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SMG4: Stupid Paper Mario is the twenty-ninth episode of Season 7 and the three hundred and fifty-sixth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

Several Paper Mario characters such as Kooper make their debut here. It was aired on July 22, 2017.


Mario has been turned to paper since SMG4 is too poor to fund his videos. Join Mario on his quest to save SMG4's poor ass by collecting some money!


This blooper begins with SMG4 yelling through the door and running out the computer room yelling "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! AUUUGH!!!". He then said that almost all of his money was gone. Luigi asked how it happened, but SMG4 worried and did not want to say the truth as in a flashback, the reason why he had almost no money left was that he wasted it all on a crane game trying and failing multiple times to win a Thomas the Tank Transformer figurine.

Without any money, SMG4 was forced to lower the quality of his videos. Mario interrupted and says nobody cared. However, he then immediately transformed into Paper Mario. Luigi turned into Mama Luigi while Toad proceeded to laugh at the Mario Bros.' misfortune before turning into a picture of a fungus.

Both Wario and Yoshi immediately turned into a bootleg Yoshi and Microsoft Paint Wario respectively. Mario thought the circumstances were not that bad until an 8-bit version of Peach Toadstool showed up commenting on how beautiful she looked. Mario immediately changed his mind and told SMG4 to just use Peach's money, but the YouTuber, who has been transformed into his YouTube profile pic taped to a popsicle stick, said he could not use the now fake money in the castle, as the coins suddenly became Monopoly money. Mario then left Peach's Castle, now dropping in quality, and set out to find real money and save SMG4's career.

After a screen transition similar to that of a Paper Mario game, Mario soon found a Unfurl Block. Knowing they yield money, Mario jump and hit it, only for the same fake money from earlier to come out. He soon came across a barn and entered it in the hopes of finding real money. Mario found two Goombas, Goompapsta and Goombario. The former welcomed Mario to the barn and explained to him that they were not like the other Goombas, only to be ground-pounded by Mario, who had hoped the money would come out. Goompapsta recovered without injury and proceeded to hammer the plumber in retaliation. Goombario then recognized Mario and told Goompapsta that his friend Goombs told him about Mario. Goombario told his gramps that Mario might be the solution to their rascal problem.

Outside the barn, Goompapsta tried explaining the problem to Mario but started slurring his speech after a while. Goombario then intervened and simplified the problem to the plumber: The other Goombas kept playing with their crops. Goombario and his gramps would have tried to stop them themselves, but seeing as they turned into paper, they did not stand a chance. Mario liked the idea of helping them but wanted money. Goombario said that the Goombas might have money, to which Mario immediately ran off to fight one of the rascal Goombas in a Paper Mario-style battle.

With that, Goompapsta explained to Mario how to fight: He and the enemy should always take turns. Mario, however, ignored this and immediately killed most of the rascal Goombas, which pissed off Goompapsta. As the plumber multibounced off several Goombas, he jumped on a Goomba with a Tomahawk hairstyle, which acted as spikes, causing him to reel in pain and fall to the ground. Seeing that Mario needed help, Goombario threw Mario a hammer to help him defeat the rascal Goomba. Mario took it and used it to knock off the Goomba's hairstyle, shocking and leaving him on the ground bawling. Unfortunately for Mario, none of the rascal Goombas had any money.

Nevertheless, Goombario congratulated Mario and asked Goompapster if he could join him in solving the paper issue, to which the latter replied that he did not care. Mario acquired Goombario as a party member, whose ability was his signature Tattle ability from Paper Mario, although in this case as a joke, Goombario said he only knew Mario was currently thinking of food from the saliva drooling from the plumber's mouth. Mario, however, was blown away by this.

As Mario and Goombario headed towards Koopa Village, Mario was blocked by a signpost leading to the village. Rather than sidestep, he punched the sign out of the way. When the two entered, they saw a mass of Koopa Troopas grouped around a cage. Upon closer inspection, Mario found the cage's prisoner, Kooper, who had also became a victim of the low-quality phenomenon. The other Koopas wondered why he was like this, with remarks such as, "Is he sick???", "He has AIDS!!!", "Why is he paper??", "Nice ass.", "hes a witch!", and "HES EVIL!" One of the Koopas asked Dr. Mario for the diagnosis, which resulted in the doctor singing the You Have AIDS song from Family Guy accompanied by two Koopas echoing the chorus. About ten seconds into the song, however, Mario interrupted and asked for money.

