Stupid Mario Odyssey 2

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Season 7, Episode 42
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Series Stupid Mario series
Air date October 21, 2017
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Stupid Mario Odyssey 2 is a blooper created by SMG4 on October 21, 2017, it is the sequel to Stupid Mario Odyssey.


Cappy and Mario are back for another Odyssey adventure! This time they travel through several kingdoms to stop Bowser's power moon plan and save Cappy's sister, Tiara!


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The video begins at a wedding between Goombs and Goombette, with Mario looking for food to eat at their ceremony. Suddenly, as the two Goombas kissed, the Odyssey crashed into the chapel to crush the newlyweds, with Cappy jumping out to greet Mario once again. Cappy then informed Mario of the trouble he's been having, of which his sister Tiara was seemingly kidnapped by Bowser and taken away. Mario agreed to join Cappy, and the two left the chapel with the Odyssey while the Goombette demanded a divorce with her husband.

Now that they were in the air, Cappy was wondering how the two would find Bowser and save Tiara. As a response, Mario pulled out a GPS device that allowed them to do so, having inserted a tracking chip up Bowser's behind because he was tired of him stealing Peach from the Kingdom. He and Cappy saw from the GPS that the Odyssey was heading near Bowser, so Mario decided to give the Odyssey a rough landing in the Cascade Kingdom (despite Cappy's warnings to be careful landing).

Upon noticing that the Cascade Kingdom was filled with dinosaurs, Mario decided to throw Cappy at a sauropod dinosaur and possess it. He then started playing with the dinosaur's body movements, until Cappy reminded him to stop his toying and continue their pursuit of Bowser. Eventually, the two saw Bowser and Mario attempted to run towards him to get Tiara back, only to stumble after sprinting only one meter. Bowser then proceeded to possess a Triceratops with Tiara and use the dinosaur's strength to retrieve a Power Moon by knocking down a tree. It was only after he got that moon that Bowser was approached by Mario and Cappy, of which he then possessed a T-Rex with Tiara in an attempt to get away with the Power Moons. Mario retaliated by using Cappy to possess a purple dinosaur, only to find out that the dinosaur happened to be Barney.

Since Barney wasn't that strong against Bowser's T-Rex, Mario and Cappy ended up running away from Bowser until they could hide from him. When the time was right, the possessed Barney then charged into the T-Rex, only to do no damage and get knocked out as a result. Fortunately, near Barney was a small T-Rex holding a shotgun, who Mario and Cappy used to attack Bowser and Tiara's big T-Rex. Afraid of being shot dead, Bowser then proceeded to possess an Aerodactyl to safely get away with his Power Moons, only to get chased by the Odyssey with Mario and Cappy inside. Using a Waluigi launcher to shoot down Bowser, the two partners later found themselves in the Luncheon Kingdom, a land populated by nothing but food. Overwhelmingly excited about a kingdom of food, Mario began to eat everything that made up the kingdom, including the inhabitants that live there (even though Cappy kept reminding him to keep finding Bowser). He even bit Shroomy, who happened to be visiting his family at the moment. But Shroomy did know where Bowser was heading, as he saw a turtle flying over a volcano nearby. As a result, Shroomy decided to launch Mario and Cappy towards the volcano with a catapult that he learned to build as a Boy Scout, not realizing the chaos from Mario's feast until after the two left.



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