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SMG4: Super Mario Taxi is the 41st episode of Season 9 and the five hundred and thirty-ninth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on November 9, 2019.




The blooper begins with Luke and Kevin announced that this video was sponsored by Filmora9.

The actual blooper begins Mario riding in Jeeves' taxi to La Porchetta. Unfortunately, Mario doesn't understand about taxi service, so he decides to pay him with fake money and decides to get himself some money by doing his own taxi service, by trapping Toadsworth, who was just doing laundry, in the trunk, and steals his car.

His first customer is his brother Luigi, who wants to go to Mushroom Mall for a haircut, but Mario is bringing Luigi the crazy way to a hair salon.

His next customer is Shroomy. He gets in a race with Bowser to see who can get to their destination first. Bowser wins.

After dropping Shroomy off at the bank, he discovers Yoshi who is in a gunfight with the police. Presumably he had escaped from jail, and he was attempting to prevent himself from being jailed again.

Since Yoshi points a gun at his head, Mario attempts to drive Yoshi away from the police. But when the police tell him to freeze, he complies and Yoshi is sent flying out of the taxi. He is subsequently shot by a police helicopter.

Mario discovers that Yoshi had left his stolen money in the taxi, much to his delight.

His next customer is Bob, who requested that he wants to go to Africa. However, Mario drives to the beach (which shocks some people) and goes underwater. While underwater, Mario checks the GPS and Bob sensed that the big fish Unagi will eat them soon.

In Africa, Unagi splits out Mario and his car, and Bob. Bob then thanks Mario.

His last customer is Meggy. She wishes to go to Inkopolis.

However, instead of taking her to Inkopolis, he instead goes to McDonald's. Meggy shrugs and decides to eat at McDonald's.

After purchasing food from McDonald's, Mario discovers that his taxi is being towed away by Big Smoke. He had chosen to park in a handicapped spot even though he did not have a handicapped license.

Meggy lies that Mario is handicapped. Mario has Heavy shoot him to make it appear convincing.

Unfortunately, just as Mario was about to spend his taxi money, Toadsworth escapes from the trunk and begins to attack him. Mario then asks Toadsworth if he could keep all the money he made, only for Toadsworth to respond by throwing him out of the taxi. Mario is about to use the money he made, only to be run over by Jeeves. The latter chastises Mario for not paying earlier and proceeds to take all the money he made from him while he was unconscious, making the plumber's efforts fruitless.


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  • Deadpool (film): When Mario trapped Toadsworth in the trunk of the taxi, Dopinder did the same thing by trapping his cousin Bandhu in the trunk of Dopinder's taxi in Deadpool.


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