Blooper Information

SMG4: Mario Vs Steve is an SMG4 blooper uploaded on March 10, 2018.


Prepare for one of the most epic battles you’ve ever witnessed...


Mario is just walking down the city streets until he took a look outside of a video store, which one of the TV's displaying a trailer for Minecraft. Mario said it sucks right behind Steve, angering him. They both did the fight stares before they engaged into a 1v1 fight, Steve charged at Mario, breaking the window behind Mario and punching his face, he counters it by kicking Steve back and throwing the broken TV's at him, dodging most but one. Steve then throws one back at Mario's crotch, stunning him for a few seconds and Steve had a chance to spin around Mario and throwing him into a street light. Later scrolling through the background as the two hand on hand fistfight on each other and Steve ran into Waluigi selling his tacos.

Steve later then uses him as a sword, and Mario found his brother, Luigi, going into a sword fight, Steve later knocks Luigi off Mario's hand and Steve did his final move with Waluigi, Sending Mario down a red pipe, and Steve followed him into the sewers. Landing into a tub of Spiky Shells Mario set up, he taunted him. Steve charges again, but hits a wall, giving time for Mario to flee, hiding in one of the six pipes, and doing some tricks at Steve, until he had enough and found a block containing a fire flower, and set flames to the pipes, and Mario is set ablaze, having Steve taunt him back. Mario extinguishes himself and sent both of them out of the sewers with their kicks.

After landing into a current, they are still not done yet with the madness, they fought, until the rapids come in, because the rapids are so strong, it sent them in infuriating speeds, giving Mario a chance to punch Steve into a big rock, but isn't done yet, Steve then appears at a hill, and leaps at Mario, into the bottom of the ocean. Mario throws a fish at Steve, then comes armed with a swordfish, but it wasn't until Mario got a pufferfish and landed into Steve's face in absolute pain, but it wasn't until Steve throws an electric eel, taunting Mario yet again. Until a silhouette of a big whale came in and ate the two.

Inside the wailord's mouth, they had the chance to make the fight continue. Steve grab a hold of a bone, only for Mario to take cover behind the wailord's uvula. Steve struck it and sent Mario down to its esophagus, but luckily, the whale barfed out the two before the can land into its stomach and turn into whale shit. Landing on a beach nearby, Steve wakes up and finds Mario to run off from the beach. He then dresses up into a commando and is ready to strike. Meanwhile, Mario is taking cover from Steve. But hears strange noises coming from the coastal forest, Mario wanted to flee, but Steve caught up to him, ready to throw his spear, and spammed it all the way, Mario took cover again, and threw a rock at Steve, hitting him and giving Mario the chance to run and finds a nearby spaceship. And was confronted by Steve again, so Mario has to flee, pushing a button to launch the spaceship, both of them fought to ride it, Steve won the ship and took it off.

However, Steve saw Mario from a vent, and the Mario left behind is actually a fake corpse. Mario then charges at Steve and then turns off artificial gravity without knowing. The two continued the fight, with no effect to anything because of the anti-gravity, so they go onto walls and did wall charging, and doing the action, and then Mario took down Steve by hitting him in the crotch like what Steve to him did earlier. Mario then uses the unconscious Steve to bash him around for a short amount of time, about to be finished off by a fireplace, Steve pressed the emergency exit button, and sending the two in great force, out of the ship. But nobody gave up yet, Kirby was flying in his star, and Mario knocked him off and took his ride. The same goes for Steve when Slippy Toad was on his ship and did the same on what Mario did to Kirby. Both got into a dogfight, Steve activated the weaponry of his ship and Mario misses, after coming across an asteroid belt, Mario gets beheaded, neutralizing him. Steve did not take any notice of the belt and destroys his ship. Mario regenerates his head and was ready to escape back to Earth until he was hit by the Moon.

It then charges into the two and right into Earth, causing the destruction of the town. Mario was now exhausted, and Steve held him to surrender, so he surrendered, which makes Steve insanely happy, only for Mario to reveal that he lied, causing Steve to turn himself into Super Saiyan, and finished off Mario in several hits, but Mario tells him that Minecraft is okay, causing Steve to be happy again and got the victory he had.



  • In the middle of the video, the f word is censored and is still like that today, probably because of Youtube's strict "family friendly" policy. However, it wasn't censored in the beginning.
  • Steve can go Super Saiyan 3, in Retarded64: Mario Simulator, Mario went Super Saiyan towards the end of it.
  • This is the third time Mario and Steve fought each other. The first time was in SSENMODNAR DELUXE in a Smash Bros. like stage, where Steve easily won by surprising Mario with his dance moves,.The second time was in Mario Gladiators, where Mario was the victor.
  • This video was made during the "National Mario Holiday"(March,10) in which people celebrate by having a Mario-themed party or simply playing Mario games.
  • When Link uses Waluigi as a sword after Steve dropped him off,the subtitle box refers Waluigi as "The legendary Wahster Sword".
  • The moon from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Maskcrashing into and destroying the city is reference to the plot of the titular game, where it will crash into the alternate dimension of Termina in three days (54 minutes in real time).
  • Moral: Do not insult or make fun of other people's opinion.


  • Family Guy - The scene where Mario and SMG4 fighting each other around the world was similiar to the Chicken fights from Family Guy where the protagonist Peter griffin fights against his rival Ernie the chicken, their fights usually causes destruction in Quahog, usually killing bystanders by accident
  • the Song that plays when Mario is Beating up Steve in space is the ”Blue Danube Waltz” by Johann Strauss.
  • Dragon Ball Z- At the end of the fight, Steve went Super Saiyan 3 and defeated Mario easily. Also, the Dragon Ball Z english theme song plays in the background.