Stupid Luigi's Mansion
SMG4 Stupid Luigi's Mansion

SMG4 Stupid Luigi's Mansion

Season 7, Episode 39
Episode Info
Series Stupid Mario series
Air date September 30, 2017
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Stupid Luigi's Mansion is a blooper created by SMG4 on September 30, 2017. this blooper is based on the game Luigi's Mansion.


Luigi makes his way through a haunted mansion to save Mario, but ghosts aren't the only thing he encounters...


The video begins with Luigi walking into a haunted mansion. He then got a flashlight and saw some crows and Ronald McDonald nearby in the yard. He then got really scared and walked slowly instead. Inside the mansion, there were a lot of ghosts having fun by playing the Mortal Kombat II game. When Luigi got in, he starts getting scared when the ghosts spook him. He starts running away but the ghosts keeps chasing him until he got cornered. He then doesn’t know what to do so he cuddles a Teddy Bear crying.

The Professor E. Gadd came in with a vacuum. He tries to suck the ghost but he missed. However, the ghost starts running away. Luigi thanks E. Gadd for saving them, and E. Gadd ask Luigi to go to his lab. At the lab, E. Gadd ask how he got the mansion and Luigi respond that he got a mansion for $1 on eBay. E. Gadd was surprised at how cheap it is. He then asks if Luigi can help him get rid of the ghost in the mansion. Luigi said he is too scared to but E. Gadd begs him until Luigi finally accepted the offer.

When Luigi got into the room, he saw Lydia brushing her hair. He ends up sucking her with his vacuum, until he succeeded. Then, Neville saw Luigi and got scared, thinking that it was a scary ghost. Neville told Luigi that he is a friendly ghost and the owner of the mansion. Luigi tried to leave, but heard Lydia's scream. Neville gets angry as he heard Lydia, but not her screams. She told him that it wasn't so bad. Instead, turns out that the vacuum inside had a ghost spa. Neville sucks himself in the vacuum to go with Lydia. Luigi got so scared, that he met two ghosts, one of them is pretending to be Mario. Luigi suck them with the vacuum and take Mario's cap and assume that he is captured and decide to save him.

Walking in the Mansion he find musical instrument and when he put one finger on the piano, the piano come to life and freak him out. He try to run away but encounter Melody a ghost who's worried about piany the Mad Piano and ask Luigi if he is here to play musical instrument to which he answer yes cause he is scared to answer no. He find a Eggman's head who says pingas while Melody is playing the piano, but while playing he hit the wall who activate the vacuum and suck Melody inside making Luigi wondering where she is and trigger piany anger so he trow the head to a corner so the mad Piano goes over there and Luigi escape.

He pass through a Kitchen and try a lunch break and take a rotten chicken and accidentally free the colonel who were trap inside and give him a free wish to witch he answer that he want coke with the chicken and he spawn a little glass that make cry Luigi because he wanted a bigger one.

Later in the mansion he found the rest of Mario's clothes and deduce that he is not far and went to a cemetery before E.Gadd call him and warn him about a high amount of dangerous ghost in his area and to use the device to detect them. After a few encounter with different ghost E.Gadd call him again and warn him that the fat Italian detector say that Mario is not far and he think that he is in the wooden cabin near him.

Luigi run to it until he spot a huge dog ghost not that friendly after few anthem to get rid of him he take the skeleton pete, throw him to him but still failed and decide to run but hit the ground the dog look at him but think that he is a poop so let him go.

When Luigi arrive at the cabin, he realize that this is Toad touching him self with a mushroom magazine luigi afraid of what he sees he fells in a well and find himself in a cave where Mario is stuck in a portrait naked not worrying that he is imprisoned he says that he trews his clothes away because it's hot.

King Boo appear and and reveal that he collect portrait of fat people and when Luigi aim his vacuum at him he use a AK47 on him so Luigi run away.

When Boo lost him Luigi take a rock, put him on the vacuum and trow it at King Boo disarming him. He decide to fight Luigi with a broom but Luigi emerge victory from the fight. The King Boo use a surprise attack with a baby ghost that distract Luigi long enough to get away.

Luigi take the portrait where Mario is stuck and use it on King Boo by surprise and he got stuck in the portrait with Mario who want to sh*t on his crown. The Blooper end with Luigi and E.Gadd sucking them self in the vacuum to go in a SPA bath leaving King Boo inside of the portrait with Mario who says that his PINGAS is so happy with Boo afraid of what he is about to do with his thing.



  • This is the second blooper with a title referencing the Luigi’s Mansion video game series. The first is Super Mario 64 Halloween 2013: Luigi's Retarded Mansion.
  • This is the first time an SM64 model is used for E. Gadd.
  • This is also the first time when Luigi had a custom SM64 model with a Poltergust attached to his back.
  • The song played by Luigi with the saxophone is the son "problem" from Ariana Grande.
  • The song that Melody plays with Luigi is the song Super Mario Land Birabuto kingdom.
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