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Stop It. This is not Okey dokey.
Stop it! This is not okie dokie!
WARNING: This blooper contains scenes of gun violence, crime and terrorism. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

SMG4: Mario Waits in Line For Some Spaghetti is the thirty-sixth episode of Season 9 and the five hundred and thirtieth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on September 28, 2019.


You read the title correctly, Mario is lining up at the bank to withdraw some spaghetti,'s not as easy as it seems...


The video starts with Mario in a long queue to a bank with the current clerk to be a Slowpoke currently serving Peach Toadstool, who herself had to wait a long time, meaning Mario would have to wait for hours on end before he can be served. As Mario checked his watch which said that he might as well die and started crying, Luigi walked by happy. Mario asked him how he managed to be at the front which Luigi replied that it was because he slept outside overnight, knowing that there would be a long queue.

Luigi then wondered if Mario was finally starting to save money but Mario said no as he was only queuing up to withdraw some spaghetti he deposited in the bank because in the previous episode, he somehow managed to lose the entire town's spaghetti supply. Luigi then reassured Mario that it would not take so long before leaving. Back to Slowpoke, he has just finished typing out the instruction but Peach Toadstool has become Old Man Hobo and fainted. However, at last, Peach got her money but got crushed by it though Slowpoke did not care, thanking her and hoping for her to return.

Mario then had an idea to get in front. He first started by lighting up a Bob-omb's fuse, causing it to panic and run off to explode elsewhere. Next, Mario threw a stray coin near Wario. Distracted, Wario got out of the queue to get the coin, allowing Mario to move up one spot. Then, he saw Woody and had an idea: Poking it and quickly hiding. It worked and soon, Woody was beating up Crash Bandicoot for being a pervert even though the Bandicoot was innocent.

As Mario moved up two spots, he noticed a Thwomp and decided to go fast via the Super Mario 64 clip to bypass it and get in. It worked but he soon collided with Swagmaster69696969696 and Chris, which the former proceeded to fling him out the bank for jumping the queue.

Somehow with everyone queuing up outside the bank now gone, Mario went ahead and decided he needed to queue up with a friend. He started with Bob who told him to get lost, Meggy Spletzer, who kindly explained that it would be unfair to other people, Toad, Bowser, and Saiko Bichitaru, who all denied and for the last one, also punched him away. Mario, in desperate anger, decided to access his smart self and after some thought process, decided that Fishy Boopkins would help.

He went over and asked the Spike if they could play Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. with him in front of it. Boopkins agreed and they played where he would show Mario how he mained Ganondorf, just for Swagmaster to interrupt due to sensing a line cutter. Mario quickly pinned the blame on Boopkins, making Swagmaster kick Boopkins out and for him to move up one spot.

As he waited patiently, Mario decided to make some noise, irritating Jeeves. At first, Mario pretended to behave but then went back to annoying him. Jeeves then gave him a Rubik's Cube, which Mario made used of by choking on it and when Jeeves turned back for the third time, he fired it off, blasting Jeeves through the roof and out of the bank. Now with another empty spot, Mario moved into it.

As Swagmaster was inspecting the line, Mario laughed when he was telling Yoshi off for just wearing shoes, saying that no one wanted to see his green a**. Swagmaster then got triggered, asking what was so funny. When Mario said it was because he said a**, he ordered Mario to do 20 push-ups. Mario obeyed but could barely do one.

As Chris said that Swagmaster was taking his job too seriously, Swagmaster disagreed and gave an explanation as to why he took the line seriously. Suddenly, Waluigi and Wario commenced their robbery, causing panic and for Swagmaster to revert his seriousness on the line. When Wario gave the command for everyone to lie down, everyone except for Chris, Swagmaster, and Mario obeyed. As Waluigi wanted the money (which Slowpoke willingly gave), Mario decided to take advantage of having no line just for Wario to tell him to get down. Despite Mario's protest, Wario just knocked him out.

Meanwhile, Chris and Swagmaster were discussing what to do with Swagmaster wanting to live. Chris then decided to do things himself and went after Wario. As he tangled with him, Waluigi proceeded to shoot at Chris. Not wanting his friend to die, Swagmaster took the bullet. As Chris cried for his friend, Swagmaster got up and realized the bullets were made of gummy candy, causing Wario and Waluigi to realize they were screwed and flee the bank, with the guards behind them.

Now with everyone back on their feet, Mario was at the front due to what happened earlier. He then stated his reason for coming, which Slowpoke asked for his ID. Mario realized he did not have one, made a fake one but Slowpoke was not buying that. Mario then went to extreme measures threatening to blow up the place. Slowpoke wanted security but the two guards were busy with Wario and Waluigi, causing him to just give Mario his spaghetti.

Once Swagmaster was done beating up the robbers, he went back into the bank just to see Mario leave with his spaghetti. The episode ends with the camera rising into Mario as he happily went into the horizon.


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  • When Wario and Waluigi start making the assault, Saiko and Meggy both react by panicking and lying on the floor like everyone else. This is out of character for them, as both would usually attack Wario and Waluigi without fear.
    • However, it should be noted that the main characters of this episode are Mario, Chris and Swag, while Saiko and Meggy are nothing more than extras.
  • When Mario gets kicked off the bank, the second half of the line disappears.


  • Not counting SMG4: 3 MILLION SUB FAN COLLABORATION!, this is Jeeves' first major role in a blooper since SMG4: Mario's Lemonade Stand.
  • The lines spoken by SMG3 (which are "Uh oh, stinky, poop!") when he attempted to block SMG4 out of his computer from SMG4: Smart Mario is heard again, appears in Mario's brain, when a picture of a gorilla passes through.
    • This references the "le monke" meme, which the gorilla was actually an ape named "Jackie", a 25-year-old Malaysian orangutan residing in wildlife habitat in Sabah, Malaysia, who had to be put on a diet by the local wildlife authorities due to being overweight at 100 kilograms, or twice the normal weight of an adult female in the jungle habitats of Borneo island. The video linked here is where the "Uh oh, stinky, poop!" soundbite comes from.
  • When Swagmaster gets shot by Waluigi, he is still alive. This is similar to the blooper of SMG4: World War Mario where Chris gets shot but survives. (although in this case, the ammo is harmless)
  • This is the third video to take a basic (but first to be unusual) concept and turn it into chaos, the first being SMG4: Mario waits for pizza, the second being SMG4: Mario Goes to the Fridge to Get a Glass Of Milk.
    • The thing which makes this episode unusual from the previously mentioned two was that it was the first time Mario was not the cause of the chaos, but rather by Wario and Waluigi.
  • When Mario asks Bowser if he can cut in front of him, the latter says "Guys, I'm not gay!", possibly referencing the 'So Long, Gay Bowser" meme.
  • When the line first appears, a skeleton is shown behind Fishy Boopkins. However, when Mario walks up to Boopkins, Kirby is behind him with a full belly, implying that he ate the skeleton.


  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: A nod to the TV show happens when Mario's "brain blast" has him choosing Fishy Boopkins as a friend to cut in front.
  • Zootopia: When Slowpoke slowly types on his computer, this is similar to the character: Flash Slothmore when he talks, types and reacts slowly.

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