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Marioception is a blooper by SMG4 uploaded on April 29, 2017. Here, Mario goes into a weird dream that may as well be haunting him.


Mario goes on an adventure into other people's dreams... but... is this whole thing a dream itself?!


News Reporter reports that Mario is attemping to eat a ton of spaghetti from a gigantic truck but when Mario is about to eat he falls off his bed as the event is a dream.

Mario remembers the dream invention that E. Gadd gave him that allows him to enter other people's dreams, and despite the warnings he decides to use it anyway.

When Mario enters Luigi's dream, he discovers that he's being attacked by the giant floating head of Dr. Kawashima.

After entering Luigi's dream, Mario decides to sneak his way towards Peach's Castle so that he can enter other people's dreams.

When Mario enters Toad's dream, he discovers that Toad is dreaming about being the ruler of the world and that he has turned it into a dystopia.

When Mario enters SMG4's dream, he discovers that he's dreaming about himself being a meme machine. He questions why he's the only normal person around. He notices that Princess Peach's bedroom is nearby and leaps at the opportunity to enter her dreams.

When Mario enters Peach's dream, he discovers Peach is on a romantic boat ride with him. However, Mario think that he is more sexy than his dream counterpart. He proceeds to push his sexy counterpart off the boat, causing Peach to scream "UGLY-ASS MARIO!" and wake up from her dream.

When Mario enters Steve's dream, he discovers that it is an empty space, much to his shame as he finds it to be rather boring.

When Mario enters Bowser's dream, he witnesses Bowse dreaming about winning the award for being the best villain of the year. As soon as he enters the building, he is thundered with applause. However, Mario finds the awards ceremony to be boring and he hits Bowser with a giant wrecking ball. This inspires Wario to start a riot.

After Mario wakes up from his dream because Bowser starts to burns him, he stated it was all a dream, but Toad appeared on his bed before Mario wakes up again. He jumps out his bed and sees the dream machine ready to explode before he escapes. But he saws SMG4 and shouts he's still dreaming. Then Dr. Kawashima and Steve appears for the last time. Mario saws a door and enters to the Peach's bedroom, and told Peach he's need help, only to find out Peach's head is (whole) Toad and Mario wakes up from his nightmare again. Mario shouts "WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON?!?!" and caused the earthquake. Mario falls to the cave filled with weird Toads and about almost to hit the Giant Toad's head.

It turns out Toad and Professor E. Gadd are using the dream machine to torture Mario. Toad gives Professor E. Gadd a high five.


Music Used

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  • This episode has more characters among most the bloopers made by SMG4 with 52 characters.
    • This marks the only appearance of Dr. Kawashima. However, it was referred as asian man by Mario and Luigi.
  • The overall story and the title is a reference to Inception.
  • The plot Is similar to the Spongebob episode "Sleepy Time", The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Night" and Doraemon: The Gadget Cat From The Future episode "Experimental Dream Schemes." However, the ending is somewhat different.
  • At the near end of the video, where Mario falls to the Toad's head on the cave, is based on Walt Disney Home Video International logo, that used on 1981-1987 for International Disney VHS.
  • The contest short, made for 3 million sub fan collab special, based on Peach's dream on this video, despite the "a**" word is censored.
  • A clip of Steve's dream on this video were published on YouTube.
  • This video broke the fourth wall because the sign reading: "The 2017 Evil Villian Awards" In fact this video released in 2017.

I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on."
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