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This page is the transcript for SMG4: Mario Works at Mcdonalds.


Chris: Thank you for eating at McDonald's. Chris: Hey, Swag, did you get the order?
Swagmaster69696969696: Om nom nom nom
Swagmaster: Yo Chris, get me a soda.
Chris: Goddamnit Swag, we just got this job, start working or we’re gonna lose it too!
Swagmaster: Oh, can you get me a soft serve as well?
Swagmaster: C'mon!
Swagmaster: Chop chop
Swagmaster: lazy ass >:(
(Chris throws cash register)
Swagmaster: I did not Mc’love that, Chris!
Chris: Seriously!
Chris: We have a crap ton of orders we still need to get through and the boss is watching us.
(Ronald McDonald is smacking a spatula against his hand like Baldi.)
Ronald McDonald: Gonna eat your ass boi!
Swagmaster: *gulp*
Mario: Hello!
Chris: Huh?
Mario: I'll have 40 cheeseburgers
Chris: Oh, hey Mario (Toad's catchphrase)
Chris: 40 CHEESEBURGERS?! (faints onto the cash register)
Chris: Jesus Christ, we’re never going to get through all these orders...
Mario: and a large coke!
Swagmaster: Hey Chris, how many Happy Meal toys do you think I can cram in the oven?
Chris: I want to die. In conclusion, kill me.
Mario: Hey....can you die after you’ve served Mario....
Mario: WOAH!
Swagmaster: Mc'ovens be like (The oven catches fire!)
Mario: I'm-a looking for.. lotsa fun!
Chris: Help? Well…I mean we could use an extra pair of hands.
Chris: What could possibly go wrong?
Commercial: Burger Assembly Training with Ronald-san.
(Ronald speaking in Japanese)
Ronald: I’m lovin’ it!
Mario: I got it! Okey-dokey!
Mario: Get ready to move your fingers!
Mario: Ready!
Mario: That’s-a so nice looking burger!
Mario: Why doesn’t mine look like that?!
Mario: Eat my hot Italian sausage!
Chris: Hey Mario, how’d you go with the burg-(boing)
Chris: Ah, oh god, it's killing me! (choir singing)
Chris: I guess it’s onto the next life for me. I wonder what awaits-
Swagmaster: Oh no you don’t Mr. Chris. You ain’t dying until we get through these orders.
Chris: Ow, my ass. Goddamnit.
Chris: Maybe next time.
Swagmaster: Where's my thank you, bitch?!
Commercial: Patty Frying Training with Ronald-san.
(Ronald speaks in Japanese)
Ronald: 𝕙𝕒𝕞𝕓𝕦𝕣𝕘𝕖𝕣da
Ronald: 𝕙𝕒𝕞𝕓𝕦𝕣𝕘𝕖𝕣da
Minecraft Cow: Mooooo
Ronald: Nani?!
Ronald: I did it!
Mario: Oh, you got Mario-a confused!
Swagmaster: Well, you heard the scary clown.
Swagmaster: Do the thing.
Swagmaster: Patties are in the freezer.
Steve: Hi guys!
Mario: MAMAF**KER!
Mario: Come on!
Mario: I got it!
Mario: Put these onto the fire!
Mario: Well, I've done all I can do...
Swagmaster: Hey dumbass! You need to turn on the stove!
Mario: OOOHHH! That’s-a easy for me!
Swagmaster: AH SH*T!
Mario: I think it’s working
Swagmaster: Crap, crap, crap, crap!
Swagmaster: Noooo, bad Mayro! You burnt the patty, try again!
Swagmaster: Good, now flip the patty.
Swagmaster: Oh nice, extra protein.
Swagmaster: Quick, get rid of the chicken, the boss hates competition food.
Mario: Okey-dokey.
Ronald: What is this?!
Swagmaster: Oh hey boss, just making patties...definitely no KFC back here.
Swagmaster: Phew, That was close.
Commercial: Customerservice with Ronald-San.
Goomba: Hello, I am the health inspector!
Mario: Hello, sir, can I take your order?
Pumkin: I’m very hungry! Give me the hamburger.
Computer: Game over, Yeah!
Mario: Shit!
Pumkin: Oh...the’s getting so cold.
Mario: Okay can do this...just FOCUS!
Chris: What the hell?!
Mario: Oooh, Mario’s gonna have a great lunch!!!
Mario: That’ll be 10 dollars!
Mario: and extra 634 dollars
Commercial: French fry Training with Ronald-San
Swagmaster: Ok. There’s no way you can screw this one up.
Swagmaster: Oh goddamnit!
Mario: Mmm...something smells very good.
Swagmaster: Mario! Get the hell out of there!
Mario: Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good...
Swagmaster: You dumb ass.
Swagmaster: Wait, What the hell are you doing?
Mario: Mario’s so yummy!
Swagmaster: Yo, let me try a piece.
Commercial: Drive-thru Training with Ronald
Heavy Weapons Guy: Hello, I would like 1 cheeseburger.
Mario: That’ll be $2.50 please!
Big Smoke: Run, bitch, run!
Ronald: Get That motherf*cker!
Mario: Bring me that ass!
Mario: Freeze, punk, freeze!
Mario: Hello, motherf*cker!
Mario: Come here, fishy fishy!
Smoke: Pay attention moron, ain’t nobody jacks with Smoke!
Mario: How you doing?
Mario: Wel That was sure fun.
Chris: Hey Mario, did you manage to get the money he owed?
Mario: ...What money?
Mario: WOW! Look at all these customers that Mario brought in!
Chris: Goddamnit! This is all your fault!
Swagmaster: My fault? You let that red idiot help us!
Chris: Like you were any better, you sack of potatoes!
Swagmaster: Chris, That was not very nice...
Swagmaster: You hurt my heart... :(
Mario: Oh hello, there!
Mario: Mario’s expecting his promotion by the end of the day!
Colonel Sanders: Nico nico ni!
Ronald: Out of this house!
Ronald: うーん、また会ったようですね。 カーネル。(Hm,looks like we meet once again, Kernel.)
Colonel: あなたは勇敢な相手、マクドナルドさんです。(You are a valiant ppponment, McDonald-San)
Colonel: Stop it. Get some help.
Mario: Hey! Thanks Axol!
Axol: No problem, red tomato!
Axol: Care to join?
Swagmaster: Hey Chris...can we go work for KFC?

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