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SMG4: Stupid Mario Paint is the thirty-third episode of Season 8 and the four hundred and twenty-sixth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is also the TBA episode of the Stupid Mario series. It was aired on August 11, 2018.


Mario sets out to make the ultimate piece of art...


You want artMario's gonna give you art...


The video begins with Toadsworth admiring his Mona Lisa parody made by Jeeves. Then Mario comes and tells him that he clogged the toilet again and that the toilet is overflowing, but Toadsworth didn't seem to care. Then Mario sees the Mona Lisa parody painting and asked what it is.

Toadsworth says it's the Mona Toadsworth and tells Mario how it was created. Mario tries to tell Toadsworth that the toilet is clogged, but Toadsworth goes to call his golf buddies.

The residue starts to spray out the bathroom door so Mario decides to use the painting to fix the toilet. It works but Toadsworth sees what happens and is pissed. Mario says it was just a painting which only aggravates him further. Toadsworth decides to teach him a lesson by taking out his plate of spaghetti Sarah and threatening to shoot "her", saying it's just a plate of food. Horrified, Mario agreed to get him a replacement painting.

Mario attempts to draw it himself but it results in a crappy picture. Clearly not amused, Toadsworth shoots the painting thrice, pours gasoline on it, burns it, and blows it up. He gives Mario until sundown to replace the painting or "Sarah" kicks the bucket.

Mario tries to get help from Luigi, who has taken art classes. Luigi makes Mario dress up like him and tells Mario to think about how things make him feel, albeit in a very crazy way. Eventually, finding Luigi too creepy, Mario ditched his outfit and headed to SMG4's computer room.

In said room, SMG4 can be seen painting something. When Mario checked to see what he was painting, it was just a few smudges of paint in the Windows Paint program. SMG4 claimed it was a self-portrait but Mario correctly thought otherwise and despite squinting his eyes to see the effect (as claimed by SMG4 to be abstract in order to hide his bad drawing skill), still couldn't see. Knowing he couldn't get SMG4 to do the Mona Toadsworth, Mario headed up the castle.

Near the castle's roof, Mario came across a new room where he sees Bob (obviously pretending to be Bob Ross). Seeing him paint well, Mario tried to get Bob's help but he warned him to not interfere with what he was doing. Scared, Mario escaped to the outside of the castle.

However, when he came out, he realized it was sundown and that Sarah's "life" was about to end very soon. Mario looked around to see Luigi acting creepy, SMG4 attempting to sell his painting for billions, and Bob still at his painting. Suddenly, Mario came across Fishy Boopkins. As Mario pleaded with the Spike to help him draw the Mona Toadsworth, he saw Toadsworth ready to end Sarah's "life". A bit of persuasion later, Boopkins agreed and took out his giant crayon set. He made the replica painting in record time and Mario rushed to Toadsworth just before Toadsworth pulled the trigger. Checking to see the painting, Toadsworth was super happy and started humping it, allowing Mario to reclaim Sarah safely.

It ends with Mario reassuring Sarah that it was safe before humping it too. In the background, Bob slowly appeared asking if anyone could feel the love tonight.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


  • Toad (used as an example of Luigi's form of art to Mario)


Music used

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  • 02:10 - (dramatic song from Kirby Triple Deluxewhen Toadsworth threatens)
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  • 07:30 - (happy song in D major when Mario resolves)
  • 07:54 - (happy song in A b Major when Boopkins shows off work)
  • 08:22 - (sounds like Sooner Than You Know)
  • 08:52 - Ageha, Ryu
  • 09:15 - (suggestive song in g minor when Mario gets spaghetti back)


  • Bob is referencing Bob Ross in this episode.
  • The blooper is based on the SNES game Mario Paint released in 1992.
  • This is Toadsworth's first major appearance since SMG4: Mario's Dangerous Delivery.
  • It is revealed that Fishy Boopkins has a set of gigantic crayons.
  • Fishy Boopkins shows Mario his Boopkins x Miku drawing as previously seen in SMG4: Mario Preschool.
  • The Mona Toadsworth is an obvious Parody of the famous painting Mona Lisa.
  • This is the only video in between SMG4: Waluigi's Time and SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018 to not reference The Waluigi Arc in any way.
  • According to Bob, his father called him "a happy little accident", suggesting even his parents hated him.

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