another doctor. Mario decides to use this moment to prove himself. As Dr. Wily came running through the door, Mario hit him, take his clothes and hides his body. He then shoves pills into the patient's mouth, choking him to death. He believes that he saved the Medic so he created a fake degree to become Dr. Mario.


In this small class of Peach Toadstool and Shroomy, the whole class was misbehaving badly. There is a Buzzy Beetle throwing a can of Pepsi. Then suddenly, Monty Mole threw a brick at Boo. Boo became invisible and dodged it, causing it accidentally hit Bob-omb. Bob-omb got mad and hit Monty Mole back. The teacher freaks out and tells Peach and Shroomy to teach the kids in order to pass the exam. As they agreed, she got happy and ran out of the room, happy that she is away from the kids. Shroomy asked who's ready to learn but when he tried teaching them, the kids started throwing stuff again. Buzzy Beetle then threw a grenade, which Shroomy kicked the grenade out. It landed near the teacher which blew her up. Shroomy freaked out since he can't deal with all the students so he asked Peach for help. Peach tells the student to shut up and if they don't she will give them discipline and slap them across. Goomba pushed across her dress so she yelled at Goomba with a mean stare that he will get additional slappings. A few more stern words, everyone finally behaved, allowing Peach to teach them.


In this class consisting of Wario, Bowser, and Pyro, it begins the professor talking about "Bunch of bullsh*t". Wario and Bowser got bored and threw a desk at the professor. The professor got mad and tell them to come to the board and teach about business if they know that much about it. Bowser then punches the professor and Wario explained to the class that business is all about hustling leading the students to hustle and cause mischief around the town.

Garbology (Study of Garbage)

In this class consisting of Bob, a Goomba, and Shrek, it has Bob feeling very excited. The teacher explained the three types of trash known as regular, recyclable and one "Very Rare" kind of trash, that coincidentally, looked like Bob. Bob thinks that the "Very Rare" trash looks like him and thinks that they are both relatable. Then, the teacher saw Bob, shocked to see the "Very Rare" trash. The teacher asks Bob if he is the "Very Rare" trash he just talked about. Bob says that he is the "Very Rare" trash and the teacher wants him to tell the class about the types of trash. Bob raps about the types of garbage and revealed that he sleeps in a dumpster.


In this class consisting of only Toad, Toadsworth is surprised to see Toad in a giant mech. He then slowly backs-up. This part is as long as a Ssenmodnar skit.


In this class consisting of Fishy Boopkins and the avatars from Animal Crossing, the students are starting class to inspect some rocks. However, Fishy Boopkins ate the rock his teacher, Ms. Hoover, gave him so she got him another one. After 354 more eaten rocks, Ms. Hoover got annoyed and scolded him to not eat the last rock she has. Despite all of his warnings, Fishy Boopkins eats them anyway and the teacher starts freaking out. The segment ends with Fishy Boopkins asking another student if he wants to eat the rock he is currently inspecting.


My fav ending

Graduation photo

Everyone was graduating. They all danced in joy until Bob asked where the money was. Everyone looked at SMG4 where he said: “Did I mentioned you also need a job?” This causes everyone (Excluding Meggy and Shroomy) to freak out and attack SMG4. Kermit then decides to take a graduation photo. Meggy and Shroomy are facing the camera while everyone else is running towards the camera.


Main Characters

Minor Characters



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  • Kermit The Frog listed Mario as one of the students that did exceptionally well in their course, even though he did not since he failed to save Medic.


  • Kermit The Frog breaks the fourth wall by saying that the students "graduated within the last 9 minutes of this video".
  • If you listen carefully when Meggy says: "Objection!", a bit of voice acting can be heard. Presumably, ChobbyToast (Ellyn Barclay) provided said acting.
  • This episode reveals that SMG4 has a degree in Memeology (the study of memes).
  • Waluigi being the prosecutor is possibly a Reference to Super Mario Attorney, though this may just be a Coincidence.
    • SMG4 being the culprit is also a possible to Reference as in Super Mario Attorney, as he was accused of stomping a Goomba.


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