Realizing that Mario was also paper, the villagers fell into panic. In the midst of the pandemonium (during which Mario had set up a donation box), Kooper asked Mario and Goombario if they could free him, to which the plumber replied he could simply slide through the holes of the cage given that he was made of paper. An awkward moment of silence passed before Kooper said "F*** you!" to Mario for not thinking of that answer himself. Goombario suggested explaining things to the villagers, but he was immediately shot down after they went so far as to bring in a tank to exterminate the "disease". At that moment, Mario said, "Oh boy, more civilian fatalities :D", which caused Goombario and Kooper, now freed, to give him a questionable look.

Soon after, Mario threw his hammer at the tank and caused it to explode. Kooper used his Power Shell ability to take out three Koopa Troopas before returning back to his regular form near Dr. Mario (who was still singing You have AIDS) and kicking him in the nether region. Goombario was surrounded by two Koopas, one named Jeff, but luckily used his Tattle ability to escape. In this case, he used it to reveal to Jeff's friend that he used his friend's toothbrush to clean his toilet.

Pissed off, Jeff's friend proceeded to beat up Jeff for that, allowing Goombario to escape. Suddenly, the Koopa Bros. appeared and used an attack formation to summon a giant gun. Mario proceeded to crumple himself into a paper ball and enter the gun, jamming the weaponry and causing it to backfire, taking the Koopa Bros. with it. After all the fighting was over, Mario declared that he protected the innocent, though he was immediately proven wrong when Parakarry showed up and was appalled to see all of the villagers dead.

Alas, Mario still needed money. In gratitude for freeing him, Kooper offered to lead Mario and Goombario to a fabled cave that supposedly held legendary treasures. He requested Mario to let him join his party, saying he could also use his spin attack to retrieve things. Upon hearing this, Mario tried to imagine what his life would be like with Kooper's help.

He envisioned himself lazily sitting on a sofa, struggling to reach for the TV remote. Unable to do so, he refused to get up and instead shouted for help. Kooper then showed up and retrieved the remote for Mario by casually tossing it to him, much to the lazy plumber's approval. Back in reality, Mario was delighted by this thought and decided to let Kooper join his party.

Later, the trio reached the cave entrance. As Mario was being dragged on the floor by Goombario to the cave, Kooper mentioned that he knew several people who entered the cave but never made it out, but he also added that he hated all of them, so it did not matter to him. The party then entered the cave, and inside, they came across a broken bridge. After inspecting their circumstances, Mario got an idea and turned into a paper airplane so all three party members could cross the bridge. Goombario and Kooper hopped onto Mario, but they were somehow too heavy, causing all three of them to fall.

Soon, the party encountered a flame. Mario attempted to sneak attack it from behind, but as he prepared to use his hammer, it caught on fire, and eventually, so did Mario himself. This forced Goombario and Kooper to drag the burning plumber away from the flame. After some time, a dispirited Goombario asked Mario if they were lost. Mario denied this and used a nearby map to try and prove it. However, the map only read, "You're pretty damn lost", to which Mario asked Goombario and Kooper if they wanted to cry with him. Kooper apologized for getting them lost, which Mario brushed off by saying he got lost in the bathroom all the time.

Suddenly, a shadowy figure appeared and growled, scaring the party. Wanting to not be its meal, Mario offered Goombario as a sacrifice, to which he protested. Mario then told Kooper to use his special attack, but all he did was poop his pants. The plumber remarked that pooping his pants was also his special move before the shadowy figure pinned him down. 

Mario believed he was done for. However, the figure turned out to be a very friendly Chain Chomp named Chompers that had not seen a human in 1000 years. According to Goombario, Chompers came from the ancient times of the Mushroom Kingdom, with Chompers himself adding that he had been forgotten by mankind.

