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Stop It. This is not Okey dokey.
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WARNING: This blooper contains scenes of mild torture. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

SMG4: Meggy's Bootcamp is the thirteenth episode of Season 9 and the four hundred and ninety-two overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is the fifth episode of The Anime Arc. It was aired on April 13, 2019.


Meggy pushes Mario, Tari and Luigi to their limits as she puts them through intense, splatoon style training.


Looks like we'll have to kick some Octoling ass...

—Meggy, after Desti escaped with her weapons

The episode begins with an advertisement, with Fishy Boopkins trying to find something to wear to the movies. He checks his closet and encounters the Merch Fairy, much to his shock. The Merch Fairy then showcases the Season 2 Merch on the SMG4 Shop before throwing it at Boopkins and shutting the door.

The actual episode begins in Inkopolis, where Tari, Luigi, and Mario are seen dressed as military soldiers and Meggy saying that the Splatfest is in two weeks, so during that time, they will train. Luigi asks how he got into this, and Tari says that they needed a fourth member since Meggy's old teammates left, and also because Saiko Bichitaru and the others "went on holiday". Mario then exclaims that Luigi is an expert and dodging and pulls out a Mini Splatling to prove to it. Luigi goes into a panic and begins evading the ink, which hits two Inklings and Hideo Kojima in the process. Luigi then grabs Sheldon and begins using him as a shield to block the attack. Meggy then slaps Mario's Mini Splatling away and says that this is serious, therefore the plumber needs to focus and demands that he better not screw up.

The trio is forced to aim for a target. Mario goes first and proceeds to use his Mini Splatling coming out of his pingas and shoot the target, but he misses it completely and only gets a little paint on it, resulting with Meggy facepalming. Luigi is up next, but he sees his Splat Dualie as a real gun and refuses to use it, saying that it's too violent, which dumbfounds Meggy. Tari is last, but her Rapid Blaster bounces off the target and into a tower, causing it to fall over and explode, much to her shock. Meggy demands to know how that was possible since Tari shot excellently at Bob's Carnival. Tari says that she's good at games and that training is more of a sport. Meggy decides that they should all just move on.

Their next goal is to navigate through an obstacle course that features a barbed wire underpass and a rope suspended above the water. Luigi gets through the underpass easily, but then Meggy activates Refurbished Mini Splatlings that proceeds to attack Luigi and send him flying back to the start. Meggy warns Tari and Mario to expect to be shot on the battlefield. Terrified, Tari covers her eyes and rolls under the underpass without getting shot. As she crawls along the rope, it is revealed that there are Cheep Chomps in the water attempting to bite her. As such, Tari remains motionless on the rope while the Cheep Cheeps continue to attempt to bite her. Mario is last, but he refuses at first until Meggy says they could have a lunch break afterward. Happily, Mario runs and swims through the course while getting barbed wire and Cheep Cheeps all over his body. He eventually clears it and crashes into the wall Meggy is standing on before destroying it, causing the Inkling and Mario's favorite dish to fall. Meggy becomes crossed with him for not focusing, but Mario argues that she said they would get a lunch break. Meggy reveals that she only said that for Mario to complete the course, and she then proceeds to yell at Luigi and Tari for not finishing the course at all, saying that they're not trying hard enough. Suddenly, she pauses before leaving the area dejectedly, with Mario following behind her.

Mario finds Meggy on top of a building and walks up to her only for her to point her Splattershot at the plumber and tell him to go away. Mario asks Meggy what's wrong, and she explains that when the two of them first met each other, she claimed that she was an "upcoming star", only to have not won a single Splatfest two years later. She calls herself "just a big disappointment" because of this and begins to sob. Mario attempts to sympathize with her, saying that she can't disappoint him since he doesn't have expectations. Meggy says that the worst part of this is that she's been so mean to him and the others and that she feels like she's losing sight of who she is before breaking into tears. Mario then offers her his dish of spaghetti from earlier, which manages to cheer her up a bit.

It turns out that Luigi and Tari were overhearing Mario and Meggy's conversation, and Luigi says that it's normal to get emotional over something one cares about, using Mario and spaghetti as an example. Meggy apologizes to all of them, saying that winning Splatfest isn't worth it if she loses her friends along the way. Now feeling confident, the gang becomes eager to train as they begin going over strategies, practicing shooting targets (as Tari demonstrates), dodging enemy fire (as Luigi demonstrates while doing his Super Smash Bros. gestures), and practicing combat (Mario and Meggy). Mario emerges victorious but gets shot by a now cheerful Meggy who reminds the plumber not to let his guard down. Mario gives a thumbs up to this advice while drowning in water.

The gang proceeds to celebrate their accomplishments of the day, but it's interrupted when Mario gets shot by purple ink. They all turn to the shooter, revealed to be Desti, who once again mispronounces Mario's name. Tari asks Meggy who Desti was due to the fact that she and Luigi have never met her before. Desti is about to introduce herself, but Meggy cuts it short, saying that nobody cares. Desti then insults her, which has no effect, but then she proceeds to call in the Octoposse, who came in the form of a helicopter. One Octoling is armed with a recolored Heavy Splatling and proceeds to shoot the gang as they take cover. While hiding, Meggy then realizes that Desti is stealing their weapons. She boards onto the helicopter and begins her escape. Mario chases the helicopter and makes a jump for it, but he gets shot down by Desti's Blaster before she finally escapes. When Tari asked what they're going to do, Meggy says, "Looks like we'll have to kick some Octoling ass..." much to the pleasure of Mario as the episode ends.


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  • Near the end of the video, Mario continuously says, "Bitches," like when he was chasing the Octoposse despite the fact that Bob usually says that profanity over and over.
  • Technically, not all of Meggy's old teammates left. Heavy Squid was accidentally killed by Mario during training.
  • The scene where Tari's ink bullet bounces off the target and destroys a tower is similar to when in SMG4: Super Challenge 64, she kicked a soccer ball which blew up part of town.
    • In addition, when Mario compliments Tari for a "nice shot", it is similar to when she accidentally shot Bob.
    • This is added with the fact that Tari considers training as a sport.
  • This is the third time Meggy has cried. The first instance was SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon and the second was SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse. This was also the first time Meggy sobbed hard, as she cried quietly in the Splatoon video and only shed a single tear in the Waluigi Apocalypse.
  • Meggy uses some of her attacks from SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon on Mario, but he dodges them easily now that he knows what to expect.
  • This is the first SMG4 video in which Mario willingly gives someone his spaghetti, specifically Meggy, to help her feel better and show that he cares deeply for her. This is rather out of character for the plumber, who is typically portrayed in the SMG4 universe as selfish, uncaring for his friends, and never willing to share his favorite dish with anyone.
    • This interaction, however, could be the result of character development from recent SMG4 videos, specifically, almost the entirety of The Waluigi Arc.
  • The Splatoon weapons of Luigi and Tari fit their concepts.
    • The Splat Dualies have the ability to dodge roll, referencing Luigi's instinct to dodge attacks.
    • The Rapid Blaster fires very fast and has great range, referencing Tari being able to shoot very well in games as a cyborg.
  • A lot of maps used are Splatoon maps, such as Inkopolis Plaza, Camp Triggerfish, Flounder Heights, and Snapper Canal.
  • At 5:12, a Hobo Bros. Easter Egg appears when Mario uses glasses and a beard, which resembles Kevin as a hobo icon.
  • This is the first episode to feature Meggy saying a swear word in text form rather out of a voice clip.
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