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SMG4: Super BACKWARDS Bros is the twenty-seventh episode of Season 7 and the three hundred and forty-third overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on May 20, 2017.


Everyone has switched roles in the Mushroom Kingdom! Can you figure out who has swapped with who?


The episode begins at Peach's Castle (although with Bowser's troll face on it). Apparently, the Magikoopas (who replaced the Toads) were cheering for their princess, Bowser, who thanked them for being loyal to him. Peach Toadstool (replacing Mario) was happy with Bowser too while Toad (replacing Luigi) was not as he wanted a cake, which Bowser agreed to as he had nothing else better to do.

Suddenly, Mario (replacing Bowser) went through the castle to steal Bowser away. He succeeded and although Peach attempted to save Bowser before he could be abducted, Mario summoned Luigi (replacing Kamek) to intercept her. It worked and soon, Mario flew away with Bowser back to his castle. Peach promised to save Bowser while Toad added that he was ugly, much to Bowser's protest. Peach then told Toad it was time to save Bowser, much to Toad's disgust.

Bob (replacing SMG4) then came wondering what was going on outside his room while he was making his videos. Apparently, he concluded that Bowser was kidnapped before heading back into his room finishing a video that he made (insert video here). As soon as the video was finished, Bob asked the viewers how it was. Suddenly, SMG4 (replacing Bob) appeared hoping Bob would notice him and put him in one of his videos. Of course, Bob got mad at SMG4 and told him to shut up. Just then, Kamek (replacing Toad) appeared and told both of them they needed to clean up the messy castle, which they reluctantly agreed to.

In World 1-1, as Peach and Toad rode Fishy Boopkins (who replaced Yoshi; was naturally being exhausted to his limits and naturally collapsed soon after). When Peach checked if Boopkins could still go on, she got no response, causing her to ask Toad if he wanted to be the new Yoshi. He naturally refused and decreed a nearby rock to be the new princess before heading back home. Peach though refused to accept that outcome and said Toad just had to believe. Toad walked out on that, causing Peach to roll him across the level.

They soon encountered and defeated Teletubbies (who replaced Goombas), Donkey Kongs (who replaced Koopa Troopas), and Toadsworths (who replaced Piranha Plants). They managed to reach the level's flagpole.

Meanwhile, at Mario's castle, Bowser was naturally crying, despite Mario's order for him to shut up, still cried, saying he wanted to do princess stuff such as baking cakes. Mario tried to reassure Bowser that his place was much better and ordered Luigi to play some music, which had the Teletubbies, the Yoshis (replacing Boos), the Professor E. Gadds (replacing the Lakitus), and the Donkey Kongs dancing along. It also caused Bowser to cry some more.

Back to Peach and Toad, as they got closer to Mario's castle, Toad saw something that horrified him, Toadette (replacing Chain Chomps). Knowing her well, Toad declared it was impossible to get through but Peach reiterated that they just had to believe before landing right next to her. Naturally, it resulted in Peach being thrown back up to the top ravaged. This forced Toad to take another action: take the level's many Waluigi Launchers (replacing Bullet Bill launchers) and use them to blow up Toadette. It worked and Toad flaunted his victory over her.

As they arrived at Mario's castle, they entered and a montage of them navigating the castle played out. Soon, they have arrived at a giant statue of Mario. Peach saw it and thought on how Mario had some good in him even though he was shooting at Luigi to get him to dance. As she went nearer, she triggered a button. It caused the statue to come to life and send out enemies to take them down, which included Wario (replacing Petey Piranha), a Yoshi, a Professor E, Gadd, a Teletubby stack, and a Donkey Kong. Apparently, they were very bad at attacking the duo, much to the statue's disappointment.

As they finally reached Mario, who was currently torturing Luigi with a Toadette, in the attempt to amuse Bowser, which was failing as well, they sneaked past Mario while he was in his own laugh. As they finally reached Bowser, Toad told him to stay quiet but he got excited and shouted, and Toad yelled at him, causing Bowser to resume crying. These events alerted Mario to go after them. He sent Luigi to go after them which he did but due to Toad's short height, he flew past him and into a window, causing him to fly out of the castle. Mario was devastated by the loss of Luigi (but only because he owed Mario four coins) and proceeded to attack the duo by throwing spaghetti at Toad, knocking him out.

As Mario laughed over his victory, he got slapped hard by Peach, knocking him out. The two then started kissing. Turned out the entire episode was basically a story (and a horrible fanfiction written by Bowser himself at that too) being read out by Bowser to Bowser Jr. as his bedtime story, which he ended off by saying that he and Peach made many babies after that. Bowser Jr. did not want any more of such stories and wanted to just go to bed. Just as Bowser said goodnight, he suggested another story which had him as the sexiest man alive, just to have a piece of heavy furniture thrown by Bowser Jr. at him.


Swapped characters

Every single character in the following sections either swapped with another character or was replaced.

Main Characters

Characters featured in the episode Characters they have replaced
Bowser Peach Toadstool
Peach Toadstool Mario
Toad Luigi
Mario Bowser

Minor Characters

Characters featured in the episode Characters they have replaced
Magikoopas Toads
Luigi Kamek
Bob SMG4
SMG4 Bob
Toadette Chain Chomp
Waluigi Launchers Bullet Bill launchers
Mario Bowser


Characters featured in the episode Characters they have replaced When did they appear
Kamek Toad After Bob told SMG4 he could not be in his video
Fishy Boopkins Yoshi When the trio entered World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros.
Teletubbies Goombas Enemies of World 1-1
Donkey Kongs Koopa Troopas Enemies of World 1-1
Toadsworths Piranha Plants Enemies of World 1-1
Yoshis Boos In Mario's castle
Professor E. Gadds Lakitus In Mario's castle
Wario Dino Piranha Near Mario's giant statue

Non-swapped characters

These characters were not swapped at all.

Supporting Characters

Minor characters


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  • It can be considered ironic that Bob and SMG4 switched roles, as the former has expressed desire to be the main star in the latter's videos.

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