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Stupid Mario Rabbids is a blooper created by SMG4 on August 26, 2017. this blooper is based on the game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.


Mario teams up with Mario, Luigi and Peach Rabbid to save the Rabbid Kingdom! Except Mario isn't very helpful...


The blooper start when Luigi got woke up by Mario who wants to start the day by eating a spaghetti but Mario find a Rabbid with a Mario hat in the fridge. The Rabbid jump on Mario causing him to destroy everything in the house(Luigi, to tired don't even notice). Outside of the house Mario chase him inside a Rabbid hole where it take him to another universe.

Mario finds his Rabbid counterpart and sees a group of Wahbbids transporting a cage with a Luigi Rabbid in. They decide to attack the base where the Luigi Rabbid is imprisoned and a fight is engaged. While Mario is distracting all the Wahbbids, his Rabbid self free his brother. Mario finds a ice cream that makes an explosive car, and throw it killing all of them.

His Rabbid version use one of the guns from the a corpse and destroy the cage(burning his brother by the way) and in the aftermath, the Rabbid explain the whole story but Mario can't understand. Mario then went to Rabbid Town with them and they find it destroyed. They encounter a Rabbid version of Fishy Boopkins crying the lost of his house and Mario to make him happy gave him the ice cream and when Mario go back the ice cream car is activated and take Boopkins away.

At the Rabbid Peach Inflatable castle she take a picture of a servant and posted on Instagram(Bob hidden cameo here) and the Rabbid Toad kick him out after. The group meet up with her and she decide to join them to track down Wario. After a long adventure, they finally arrive at Wario's candy factory. Inside they realize that the factory transform Rabbids into Wahbbids.

When they decide to strike, they got captured the next second and when Wario explain his plan Mario piss him of so he decide to throw them into the machine but when they were about to die Fishy Boopkins who were on the ice cream car from earlier appear. The car explode freeing them and the final battle begins. Mario and Rabbid Luigi got shot and Rabbid Peach try to heal them and Rabbid Fishy Boopkins save her from the Wahbbids with a rocket launcher with all the Wahbbids death.

Wario decides to throw Bob-omb everywhere and Mario got a plan. While Rabbid Mario receive a lot of Bob-omb, Mario make his mustache flip so that he can throw back all the Bob-omb. The explosion throw Wario in the machine changing him into a garlic. Back at Rabbid Town the heroes are congrats by everyone and Wario is punished by getting Wack by Rabbids and when Mario ask how to go back at his dimension, the Rabbids don't know how but THEY CAN DANCE!!! They start to dance with a unhappy Mario and the blooper end .



  • This blooper is a SMG4 version of the game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.
  • Luigi, Princess Peach & Yoshi are absence in this video.

Music Used

  • 00:07 – Let’s Try; Super Mario RPG
  • 00:31 – Hit And Run; Ren & Stimpy
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  • 00:54 – Bonus Level; Rayman 2
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  • 04:03 – Goomba Village; Paper Mario
  • 04:38 – Coral Islands; Raving Rabbids
  • 05:26 – Green Greens; Super Smash Bros Melee
  • 05:38 – Ecstasy of Gold; Raving Rabbids
  • 06:18 – Globox, My Friend; Rayman 2
  • 06:50 – Into The Cosmos; Metal Slug 3
  • 06:57 – Story Intro; Mario Party 2
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  • 08:08 – Action Comedy Trailer 2
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  • 09:00 – Sooner Than You Know; Sebastian Forslund
  • 09:21 – Can’t Touch This; MC Hammer
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  • 09:41 – Out of the Loop; Katawa Shoujo
  • 10:00 – Battle Results; Mario Party 5
  • 10:15 – But They Can Dance!; Raving Rabbids

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