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SMG4: New Year, New Mario is the fifty-second episode of Season 7 and the 387 overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is the final episode of Season 7 and 2017. It was aired on December 30th, 2017.


A NEW YEAR IS HERE! Mario and friends have each decided to learn 1 new thing for 2018. HOW WILL THEY ALL GO?


The video begins at the castle's roof with everyone partying on there, which included Wario, who ate everything at the party, Bob and Fishy Boopkins, who were enjoying a firework together, although Bob needed another drink and proceeded to pass the lit firework to a nearby Bob-omb temporarily, which caused its fuse to ignite, SMG4, who was shooting fireworks everywhere, and Mario, who suddenly found out what was a new year resolution. He then declared it to be losing some weight. That caused the entire partygoers to go hysterical with laughter, as they knew Mario would never achieve that resolution.

That caused Mario to feel dejected when suddenly, Meggy stood up for him, saying that at least he was trying to improve himself and they all had their own new year resolutions. People suddenly started announcing their own new year resolution with Luigi wanting to be braver, Bowser wanting to spend more time with his neglected kids, and Yoshi wanting to stop smoking weed. Suddenly, Peach Toadstool told everyone to shut up due to the countdown to the new year about to go off. While the bell was rung to bring in the new year, Mario was determined to prove to everyone that he would not fault on his new year resolution.

Mario: Lose some Weight

When Mario went to check his weight, he was shocked that after waiting for three hours that he weighed 12,988 pounds. Determined to lose some of that weight, Mario did some heavy exercises although he did not do them properly.

He also deep-fried a broccoli that he was meant to eat fresh, only for Luigi to jump in and intercept the meal. After reweighing himself to see that he now weighed 12,987 pounds, Mario called it a success and celebrated by eating a plate of spaghetti, where little did he know caused his weight to go back to 12,988 pounds.

Bowser: Be a better father

Bowser tried to fulfill his new year resolution by spending time with Bowser Jr.. He went up to him and exclaimed that he was watching hentai, even though Bowser Jr. was just watching a Let's Play of Team Fortress 2, causing Bowser to wonder what was hentai. He brushed it off though and told Bowser Jr. to stop watching his videos and play some games with him, even though Bowser Jr. did not want to play with him as he knew how horrible he was at video games.

The two eventually played a multiplayer mode of Goldeneye 007 with Bowser saying he was good at this game, just for Bowser Jr. to declare that he had already killed him once. Bowser tried passing it off as beginner's luck but was killed a few more times with Bowser Jr. even taunting him for not being able to see without his glasses. Frustrated, he waited until Bowser Jr. was distracted before killing him and then rubbing it in his face.

Luigi: Be more brave!

Luigi was sitting on a bench at a bus stop confident he could keep his composure. As a test, a Boo wearing a fedora and holding a briefcase suddenly sat next to him. Luigi started freaking out and acting crazy while the Boo backed away. Luigi exclaimed how he survived and thought about how well he did at staying calm.

Wario: Donate Money

Wario was on the streets when he saw a homeless person. He gave him a chocolate coin, and then the person says "Dafaq?". A nearby person asked him if he just donated a chocolate coin to someone which Wario responded that he did the best he could. Wario then came across the bank. He thought of robbing it but instead decided to actually save money in the bank. He went in to deposit a $1 dollar bill but had trouble letting go of his money, to the point where his arm was detached with the dollar bill. Wario was suddenly sad to lose an arm and was inside the bank vault to request a withdrawal, much to the banker's disappointment.

SMG4: Make something funny and original for once

SMG4 could be seen sitting on his chair and his face on the table, presumably suffering from an idea block. He then said "F***!".

Toadsworth: Stop letting Peach be kidnapped

Toadsworth was scanning the area for threats before letting Peach Toadstool enter, even though she said they were just getting groceries. He then saw Frankie nearby and decided he was a threat to the princess before neutralizing him with tranquilizer darts and disposing of the body. Inside the supermarket, Peach Toadstool asked Toadsworth if the watermelon was good but he proceeded to destroy it, saying that it could be a bomb.

As she was approaching a man for help, Toadsworth suddenly pinned her down, asking if he did anything wrong, but Peach Toadstool replied saying she was just asking if the man knew where the eggs were, which he kindly indicated where they were. While doing that, he accidentally touched her, causing Toadsworth to go on a red alert, which sent the entire police force on the man to arrest him. Bowser then appeared and asked if it was a bad time but Peach Toadstool said she wanted to go back with him due to how Toadsworth's actions were driving her crazy.

E.Gadd: Create the ultimate charming invention

Professor E. Gadd created a robot version of Mario called M-4R10. M-4R10 called Peach pretty before rescanning and saying she was ugly as hell. Then Luigi asked to play with him and M-4R10 shot the Luigi Doll with laser eyes. Then it gave Mario a hot dog, which E.Gadd thought it was not working right before it slapped Mario, which relieved E.Gadd saying it worked fine.

Meggy: Learn how to cook

When Meggy told Mario she has only eaten instant ramen noodles because of her training for the Splatfest, Mario wanted to teach her how to cook. First, Meggy tried to cut up some bread, but cut it from the inside. Mario then jumped up in the air and cut the bread in midair. As he landed on the ground, the bread came down sliced correctly but his left hand also fell off. Meggy then cooked some meat on a frying pan but it caught fire.

While she was asking Mario that she "broke the food", she set Mario's chef hat on fire. She noticed that and tried to extinguish the fire by blowing on it, but the fire only grew on his hat, so she backed away. Mario was somehow oblivious to the fire on his hat, thinking that it was getting spicy in there. Then, as he was cooking at a table, a smoke alarm went off.

Mario screamed "Ahh, the meatloaf!" in a panicked voice. Thinking quick, Meggy threw a fork on the cancel button of the microwave. As they were celebrating that the microwave was off, it exploded behind them. When their dish was finished, Mario congratulated Meggy. The dish looked like a dead chicken and a sea monster had a baby. Meggy thought something was off about the dish while Mario just wanted to eat it. Meggy then asked Mario if he wanted to eat some instant ramen noodles with her. Mario graciously accepted. At the end they high-fived each other and underneath them, there was some text that said "AT LEAST YOU TRIED. :D"


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  • This video is the first New Years special not to be a recap since SM64: Ssenmodnar 6 (New Year's Edition).
  • At 9:32, the cutting gag from Tom and Jerry is used.
  • This episode reveals the following:
    • This episode reveals that Mario weighs 12,988 pounds.
    • This episode reveals that Meggy only ate instant noodles.
    • This episode reveals that Yoshi has a weed addiction.
  • Here are everyone’s New Years resolutions:
    • Mario - lose some weight
    • Bowser - be a better father
    • Luigi - be braver
    • Wario - donate money
    • SMG4 - make something funny and original for once
    • Toadsworth - stop letting Peach get kidnapped
    • E. Gadd - create the ultimate charming invention
    • Meggy - learn how to cook
    • Yoshi - fix his weed addiction

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