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SMG4: The Big Bad Bully is the thirty-seventh episode of Season 9 and the five hundred and thirty-second overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on October 5, 2019.


Tari has been having a bit of a bully problem... what will Mario and friends do to help out?


The episode kicks off with Luke and Kev announcing the Meta Runner Season 1 finale.

The actual episode starts in Tari's house in Onett, with her asleep on the bed, until the Screaming Sun rises up. Tari wakes up and realizes the day is when the new Smash game comes out. She shoots off to the bathroom and brushes her teeth with her toothbrush, "burning it", She then heads off to the game store and purchases it, which surprisingly, is below her house. Excited, Tari runs back to her home only to accidentally push Wario into the street and causing him to be run over by a car. As revenge, Wario along with Waluigi steal the game, much to Tari's dismay. She went back in and tries to buy another copy, but it turns out it was the last copy and as a result, Tari doesn't have the game anymore.

Back to her house, she starts crying so loud SMG4 could hear it from the store. Mario meanwhile, asks SMG4 to buy the game he wants (a spaghetti related game), only for SMG4 to slap the game out of his hand causing Mario to be sad. The latter then check on Tari to see what is wrong, which she then tells she has been bullied by Wario.

Meanwhile, Saiko and Meggy are standing on a street, bored, until Mario and SMG4 run down the road (about to whip somebody's "a**") Meggy asks what's with all the "hub bub". Mario tells her that he's gonna kick Wario's "a**", much to Saiko's pleasure, SMG4 insists that he and Mario can handle themselves, but Saiko doesn't listen to SMG4 and an "anime showdown" happens, only for Meggy to ask why they're kicking Wario's ass. SMG4 explains what happened earlier, whilst Mario is violently holding an RPG, Meggy and Saiko are shocked by this and proceed to join the two to beat up Wario.

SMG4 tells them again that they can handle it, but Saiko and Meggy ignore him and join in anyway.

The two girls head off to Tari's house, where they find her laying on the floor crying, They decide to train her to stand up to Wario, although there was a fail on the Wario dummy "malfunctioning".

Tari then heads off to beat up Wario, much to Saiko's pleasure and Meggy's dismay.

Now, at the Wah Bros residence, Wario and Waluigi are playing the new Smash game, and Wario defeats Waluigi and brings up the Waluigi Not In Smash problem (this causes Waluigi to again gain his rejection powers) because he sucked at playing such a game, but instead, he decides to take a walk, although Wario realized what he was about to do and apologized for the Smash thing.

Soon after, Tari appeared and challenged Wario to a fight. Deciding not to be merciful, Wario proceeded to beat up Tari, understandably making her extremely frightened in the attempt to hide from him. Fortunately, her friends came in to easily beat up Wario. When Tari came back to her senses, she wondered what happened to Wario. Looking among themselves, they all said she was the one who defeated Wario, causing her to be excited as she took back her game and led her friends to play the new Smash game with her.

Once they were gone, Wario started crying as Waluigi returned from his walk. Wario complained that they bullied him just for Waluigi to slap some sense into him (this makes him cry even more) before carrying him, saying that for once, they should buy their own game.


Main Characters

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  • The Waluigi Arc: Waluigi had a disappointed look on his face with his eyes turning blue, when Wario said that he still wasn't in Smash. However, this time Waluigi decided to relieve his sorrows by taking a walk, instead of causing another apocalypse like the last time.
  • SMG4: Mario Waits in Line For Some Spaghetti: This is the Wario Bros' second consecutive appearances. Also, Mario was seen beating Wario up with a baseball bat as payback for slapping him and turning him unconscious in that episode.




  • Meta Runner: Theo could be seen in the promotional poster for "Super Smash each other in the ass Bros 3D Dream Drop Distance & Knuckles" at the game store.

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