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The Grand Mario Hotel is a blooper made by SMG4.


Welcome to the Grand Mario Hotel! Where Marios from different universes all gather to rest, share stories and... beat up Luke Lerdwichagul's Mario?


After being misled by the pipe to his bathroom, Mario finds himself in the Grand Mario Hotel, a luxurious hotel visited by Milllions of Marios from different universes to get a break from saving Peach Toadstool countless times. The hotel is run by Don Mario, who is the wisest Mario of them all, even above Smart Mario. Mario is first greeted by the second-wisest Mario, Smart Mario, and then registered as "Mario no. 8052011 from the SMG4 universe", or "Stupid Mario".

It starts with Mario emerging from a pipe outside the Grand Mario Hotel, wondering where the bathroom had gone. Smart Mario came to Mario and greeted him by telling him what the Grand Mario Hotel is and showing him some of the other Marios. Then Grand Dad A.K.A Bootleg Mario recalled an agreement to keep Mario away from the Grand Mario Hotel. Then Kawaii Mario was like BeEEEeeEEEEeeE NIiIIIiiiIiice and Grand Dad shut him up.Then suddenly an old guy A.K.A Don Mario said 'SILENCE!!!" Mario then said "Who's daht old bag of beans?" Smart Mario said "SSH! That's Don Mario, the wisest Mario in the multiverse!" Of course, all Mario cared about was that he was gonna look ugly as an old man. When everyone came in Don Mario looked at our Mario and said "You're from the SMG4Verse! Let me give you a tour."

Shortly after being greeted and registered by Don Mario, (His number is 8052011.) everybody gets to the table for dinner, but where's Mario? Don Mario opens the giant platter, revealing a holy spaghet. But... (News Flash.) Mario is happily swimming nude in the spaghetti. Everyone gets mad, which starts a big food fight, gets This uh Mario turned into a watermelon by Grand Dad, triggering Pixelated Mario, and eventually getting Don Mario severely injured.

Don Mario, in hospice care, tells Mario that he is not in condition to run the hotel. He asks Mario to do a favor, and Mario, in his excitement, immediately assumes that he is requesting Mario run the hotel. Don Mario however says that it would be a bad idea and suggested to get Smart Mario to run the hotel, but Mario, still overzealous about running the hotel, stupidly ignores him in order to run the hotel himself, and as he leaves, Don Mario dies of a heart attack imagining what would happen to the Grand Mario Hotel having Mario running it.

Mario, replacing Don Mario, becomes the manager of the hotel, which is very poorly managed by him, with Paper Mario in particular being placed through a paper shredder, and Mario blowing up Grand Dad's (Bootleg Mario) room with dynamite just to get rid of bugs. After Mario's severe mismanagement, all other Marios (with the exception of Baby Mario) target him, but he is helped by Smart Mario, who leads him to Don Mario's deathbed so he can fix the problem, little knowing that he was already dead.

On the way, Mario falls into a trap by Grand Dad and Mario Head, but Smart Mario distracts Mario Head by telling him that Grand Dad thinks that "your" and "you're" are the same thing. Keep in mind that the Mario Head is from the game Mario Teaches Typing, so this kind of stuff triggers him. While the Mario Head]] is assaulting Grand Dad with hundreds of heavy guns, Mario and Smart Mario make their great escape. The two finally reach Don Mario's deathbed, with them finally seeing that Don Mario is dead, but Mario revives him with a 1-UP.

At the end of the video, Don Mario fixes the conflict and tells Mario to return to his home and spread his message of love and understanding. Once Mario leaves, however, a massive dance party erupts at the hotel, due to everybody being happy that our beloved Mario has left the hotel.


Pop Culture References

  • Marvel and DC - All the different universes are an indirect reference to Marvel and DC's many alternate Earths.


  • The title is a possible reference to the 2014 film The Grand Budapest Hotel.
  • This marks the first video to focus on mario only and not the other SMG4 characters (as mario does not mentioned them or making any cameos.)
  • Mentioned in the description, the idea of this blooper was taken from a HOBO THEATRE episode Luke Lerdwichagul and Kevin Lerdwichagul did on Hobo Bros.
  • Kawaii Mario originates from SMG4’s favorite anime, Magical Girl Mario, as shown in his 400K subscribers special FAQ video.
  • Stupid Mario being assigned number 8052011 most likely is referring fo 8 May 2011, the day SMG4 uploaded the first Mario blooper, The Cake is a Lie, on YouTube.
  • Hobo Mario’s voice clips originate from Herbert from Family Guy.
  • Don Mario break the fourth wall by saying that Mario is from the SMG4 universe.
  • Excluding Smart Mario who did not interact with Mario during his time in charge of the Hotel, Baby Mario was the only Mario to not attempt to get revenge on Stupid Mario.
  • The Toad Theme from Luigi’s Mansion plays after the Don is resurrected.
  • Don Mario is a Dumbledore's model with a Mario hat and mustache on.
  • Mario's hot air balloon from SSENMODNAR 12 - STOLEN SPAGHETTI EDITION can be seen at dinner table.
  • The other Marios do not appear to share Mario's pasta fetish (though they do enjoy eating pasta), as Bootleg Mario demands that Stupid Mario does not swim in the pasta naked.
  • With the exception of FightingMario54321, every character in this video in the flesh is a variant of Mario of some sort.
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