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SMG4: Mario VS Donkey Kong is a blooper created by SMG4 on September 16, 2017.


Mario travels through town, the deep DK jungle and a very familiar place all in order to rescue Pauline who has been kidnapped by Donkey Kong!


The video starts at the Mushroom mall where Peach and Pauline are catching up while doing a shopping spree. Pauline asks how Mario has been doing, believing he has been doing many heroic things lately, but Peach just agrees sarcastically.

Meanwhile, Mario and SMG4 are in the Mall arcade playing Jurassic Park: The Game (Meme edition). Toad comes over asking them to leave since they've been playing the game for 1 week straight, but Mario starts yelling at him saying they're so goddamn close to beating the high score. The 3 start arguing while Donkey Kong passes by, seemingly working as a mall cop.

DK walks down the Eastern walkway of the mall, and all of the sudden spots Pauline. The sight of her makes DK's dong grow 12 levels, and he runs up and kidnaps Pauline. As DK attempts to escape, SMG4 notices him kidnapping Pauline, and tells Mario to go check it out.

Mario refuses. However, Peach comes over and tells him that if he doesn't do anything, he won't get dinner tonight. With no other options, Mario leaves to go after DK, while SMG4 grabs his playing gun and continues to play the game solo.

DK starts running down the street with Pauline. Mario pursues him, so DK throws a bunch of junk like a trash can, an old man, and bench and a vending machine at him. DK hijacks a car, and drives down the street, passing Luigi, who just thought he took too many shrooms. Mario drives by in his kart, and flips DK off while arming himself with a rocket launcher. DK in rage, uses Pauline as a meat shield, and she begs Mario not to shoot her. Mario doesn't listen however, and he ends up hitting Pauline more than he does DK. With his stolen car destroyed, DK continues to escape on foot.

Mario starts nearing DK in his kart, but just as he's about to reach him, DK throws a banana peel which causes Mario to crash into a mask shop owned by the Happy Mask Salesman. Peach arrives with the Policemen, telling them to capture the monkey, but they mistakenly attack Mario who got a monkey mask stuck on his head. DK sees his chance, and simply sneaks away while the Police are beating up Mario.

Several Policemen attack, but Mario sneaks out of the fight as more join and forget who the target is. Now that he lost DK, Mario has no idea where to go, until he sees a sign that says "DK house, not this wey". Mario's stupidity makes him gullible, but he then spots a bunch of banana peels leading toward the direction and goes down the path.

Mario arrives at the Kong Territory, being guarded by Lanky Kong. Mario thinks that getting in is too easy, so he simply jumps over the wall taunting them, saying they ain't gonna do sh*t. Several sentries and 2 other Lanky Kong's come out and aim their guns at Mario. The next scene is cut off, but let's just say Mario is then burned and has hundreds of bullet wounds. Mario is about to give up, but then spots Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong and has an idea.

Dixie and Kiddy make it to the entrance, and Dixie asks Lanky if they can come in. While Lanky looks at both of them, making sure they are Kongs, Mario kidnaps Dixie and tries to replace her with a decoy in order to pretend she also wants Mario to come in. The plan fails however, and Lanky Kong smashes Mario's face flat. Thinking there is no other way to get it, Mario then spots Diddy Kong pushing a cart of bananas, and jumps in it pretending to be one.

Diddy Kong gets the cart inside, and as he's about to get a banana for himself, he spots Mario wearing a banana suit, who tackles him afterwards. Mario then takes off his banana suit and whistles, grabbing every Lanky Kong guard's attention. He then shoves Diddy Kong into his banana suit, and throws him into view, causing all the Lanky Kong's to attack him while Mario sneaks past.

At DK's house, Pauline is being tied up into a chair with ropes. DK goes over to his toy chest, and brings out a bunch of toys for Pauline. Pauline notices that DK doesn't want to cause any harm, and considers the idea that maybe he isn't that bad after all. Mario, in the bushes nearby, pulls out his binoculars and notices Pauline and DK playing in DK's room, assuming that he's slapping her.

Mario breaks into the house and pulls out a crossbow threatening to kill DK, but Pauline tries to calm Mario down, saying that he just wants to be her friend. Mario doesn't listen, and shoots an arrow straight into DK's a**. DK gets even more pissed, and the two start having a sissy fight while Pauline decides to leave while still tied up.

After Pauline leaves, the two stop fighting, and agree to have a truce. DK takes a NES out of his toy chest, and the two start to decide which games they should play. Mario then pulls up Donkey Kong: The Game, saying he loves the game, but the sight of it gives DK flashbacks, and he runs off. Back at the Mushroom Mall, Peach and Pauline attempt to go back to their shopping spree, but Donkey Kong comes back and kidnaps her again.

Mario chases after DK to a construction site, and DK climbs to the top. After he makes it to the top, DK calls for help from his friends, and Funky Kong, Chunky Kong, Lanky Kong, and Diddy Kong all show up in different construction vehicles. Funky Kong attempts to hit Mario with his wrecking ball, but he accidentally gets the ball into Lanky Kong's cement mixer, which makes it swing around, splashing cement everywhere. Some cement gets onto Mario's feet, and he is stuck to the ground while Chunky Kong attempts to run him over with his bulldozer.

However, before the bulldozer reaches Mario, some cement gets onto Chunky's head which makes him blind, and he runs into Diddy Kong using a jack hammer, and then into Funky's wrecking ball crane, causing almost all of the vehicles to explode. Diddy's jack hammer lands next to Mario, and he uses it to break free from his cement prison. With all the other Kongs gone, Mario now has his eyes directly on DK, but all DK does in response is flip him off.

Mario runs over to DK's side of the tower, which has the exact same setting as the original Donkey Kong game. DK summons some barrels, and starts throwing them at Mario as he jumps over them with ease. Pissed off, DK starts throwing other random crap like a Thwomp, KFC chicken bucket, Muk, and a random dog.

This knocks Mario off of the tower, and Mario gets so pissed that he pulls out his hammer and starts breaking the stuff DK throws. Mario nearly makes it to the top until DK throws an explosive barrel which exploded when Mario hit it with his hammer. Mario starts raging and shouting "FUUUUUU" until he spots a convenient elevator. Now with an easy way to get up, Mario rides the elevator and challenges DK to a duel.

Mario and DK start to fight, taunting each other and threatening until both of them throw Pokeballs. Mario's Pokeball contains a Mini Mario, and DK's a Mini Donkey Kong. The two toys start to clash with Mario and DK chanting for them, but Mini DK knocks out Mini Mario. Mario gives up and makes a deal with DK, saying that DK will let Pauline go in exchange for Peach due to the fact that Peach is denying Mario's dinner. DK agrees to the deal, and the 3 leave the construction site.

Back at the mall, Mario is back to playing Jurassic Park: The Game (Meme edition) with SMG4, when Donkey Kong walks by with Peach in his arms. SMG4 asks if Mario heard anything from Peach's screaming, but Mario tells him to just ignore it, and the two get back to playing the game.



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Music Used

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  • The name of this blooper is a reference to the Mario VS Donkey Kong video game series.
  • This marks the first time Pauline has appeared in SMG4's bloopers
  • Things that were at Mario: A Thwomp, a Nintendog, a red shell, a KFC bucket, a spiked Ball, Muk and Kirby.
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