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SMG4: The Day SMG4 Posted Cringe is the thirty-second episode of Season 9 and the five hundred and twenty-second overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on August 24, 2019.


SMG4 goes through one of the darkest days for his channel...


The episode begins with Fishy Boopkins promoting Crunchyroll.

The story starts with SMG4 in the castle making a video involving him doing all sorts of random antics while singing "Hit or Miss" in the background. As he tries to upload, his computer's built-in AI questions the idea of uploading such a video, but SMG4 does it anyway. The video receives a massive amount of views, but the critical reception is overwhelmingly negative. Because of the staggering number of dislikes, SMG4's subscriber count starts falling drastically. Realizing what is happening, SMG4 decides to delete the video. Only to find out that he has been logged out. When he attempts to log back in, he gets locked out of his account entirely. He thrashes his computer in a fit of rage and decides to head over to YouTube HQ to speak with their CEO Susan Wojcicki. After dealing with security guards called by the manager (who freaked out over his sub count having gone down by 70%) SMG4 reaches Wojcicki, where it is revealed that his account has been stolen by SMG3.

With Mario and Saiko on his side, SMG4 travels by car through a city. The first thing they notice is people cringing over seeing SMG4's video on a digital billboard, with SMG3 on a platform uploading more "cringe" videos with the intent of reducing SMG4's subscriber count to zero. The gang leaps (with the car) onto the platform and confront SMG3. SMG3 has a laptop he stole from Area 51 which could hack any account, which he used on his arch-enemy. Mario lunges towards SMG3, when suddenly a chair flies out of nowhere and knocks him out of the air. The culprit is revealed to be none other than PewDiePie. SMG3 explains that he enslaved YouTubers by stealing their passwords and blackmailing them to join his side under the threat of uploading cringe to their channels.

The YouTubers themselves then attack the gang. Mario and Saiko get knocked off the platform while SMG4 faces PewDiePie. Mario throws a rock at Sr Pelo, who comically collapses despite the rock only lightly touching his foot. Mario laughs at Pelo's injury, upon which Filthy Frank throws Keemstar at him. Causing him to burst into flames. Saiko is in the middle of a fight with Markiplier, who sprays her with his cat gun. SMG3 continues to upload chains of cringe-worthy videos as SMG4's subscriber count continues to plummet. Mario kicks away Frank, but then the Game Grumps latch onto him. Saiko defeats JonTron, Daniel and Kizuna, but Michael Stevens sits on her.

SMG4 manages to reach SMG3, who boasts that his career is finished. However, SMG4 uses a CD to upload a promo for the film Ant-Man. Which regains some of his fans and subscribers. SMG4 states that if cringe videos are causing him to lose his subscribers, he would instead post "kek" videos. SMG4 then shows another video and everyone who watches the video enjoys it. SMG3 retaliates by playing a video of a microwave with piercingly loud volume, which provokes disgust from the audience. A duel between SMG4 and SMG3 starts and they rapidly upload videos until the machine explodes. SMG4 gets the laptop that contained everybody's passwords and declares that SMG3 has no control over them anymore. The other YouTubers parade him in victory as thanks.

Naturally powerless, SMG3 begs Mario and Saiko for mercy, and offers to let them appear in one of his videos. However, Mario shows a laptop that plays "10 hours of UwU ASMR" to him while Saiko shows a bundle of rope. SMG3, realizing that he is going to be tortured, screams in terror as the video ends.


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  • This is SMG3's first antagonistic role since SMG4: Mad Mario.
  • It's unknown why SMG3 didn't simply have SMG4 banned from YouTube instead of repeatedly posting cringe videos to make him lose subscribers. However, it's possible that he wished for him to become an outcast in the world of YouTube, and to make his misery slow and painful.
  • At 2:03, there is a Chinese text in SMG4's computer (你是个二百五). It is the Chinese meaning of "You're a dumbass".
  • While SMG4 was talking to Susan Wojcicki, her name changes to:
    • Susan Wojilkkjiik
    • Susan Weoweojkil
    • Susan Wang
    • Susan Weiner
    • Susanalbumparty
  • A few days after the video, SMG4 announced that they were going to take a break from making videos, and there would be no SMG4 video on that Saturday (August 31). However, they still released Meta Runner on Thursday September 5, 2019 as normal.
    • SMG4 continued making videos about the SMG4 series on Saturday, September 7, 2019.
  • The list of the cringe (and kek) videos:
    • ??? (From ???)
    • Yoshi dance ;) (From Fraudon)
    • Ant-Man | Ants, Ants, Ant-Man ! | Promo HD (from Les Toiles Héroïques)
    • TERMINAL 64 (from MetalKingBoo)

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