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SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse is the forty-third episode of Season 8 and the four hundred and thirdty-seventh overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is also the penultimate episode of The Waluigi Arc. It was aired on September 29th, 2018.


Waluigi has started the T-pose apocalypse. What will Mario, SMG4 and Tari do to survive and save their friends?


I just want to play a game.


The episode starts with Mario chasing Fishy Boopkins with a rocket launcher. SMG4 kicks Mario to the side and tells the viewers that the video is sponsored by Guns Of Boom and how Mario has been playing the mobile game a lot.

The real part of the episode starts with CrimsonMan5 saying that the T-Pose virus was spreading and to stay indoors at all times. Waluigi is then seen zapping citizens into T-Pose Zombies. It then goes over to Jeeves reporting at the scene, saying that the the police are trying their best at saving everyone. He then talks about the "THICC" beam of light that the kids were talking about and how Waluigi caused it. Jeeves asks a policeman how they're handling it, who shouts "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!" and runs away. Suddenly, Jeeves gets surrounded by T-Pose Zombies and in the process, the camera gets damaged and color bars appear onscreen.

Mario, watching the events unfold at his house, wonders what to do without Luigi. He then hears a knock on the door. Fearing that it was a T-Pose Zombie, he grabs a frying pan and proceeds to the door. Mario opens the door to SMG4 and hits him in the face. After a short conflict, SMG4 tells Mario they need to save their friends. Mario then tells SMG4 that there is no cure to the virus, and there are too many T-Pose Zombies. SMG4 tells Mario they need to destroy the "THICC" beam, and that he has a plan. He shows Mario the Death Bus, an old city bus decked out with spikes and guns. After Mario adds a cap and mustache in his likeness, they head to the ruined Glitch-Con.

Meanwhile, at the ruined convention, Tari distracts Bowser, Luigi, and Shroomy with a rubber duck, and tries to bring Meggy back to her senses, but since she's under Waluigi's control, she cannot return to her original state. As Tari cries over Meggy, Master Hand notices Tari, who in her sudden shock, faints.

Outside, Toadsworth is being chased by a small horde of T-Pose Zombies, he then sees SMG4 and Mario driving towards him the Death Bus and exclaims “Oh thank the stars! Rescue!!!” However, he is then run over by the Death Bus. SMG4 wipes Toadsworth off his windshield, but when he notices a huge pile of debris blocking the road. SMG4 guns the engine, trying to get over, but the debris is too tall and too heavy. Suddenly, they are surrounded by a mob of T-Pose Zombies, who rock the bus. Mario actually enjoys it until a T-Posed Woody leans into the Death Bus through the back window. Mario, panicking, finds an emergency minigun and throws it at Woody, knocking him away, and celebrates. But his victory is short-lived, as the zombies later barge open the door. Mario, undaunted, kicks them back, despite SMG4's protests and yelling at him to get back inside. He holds up well until a Pianta grabs his leg and drags him into the T-Pose zombie crowd. SMG4 cries out for his fallen friend as Mario starts to black out.

Just before Mario is turned into a T-Pose Zombie, Saiko drops in from nowhere with a giant hammer and knocks out several T-Pose Zombies, including Woody. The two are shocked to see her, and she knocks the debris out of the way so SMG4 and Mario can go through. She hops into the bus, and SMG4 happily drives away, almost leaving Mario behind, who manages to catch up to the bus and jumps in. On the bus, SMG4 and Mario ask Saiko why she's helping them. She responds that she's only helping is that most of the people are "brain dead" and that she can't get any attention from them. Mario thinks she might really care about them, which Saiko denies. Mario presses further, making Saiko punch him in the face. The bus arrives at what was once Glitch-Con, which is strangely unguarded, which Saiko acknowledges. Waluigi laughs as he reveals he's right behind them and throws a ball of energy their way. The trio freaks out and SMG4 drives away as Waluigi chases them.

Meanwhile, inside the building, Tari runs for her life from Master Hand, who attempts to rocket himself into her. Tari jumps up near Waluigi's scepter, the source of the "THICC" beam, and throws the Wizard duck she found earlier and a copy of Nintendogs in a fruitless effort to stop Master Hand. Then she pulls out an NES controller but has little time to react as Master Hand speeds toward her. She narrowly avoids him, while the controller goes flying, hitting the scepter before bouncing back to her. Noticing the almost ethereal purple glow it has, but with little time to marvel as Master Hand attempts a second attack, holds up the controller in defense. Surprisingly, Master Hand stops in mid-air. Confused, Tari presses the A button, and Master Hand recoils. Tari giggles, and presses B, which makes Master Hand strike a pose and shout "KAWAII". Tari then has a little fun and makes Master Hand dance a solo kickline followed by the Dance Moves emote from Fortnite.

