I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on."
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Stupid Paper Mario is a blooper made by SMG4.


Mario has been turned to paper and everyone and everything has been turned into crappy versions since SMG4 is too poor to fund his videos. Join Mario on his quest to save SMG4's poor ass by collecting some money!


This blooper begins with SMG4 yelling through the door and running out the computer room yelling "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! AUUUGH!!!". He then says that almost all of his money is gone. Luigi asks how. FLASHBACK: SMG4 is playing a crane game trying to win a thomas the tank engine transformer doll he says "cmon you fat *bleep*, misses, and yells, and misses 2 other times END OF FLASHBACK.SMG4 says that without enough money, he has to make his vids at lower quality. Mario interrupts by saying that nobody cares but then is turned into paper Mario 64 Mario. Luigi is turned into Louise. Toad laughs at the Mario bros. misfortune before being turned into a picture of the magic mushroom.Wario and Yoshi have been turned into bootleg Yoshi and Microsoft Paint Wario, and the coins have been turned into monopoly money. SMG4 (who has been turned into his YouTube profile pic taped to a popsicle stick) says that he cant use fake a$$ paper money. Mario says that it isn't so bad. That is until he saw pixel Peach, who said that she was feeling extra pretty. Mario horrified started yelling, He then says that he will save SMG4'S broke a$$. As he leaves the castle, everything gets staticky, and the castle's quality gets worse. Meanwhile, Mario encounters a !? Block. Mario jump punches it, only to have monopoly money pop out. Later, he spots a barn and looks inside for money. Inside there is Goombario and Goompapsta. Goompapsta says hello to Mario and tries to tell Mario that he's not like other goombas in schnitzel's voice from the C.N. show, "Chowder". Goompapsta yells "b****! and hits Mario with a paper hammer. Goombario recognizes Mario and says that his friend, Goombs (who appears in Smexy Soccer and The Secret Life of Goombas) told him about Mario, and says to Goompapsta that he could take out the rascal problem. Goompapsta tries to explain, but its no use. Goombario makes it simpler. Mario says "that's RRRrealy interesting. Can I have some money now?" Goombario says that the rascals probably have money. Mario rushes over to the rascals and is shown the item menu and Goompapsta tries to explain how to fight, but Mario kicks a goomba off his skateboard, throws another, and sets another one on fire. Goompapsta rages and says that Mario is supposed to take turns. Mario squishes 2 more goombas and fails to stomp another because it had a spiky Mohawk. Goombario hands Mario a hammer, which Mario uses to knock off the goombas Mohawk. He gasps and starts crying. And then Mario sees that they had no money. After seeing the fight, Goombario askes his pa if he can join to which "pa" replies: Ah don't give a F***! "Goombario has joined your party! He can use his tattle abilities to describe enemies." Mario asks if he can tell what he is thinking. Goombario replied food, and Mario was astonished. Meanwhile, Mario was walking towards Koopa village. Mario punched the sign saying "move"! He stumbles upon koopas looking at a cage. Kooper (who got distorted because of low quality) was stuck in the cage. The audience was saying things like "is he sick???" "He has AIDS!!! " "Why is he paper??" " Nice a$$." "He's a witch!" And "HES EVIL!" A Koopa asked Dr. Mario what the diagnosis was. Dr. Mario started singing "you have AIDS" from Family Guy. The song was interrupted like, 10 seconds later by Mario asking if anyone had some money. One of the koopas then started screaming like Squidward saying that Mario has AIDS and that its spreading. All the koopas were screaming around Mario holding a donation box and singing. Kooper asked for help, then Mario reminded him that he can slip through since he is paper. Four seconds pass and Kooper says F*k you. Goombario suggest explaining it to them, but then a Koopa in a tank appears yelling "EXTERMINATE THE DISEASE!" While a siren sounds. Kooper, Mario, and Goombario say SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP! (INSERT SIMPSONS JOKE HERE) One of them says "holy s***! what do I do!?" Before Mario says "oh boy, more civilian fatalities :D" Kooper and Goombario look at him funny. Mario throws his hammer at the tank! Its super effective! Kooper goes into his shell, hits some koopas, goes to the Dr. And kicks him (he was still singing "you have AIDS") 2 koopas with a pitchfork and torch surrounding Goombario. He used his tattle abilities to say that one of the koopas used his friends toothbrush to unclog his toilet. His freind yelled "ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!? and the other one denied, then his friend attacked him. The koopa bros. Appeared and said put your hands up in the air buddy! We got you surrounded! They do their team rocket formation and spawn a huge gun. Mario crumples himself and goes into the guns opening, making it clog and explode . Mario then says that he protects the innocent. Parakarry then comes by and yells"OH GOD! EVERYONE IS DEAD!" (In case you have forgotten, Mario still needs money) Kooper sayys that he knows a fabled cave that holds legendary treasure! He asks to join. He can retrieve things eith his spin attack. Mario thinking: him trying to get the TV remote but its "too far". In heavys voice "HELP NOW! HELP ME!" Kooper appears and slaps the remote to mario. Mario: okay. Back to reality mario: OOH YEAH!!! Kooper has joined the party! Later at the cave kooper says this is the cave he's heard about, and that he knew some people who went in but never came out, but he hated them. IN THE CAVE: The party encounters a bridge with no and and a pit with water that has a cheep cheep saying "GET IN MAH BELLEH!!!" And a shark making homer chainsaw noises. Mario turns into a paper plane, and everyone boards and falls. They encounter a flame. Mario tries to use his hammer which ignintes then igniting his head. Moving on! Goombario says that there lost. Mario denies it and look at a map that says "You're pretty damn lost.". Mario then askes who wants to cry with him. Kooper blames himself for getting everyone lost. Then mario tells him its okay, and he always gets lost in the bathroom. A MYSTERIOUSE FIGURE APPEARS!!! EVERYONE FREAKS OUT!!! Mario tells kooper to use a special move. He says "I JUST S*** MY PANTS!!! Mario says thats also his special move. The figure hits mario and he panics. The... thing says oh boi! Hooman! Chompers ssys its the first time hes seen a human in 1000 years. Goombario reaveals chompers as a chomp from the ancien era of the M.K. Chompers said the humans forgot him, so the cave is his home. Mario tells him to fetch koopers. He crawls away with no shell. Chompers has joined the party!chompers rams through many obstacles, and even dr pootis. An explorer was just about to get the treasure when chompers came and knocked him out. You got 25 real coins! :D That should be enough! Everyone starts singing some song from dora the explorer. The song was interrupted by the cave graphics getting worse. Goombario turned into derp Goombario Kooper became M.S .P Kooper and chompers became paper. They bosrded chompers and rushed to peaches castle.everything was becoming Microsoft Paint drawn. Suddenly it was real life. Mario plush hurried to smg4. Luke was there trying to use a crap version of his computer. Mario appears and throws the money. Luke: is this what i think it is? its actual money! THAT-A MEANS NOW I CAN MAKE VIDEOS AGAIN! LET THE MEMES FLOW!!! Smg4 asks mario to pound it. He hits smg4 and says for him to get a job



  • The Plush scene could possibly be a reference to SML
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