Mario decided to play with him by using Kooper as a frisbee, who Chompers happily chased after, much to the horror of Kooper, who later escaped from Chompers without his shell. Goombario then told Chompers that he and his party were looking for a fabled treasure in the cave, to which Chompers replied he could take them to it, as certain humans forgot their money in the cave long ago. With that, Chompers joined Mario's party, although the plumber eventually got squished from holding Chompers up for too long.

Soon, Chompers led the party to the treasure, pushing Cleft and Fuzzy out of the way, as well as pushing Dr. Pootis in his Magnus von Grapple into a pit. They soon reached the treasure, where an explorer was about to uncover the treasure but got squished by Chompers. Mario opened the chest and found 25 real coins. The party celebrated their success by singing We Did It! from Dora the Explorer, but suddenly, the effects of lower video quality caught up with them, transforming Goombario into a derpy looking version of himself, Kooper into an MS Paint version of himself, and Chompers into a paper version of himself.

With the events currently unfolding, Mario quickly took both Goombario and Kooper and told Chompers to head for Peach's Castle, bypassing an even uglier version of Wario, Toadsworth, a Bullet Bill, a Shy Guy, and a cardboard version of SMG3, who tried to halt the group but was easily run over. Just before reaching the castle, however, both Mario and Chompers turned into lower quality MS Paint versions of themselves, and the party fell on the Castle Grounds.

Mario alone starts heading towards the castle, which became an MS Paint version of itself, and as he did so, he became an even lower quality. Inside the castle, Mario rushed past Peach, Luigi, and Toad, who had already become MS Paint versions of themselves. As Mario approached SMG4's computer room, he gradually dropped in even lower quality until he suddenly became a real-life plush version of himself.

Mario hurried over to SMG4, who was now his real-life self and using a fake computer with a paper that said "Memes" taped to the monitor. Mario, without question, quickly tossed SMG4 the coins he found in the cave. Seeing that he had actual money in his hands, SMG4 rejoiced in celebration, as he could now make videos again. This caused the entire Mushroom Kingdom to be restored back to normal. SMG4 wanted to give Mario a high-five, but the red plumber instead punched him, telling him to go get a job.

The video ends with an end card that states, "SMG4 proceeded to waste his money on crane games again and became a hobo."


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


  • Thomas the Tank Transformer (appears as a crane prize)
  • Spyro (appears as a crane prize)
  • Sonic (appears as a crane prize)
  • Toad (appears laughing at SMG4's demise before being transformed)
  • Princess Peach (appears after Mario mentions her)
  • Yoshi (appears in the castle and outside)
  • Wario (appears in the castle and outside)
  • Parakarry (appears after Mario killed all the Koopa Troopas)
  • Cheep Cheep (appears just after Mario enters the cave)
  • Shark (appears just after Mario enters the cave)
  • Flame (appears just after Mario fell from a bridge)
  • Cleft (appears just after Mario obtained Chompers as a party member) debut
  • Fuzzy (appears just after Mario obtained Chompers as a party member)
  • Dr. Pootis (appears after Fuzzy and Cleft were knocked out)
  • Kolorado (appears near the treasure) debut
  • Bullet Bill (appears in Toad Town badly drawn)
  • Toadsworth (appears in Toad Town badly drawn)
  • Shy Guy (species) (appears in Toad Town badly drawn)
  • SMG3 (appears as his paper self but got run over)


  • Goombs (mentioned by Goombario when he first meets Mario)


Music used

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  • The plush scene could possibly be a reference to SuperMarioLogan.
  • This is Goombario's first appearance in a blooper since 2011's Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Luigi and the Haunted Castle.
  • The plot of this episode is similar to The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Money" as it has it's main characters (Mario and Gumball) losing money for a stupid reason (in the former, SMG4 wasted the money on crane games and in the latter, Gumball's father Richard threw a suitcase containing the family's money into the sea), and as a result, the respective universes and it's characters start to deteriorate in quality and animation (with Mario being reduced to a plush doll and Gumball and his family being reduced to sticky notes).

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