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SMG4: Mario waits for pizza is the sixteenth episode of Season 8 and the four hundred and eighth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on April 21, 2018.


Mario and friends are all having fun chilling at Bowser's. That is, until they decide to order pizza....


The episode begins at Bowser's Castle, where the Koopa King was hosting a party for his friends. He was playing a 2 vs 2 game of Teletubbies Battlegrounds with SMG4 on a set of computers, facing off against Mario and Luigi. The Mario Bros. eventually lose the round, which sent Mario into a fit of rage. He lunged out and attacked his opponents, breaking the computers in the process.

Meanwhile, Fishy Boopkins and Meggy were sitting on a nearby sofa, watching an episode of Squid Girl on the TV. Boopkins asked Meggy if she was enjoying the anime he picked out. While she was clearly confused by what she was watching, Meggy pretended to enjoy it to spare the Spike's feelings.

In the middle of the scuffle behind them, Mario suddenly flung both himself and SMG4 across the room, crashing into the TV. As the plumber celebrated his victory in the fight, Luigi mentioned that he was hungry.

Everyone else agreed, and Bowser decided to order pizza. Everyone gave their orders for toppings (with the exception of Boopkins, who was still fretting over losing his anime when the TV broke), and Bowser gave the order over the phone; though he was forced to call SMG4 mentally disabled for ordering pineapples on his pizza.

While the group waited for the pizza to arrive, they tried to figure out what to do in the meantime. They were unable to continue with video games due to the computers being broken from Mario's fight earlier. Boopkins suggested that they watched more anime on his DVD player, but Meggy tried to politely turn him down, telling him to save it for "a more important occasion". As the party contemplated on how to pass the time, they suddenly heard the doorbell ring. Thinking it was the pizza, Mario excitedly ran over to answer the door.

However, upon answering the door, Mario was disappointed (and annoyed) to find Bob waiting there instead. Thinking that they forgot to invite him, the Garo decided to crash the party and immediately let himself in. The group wondered how Bob found out, to which Meggy confessed to telling him about the party after he would not stop texting her.

While Bob helped himself to a drink in the refrigerator (settling for a barrel of waste), Boopkins told him that they did not know what to do until the pizza arrived. Bob suggested once more that they go through his anime collection, but Meggy still insisted that they did not and snatched the DVD player away from Boopkins.

When both he and Bob questioned the Inkling about why she did not want to watch it, Meggy pretended to sneeze as she tossed the DVD player out the window to make it look like an accident. However, Boopkins revealed that he brought several more DVD players with him, and he excitedly headed over to the other room with Bob to watch more anime, dragging a horrified Meggy with them.

While they continued to wait for the pizza, Mario headed over to the fridge to get a snack to hold himself over with. However, the fridge was revealed to be completely empty, with the exception of a loaf of bread that has clearly been in there for far too long, as it has apparently become sentient. Bowser admitted that he forgot to stock up on food before the party, causing Mario to go into a crying fit. While SMG4 told him to man up, Luigi found a board game to play while they wait.

As the four of them started the game, Bowser took his turn to roll the dice and draw a card. It stated that he both lost a turn and got kicked in the groin, to which a random leg came out of nowhere and hit him in his nether regions.

Nervous, Luigi tried to be careful and slowly rolled the dice for his turn. Meanwhile, Mario was becoming increasingly aggravated due to the lack of food, as he switched glances between the clock, the mutated bread in the fridge, and Luigi, who was still taking his time with the game. He finally got fed up and darted over to the fridge, grabbing the mutated bread and ravenously gobbling it up. However, Mario almost immediately got food poisoning from the loaf and started vomiting excessively all over the room.

Over in the other room, Bob and Fishy Boopkins excitedly watched their anime (in the form of the Cory in the House meme), while Meggy tried her best to keep herself together. She suddenly heard Mario's vomiting on the other side of the door and decided to go check it out. However, Boopkins begged the Inkling not to leave, trying to weigh her down by clinging to her ankle.

Bob blocked the door to keep Meggy from leaving and tried to beat her down by hitting her with body pillows; but they were too soft to do any damage, and Meggy was easily able to slap Bob away and shake Boopkins free from her leg. She finally confessed to them that she was just not interested in anime and headed over to the main room to see what the commotion was.

Bob and Boopkins chased after her, but all three were shocked to find the entire room on fire when they got there. SMG4 and Bowser were slightly delirious from the chaos, Luigi was in a state of panic, and Mario was doubled over in pain with a stomachache. Bowser suddenly got up, furious that his castle was a complete wreck. The group was initially horrified until the Koopa King suddenly broke down and burst into tears.

Feeling sorry, the group offered to help clean up the mess (while Bob was forced to help with some "encouragement" from Meggy), which touched Bowser deeply. The party started to clean up, with each person working on a certain chore:

  • Luigi using his Poultergust 3000 to vacuum up some of the debris.
  • SMG4 rearranging the chairs (one of which exploded for no reason).
  • Meggy using a paint gun filled with water to wash up Mario's vomit and to put out the fire.
  • Bob sweeping up the floor, albeit with difficulty.
  • Last but not least, Boopkins, who washed the dishes.
  • Mario though simply continued to curl up on the ground in pain.

Once they were done cleaning up, Bowser happily thanked the group for their efforts and gathered them together in a group hug. The doorbell suddenly rang again, and Mario broke up the hug to go answer it. Luckily, the pizza finally arrived, and he eagerly brought them inside. However, instead of passing them around to the other partygoers, Mario swallowed the entire stack at once, due to how hungry he was. As the group stared at him in shock, Mario collapsed on the ground once again with another stomachache.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • Teletubbies (as characters in Teletubbies Battleground)
  • Hobo Mario (as playing piece representing Mario)
  • Bowsur (as playing piece representing Bowser)
  • Luigi Doll (as playing piece representing Luigi)
  • Sandbag (as playing piece representing SMG4)
  • Frankie (pizza delivery boy)
  • Old Man Hobo (in a bathtub at the beginning of the episode in the background)


Music used

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  • At 0:10, SMG4, Mario, Luigi, & Bowser are playing Teletubbies Battlegrounds which is a reference to the video game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.
  • At 0:40, Fishy Boopkins and Meggy are watching an anime called Shinryaku Ika Musume (Squid Girl in English), an anime adaption based on the manga by Masahiro Anbe. The reason for this specific anime is due to a 2015 collaboration for Splatoon which had free clothing items based on Squid Girl's outfit. (requires link to page)
  • At 3:39, Bob suggested watching anime with octopi. Upon hearing that, Bowser vomited in the background. This is a subtle reference to hentai, more specifically hentai under the "Tentacle" genre.
  • It is unknown how Meggy used her Splattershot to clean Bowser's castle, as she's an Inkling - a species that gets killed when it touches water - and she uses the stuff to clean up the mess.
  • This is the second episode where Meggy swears.
  • This is Nintendofan997's favorite SMG4 video.

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