Her fun is cut short, however, when the death bus crashes through the front doors, with Waluigi close behind. He regains control over Master Hand and tells him to destroy Mario, SMG4, and Saiko. Mario calls out to Luigi and Meggy that they will save them. However, the bus is headed for a head-on collision with Master Hand, but Saiko climbs to the roof and makes a hard-hitting blow. Master Hand falls to the ground and Mario and SMG4 run to the scepter. Mario lunges for it, but Waluigi snaps his fingers, and Mario just misses getting a hold of it as the scepter flies back into Waluigi's hand.

Waluigi mocks Mario and SMG4 at their effort, as well as Bowser, Luigi, Meggy, and Shroomy for being idiotic guards. Adding insult to injury, Master Hand has Saiko literally held captive, and Waluigi turns her into a T-Pose Zombie, amid SMG4 and Mario's protests. Unaware of its impact, SMG4 calls Waluigi an ass, who gladly accepts the hate, making him stronger, prompting Mario to once again call Waluigi a weirdo. Waluigi then reveals he has the complete set of all the other major characters, which includes Steve, Toad, Nintendofan997 (aka X), Bob, Shy Guy, Daisy, Donkey Kong, and Peach. Mario and SMG4 are the only ones missing, and now that they're there, Waluigi's set is complete and is ready to show the world what true rejection feels like. SMG4 just wants to know why Waluigi's doing this, and what he wants from them. Waluigi laughs and says he just wants to play a game. Waluigi then teleports the two and proceeds to teleport himself as well, setting the scene for the last episode of The Waluigi Arc, ending the episode in a cliffhanger again.


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  • SMG4: Mario SAW: At the 11:13 mark, Waluigi references the episode by saying that he just wants to play a game.
  • SMG4: The Mario Convention!: The continuation from this blooper after Mario, SMG4 and Fishy Boopkins managed to escape from Glitchcon incident.
  • SMG4: Mario The Scam Artist: Like in that blooper, the music in the outro is different except that this time the background is different as well.
  • War Of The Fat Italians 2018 - Official Trailer: The location of where they teleported could be at that ruined area as seen in the trailer.
  • The Waluigi Arc: This blooper continues the Waluigi Rejection Arc and sets up its final episode that came out on October 6th.

Music used

  • 00:00 - Sooner Than You Know (Instrumental), Sebastian Forslund
  • 00:08 - Wii Shop Bling V2
  • 01:20 - Green Greens, Super Smash Bros Melee
  • 04:06 - Fortress Boss, Super Mario All Stars
  • 06:40 - Park Bench, Justnormal
  • 07:10 - Main Theme (sped up), Hotel Mario
  • 07:21 - Buoy Base Galaxy
  • 07:34 - You're Contract Has Expired - A Hat In Time
  • 08:52 - Default Dance, Fortnite
  • 09:03 - Sooner Than You Know (Instrumental), Sebastian Forslund

NB: 10 out of 26 songs identified; may need review


  • At the 3:52 mark, Meggy's expression changed to a slight frown and she actually shed a tear when Tari tried to comfort her. This could mean that the T-Pose Zombies' are actually aware of what has happened to them, but are unable to do anything about it. Either that, or it's possible to get through to T-Pose Zombies emotionally by reminding them of their personal memories (especially since the victims in SMG4: Mario and the T-Pose Virus couldn't recall what happened during the outbreak).
  • This is the second time Meggy cried; the first time was If Mario Was In... Splatoon, which was her first appearance.
  • At the end of the blooper, the blue color of the background has been changed to the purple color with Waluigi's "Γ" on it, confirming to be taking over the channel.
  • Fishy Boopkins doesn't appear in this video, (except for the merch part at the beginning) despite managing to escape in SMG4: The Mario Convention!. His fate is revealed in Fishy Boopkins Plays VRChat.
  • At the 10:09 mark, Luigi’s face gets glitched. This is either an error or that Luigi is recovering.
  • Despite wearing their normal outfits, Luigi and Bowser were wearing different outfits in the previous episode. This may have been an oversight on SMG4's part.
    • Also, Bowser no longer has the Lightsaber in his hand.
  • Before SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018, Waluigi had basically replaced the entire banner of the channel in his final form with everyone else gone.
  • This is the third episode of The Waluigi Arc to end on a cliffhanger, the first two being SMG4: Waluigi's Time and SMG4: The Mario Convention!.
  • The "game" that Waluigi wanted Mario and SMG4 could be War of the Fat Italians, judging by how the two were forced to fight each other against their will in the WotFI Trailer for 2018.
  • Since X appeared as a T-pose zombie in the video, it's likely that Waluigi will replace him as a host of WOTFI 2018.
  • This is Daisy's only appearance in Season 8.

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